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Tulpa Taste
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No, I don't mean how your tulpa tastes things or what their taste is or how it is different from you.

I'm asking how your tulpa tastes like. A weird and maybe even a pretty sick question to some, but their form is imaginary as are their senses. As is yours when you taste their imaginary form.

Taste is often a sense many of us ignore when dealing with our imagination, and tasting our tulpas is something we rarely do. I believe. I hope? But why not take some time to actually test your imagination and how good your imaginary senses are. First taste test will be just a lick, describe how it tastes and all. After than you should actually take a bite of the tulpa and then chew or whatever it is that the tulpa's part needs to be done. Maybe it'll actually be liquid for you, I don't know. Concentrate on the taste and the texture (and tell them to us), don't try to force anything to happen but just let it be what it is and report back. Be sure to look at it too, would be nice if you said how your tulpa's flesh looked like, too.

But of course, do this only if you both are alright with it. No one should be bitten or eaten if they don't want to. Try not to actually have realistic pain or anything here, that sounds like some pretty awful stuff. You might be able to let the tulpa take a piece off of them or maybe make a clone or something, if you think that would work.

But hey, let me start. When licking, the skin of my tulpa tastes salty, kinda like sweat. Biting a piece off of his arm was actually pretty difficult, as it acted like human skin and flesh usually does and my teeth were just normal human teeth. So you know, it was really hard to sink my teeth in and that was a bit too realistic to my liking so I was kinda worried, but luckily it got better. Once I actually could sink my teeth in, I could just easily bite a piece off and I didn't have to rip or pull anything out. The meat was very stringy and chewy when I chewed it in my mouth, but the taste was super chalky and actually made my mouth taste all dusty and bland. The color of his flesh seemed to be like this very dark red/almost black, and what came out what probably like blood or something of the same color. Very thick and goopy blood.

It was really interesting and while the tupper was pretty weirded out at first, it wasn't bad. I suggest such an experiment to try your imagination's power. It actually was kinda fun.

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I'm asking you to let your imagination take you, though. No hundreds of hours of forcing them to taste like something. Though I guess if you're saying your taste imagination is just plain bad then I guess there's nothing we can do about that now, huh.

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My tulpa tasted like strawberry as usual, but the flesh itself tasted a bit sweeter I guess. Anyway there was no bone or blood or anything even though I took a pretty big bite out of her arm, and the flesh wasn't really very chewy or anything. Imagination anatomy I guess.

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Oh my god this was one of the weirdest tulpa threads i have seen so far :) Mayor, how the heck you got your tulpa to agree to that? It doesn't hurt your tulpa? Even tough it should be obvious that you asked permission for this first, of course. Also i wonder how many months of forcing you had to do to have such detailed experience!

I would never do such a thing on my tulpas (chew them), but i must admit this was really a surprise i always wondered in the past how a tulpa "flesh" would be like and that was very interesting even tough i know that such experience will change a lot from person to person.

But i have no problems trying to lick them, they actually don't taste like anything in special, mostly like human skin in general (more or less the same taste when i licked my hands sometimes accidently) but i never imposed much that sense in my tulpas, i mostly work on visualization, audition and touch.

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Well, do remember that their form isn't "real" and pain doesn't necessarily have to be something they feel. No pain+bite=SCIENCE, no suffering. But doesn't really stop the host or the tupper from feeling weirded out, though.

I feel that this is an imagination practice rather than the outcome of forcing. Taste is a sense many forcers ignore, so this is a good way to make your imagination actually work out something. You're not trying to force them to taste like anything, you're just trying to taste how it tastes in your mind. And you can certainly be surprised. So it's a little interesting thing.

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light cherry flavored fur

hard to explain it better than that


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Like cherry cotton candy?


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Silly Prinze, that'd be on a Pinkie Pie tupper.

And I take it that you're an expert on this subject?

Anyways, I've decided to take a bite out of each of my tupperware containers.  Flings tastes like a black sea bass, Swords tastes like chocolate puddin', and Sasha tastes like oregano.
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Fun fact: Touhous are actually tulpas.

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Garland, I turned off pain. It was gross to look at, but didn't do much in the way of harm. Things in my mind are resistant to change, and thus they revert to normal very quickly. A rather violent example for a violent thread: If I were to cut of my tulpa's arm, I could look away, expecting it to still be off, but it would magically be back on.

Actually this reminds me, Pandora, my first tulpa at some point had a deviation in which she would be like the character majin buu from dragon ball z, in which she wouldn't mind being sliced and cut appart (by going trought grates on physical world and being split on several cubes, exactly like this for example : despite her being 100% based on the anime character Primella (like this but a bit older, maybe like 10 years old) and then she regenerates almost instantly, and instead of pain she says she feels ticklish were she is cut :) And she always have a lot of fun with this, i sure apreciated this deviation she showed since obviously i never wanted her to have such a ability since i feared it would be too violent and painfull for her, but by the contrary like me she likes violent things and destroy stuff by curling in a ball and even turning things into candy just like that character majin buu did on dbz which was yet  another amazing surprising deviation :) Anyway back ontopic i never paid much attention in how her internal organs are like when she gets split like that (the few times i seen her "pieces" they were always opaque in skin color), besides i am not much interested for being obviously something gross specially with her having a humanoid form.

21 months of forcing.
21 months??? That explains everything then, anyway it's not that i am actually interested in tasting them, definetly what i want more in hallucination/imposing is vision, voice, touch and smell mostly, i REALLY hope i am able to achieve at least visual imposing before 21 months i won't be able to last that long without any results.

How long have you been forcing, and also specifically forcing imposition?
For pandora 5 months, i actually imposed her since the first day since i never liked much the idea of using a wonderland or visualizing with closed eyes, it feels a lot easier with open eye for me i don't know why.

This experiment, this thread,  could stand to be widened some. The first thing that "comes to mind is skin flexibility. I was talking earlier today about the flexibility of skin. And now I wonder how flexible tulpa skin might be, immovable, like taffy, maybe they don't even have skin and you had a metal robot tulpa all along? Give it a tug.
I don't know... everytime i try something like that, my mind keeps making the tulpas's form as realistic as possible although i think this is mostly my expectation so far, so far it's too soon for this, for now i focus more on visual and voice.

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There was some silly stuff and talk about toast, so I got the tupper to make me toast. Out of his own arm. I complained about his chewy texture so the arm-toast had the texture and taste of toast. 10/10 would toast again.

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salty milk and coins

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I was licking sen and sands told me to take a bite instead

she tasted like a good rare steak



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Palmon smells and tastes of apples. Maybe she's an apple-Palmon?

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Remember to report back once you get to the stage where you can take a bite out of her.