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Tulpa Zine
« on: October 24, 2013, 02:07:41 PM »
If you saw my post already over at that other tulpa site, great, you can probably ignore this.

If not, then I am creating a publication about tulpas.
I'm collecting interviews to be used in each issue, if you're interesting in contributing, fill out the attached survey.
Please EMAIL THEM TO ME. penultimate.forme at gmail dot com

If you DON'T do something, that is just as important as if you DO. I would appreciate it if you could be as complete as possible.
For sections that mention spirituality, I have lumped in scientific belief into these sections. So even if you have a practice that is not necessarily spiritual, for example, you meditate only for the purpose of mental focus because it's a proven psychological practice, please include that.

If you don't want to answer the questionnaire but still want to contribute, then shoot me an email at penultimate.forme at gmail dot com (or just reply here.. whatever) with links to your content that I could source for the zine. This includes progress reports, pastebins of philosophical nonsense, creative writing by your tulpa, original art, really whatever you have. I'll take a look at everything and save what I don't use now for future issues.

Credit will be given on the last page of the zine. By default I will include your username alphabetically in a list. E.G., "penultimate.forme on" If you would like to be credited in some other way, I can arrange that as well (especially if you submit content such as art or creative writing). If I use your interview form, credit will be given before the interview.
This will all be easier to explain once the first issue comes out, in the next couple weeks.


About me: I'm an illustrator by trade, and an all-around weirdo. I don't technically have a tulpa, although I would have if the internet tulpa community existed 10 years ago. I find the phenomena fascinating from a scientific and psychological standpoint. This doesn't mean that I disregard spiritual/meta components: I find them important in that they inform an individual's tulpa, its traits and purpose, etc. I believe that 'magick' as it is defined cannot happen; however, I think it can have 'real world' results, which is where the line between science and meta gets blurred for me. I think that acknowledging tulpa as a phenomena is an important step for the scientific community to take, as the implications at this point (without rigorous scientific backing) are infinite.

AGAIN, SEND INTERVIEWS/ETC TO penultimate.forme at gmail dot com

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I guess I'll write it here so you can call me a dirty liar if I don't. I'll fill this tomorrow.

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In addition to the interview survey, I'm also wondering if anyone would be interested in writing articles for the zine.

The only necessity is that they're grounded by a science-minded/research philosophy (note, philosophy, not format; there doesn't need to be a concrete basis for the article, just the underlying philosophy. aka no meta/magick). They can be opinionated or research driven. Creative writing will be accepted as well. About a page long for each issue.
Each issue will have an overarching theme, and so the article would have to relate to the theme. But it can be interpreted loosely.

The theme for issue 1 is Introduction, so, a vanilla approach to tulpas to form the basis of the zine.
For example, the intro page of is a good start. It's interesting, hooks the reader, and implies there is more to be discovered.

If you have whatever writing, or an idea for an article that doesn't match the theme of introduction, you should submit it to me anyways. I'll use it in the future.

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You might want to avoid the whole tulpa is this and that thing many of .info's texts have going for them, seeing that we don't know anything for sure. All we can really say is how we think things are and that should be made obvious.

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It's always your guide.

Publishing tulpas is pointless.

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It's a self-published work. Not super legitimate, but I have my own means of distribution, printing, and the skills required to make a 'professional' looking publication.

What separates this from others that have tried to go before is that mine will keep updating. Additionally, I am technically an outsider of the community, so this isn't really for my personal use as a guide.

I could argue the importance of what I'm doing, but I don't think anyone really cares. My point can only be proven or disproven by the act of doing it. You can send me content if you want to, or not. Please still send me stuff even if you think what I'm doing is pointless or stupid. I'm still going to do it. We'll see what happens.

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Only if you pay for advertising.

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I still can't see the benefit of a "tulpa zine".

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I think it's usually the more desperate you are to get something, the less likely you're gonna get it.

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If it's supposed to be everyone's opinion, then surely as many people as possible should be giving theirs. There are plenty of pages and plenty of issues (possibly) in which as many opinions as possible can be expressed. I mean, I can't speak for pen obviously, but there you go.

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I wasn't saying that you submit something. The point being made was that someone whose opinion is under-represented can always submit something themselves, thus equalising the opinions - I am assuming.

Plus if we have to vote for every writer then that would mean more or less no one-off things, unless you want a constant vote on who should write.

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Oops, sorry guys. Fede, I already responded to your email before I saw this.

Everything is coming together rather chaotically, as that tends to be my workflow at this point in time. I have a lot going on, and I'm trying to push the release of the zine as rapidly as possible--as a result, this doesn't really allow for a democratic process.

I agree in theory, this is an awesome idea, and I can incorporate that in future issues when I get shit together and have a more organized basis for releasing each issue. Right now, I'm still trying to nail down the format of the zine, and unfortunately this includes a lot of spontaneous decisions on my part. I haven't quite made anything official, and haven't sent waffles a solidified prompt or anything. That's something I'm generating tonight, and since nobody else has contacted me about submitting articles for the zine, I assumed waffles was the only person interested.

In the future, I can generate this prompt much earlier in the planning stages, and post it on the forums as an "open response" format. Ideally, for me, I would prefer to have 2 complimentary articles on opposing pages by 2 different authors. This still leaves choosing whose 2 to display a tricky decision, and while for me, it's easier to choose the authors based on my decision, I'm at odds with the idea of making a zine that's for a community that doesn't get a say in the decisions being made as to what content is displayed.

Personally, not knowing any of you, I'm unsure as to how to proceed with a democratic process. Would open IRC "meetings" be something anyone would be interested in? I don't have the time to moderate this process, per se, so the resulting free for all might be chaotic. I'm open to suggestions, though.

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I agree with having a forum based poll instead of IRC meetings.
I need to figure out how many people are interested in being a featured writer, first, because that determines how many deliberative processes would be practical to employ.
I'm tentative to the idea of having a pool of "guaranteed" writers, as this binds them and becomes more of a "job" than simply contributed volunteer content. Since I would be working on a personal deadline for each issue, the idea of becoming a staff manager isn't appealing to me. Additionally, this implies there are more than 2-3 people interested in contributing this specific type of content, so we'll have to see how this pans out. I have a feeling that the people who contribute, consistently, over time, will become featured writers just by default, but we'll see.

For now, how about I do this. After the first issue comes out, I'll generate the theme/prompt for the second issue. (With maybe the theme being chosen by poll/suggestion, not sure yet.) Writers who are interested can propose in the forum with their idea/outline/concept for the piece. After about a week of accepting initial ideas, I'll put the proposals to poll, and  choose whoever wins out. Depending on how this process goes, I can tweak it further for issue 3.

Just thinking about how that will play out, mostly I'm worried about not getting enough participation to merit a deliberative process. Another factor that adds into the confusion of forum polling is the fact that I'm also advertising the zine on, so I'm not sure how to account with vote duplicity and all. Since has a larger userbase, I'm feeling like posting it over there as opposed to here might be the best option just in the interest of getting enough votes to justify the voting. I'll post the link over here too, so anyone who's not prone to using/can't use could just post a reply with their opinion.

I'm considering making the article a 2-page spread, so that up to 2 pages of writing will be accepted. If it's less, than I have more room for white space in the layout to play with. This opens the possibility of opposing articles (each 1 page) being published alongside one another: so one person could propose for 2 different related articles, or 2 authors could propose for 2 different related articles as a team.

My skype username is penultimate.forme if anyone wants to contact me that way. I'm not around on IRC but if anyone wants to have some sort of meeting-type deal for whatever reason, I'm open to that. My current timeline for the first issue is in about a week.