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Seems to be the most reasonable explanation.
I'm not much of an over-zealously competitive person who has to win at all costs.
So we played Connect Four for a double-length forcing session, something I'm not particularly keen on as sitting still for an hour is not really what I would call comfortable. As an incentive for me to win.

Well, all I can say is I lost after 6 moves, faster than ever before.
We did a re-match just for fun which I indeed managed to win, but I have the feeling it was only due to Alice's deliberate choice of an unfavorable starting position. Basically I only won because she acted as recklessly as I did when I lost at 3x3 tic-tac-toe.

We did a 3rd round for some boring chores I had been avoiding for a while now - which I lost again. Have to do it tomorrow. Whee...
Now I need to find more unpleasant stuff I really don't want to do and see if that incentive to win has any influence on my gameplay. Will report back in a few days.

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Will report back in a few days.
Well, almost.

Tic Tac Toe appears to be a pretty good tupper diagnosis tool
We've played about 60 games of connect-four on 8x8 from May to July of which the tupper won more than 2/3.
I tried again today and I easily won 4 out of 4. Extremely weird. But it shows there's definately somethin wrong. Alice is much, much weaker than in May, or even January.

I think Fede's explanation bears some truth, I probably did want her to win in the beginning and put more focus into her rounds than mine. But even later when we played for me doing unpleasant chores she managed to win significantly more than 50%.

need to force moar