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About this board
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The guides section is for guides to various aspects of tulpa creation. If you want to submit your own, please make sure your guide sticks to the following rules:

  • It should be well-written: this includes good use of English and sensible content.
  • It should have the broad topic clearly stated in the title. The topics are "creation" (i.e. sentience-building such as a 'forcing' guide), "visualization", "imposition", "possession", "switching", "imagination" (i.e. a guide related to your 'wonderland' or something similar) and "general" for a guide that encompasses more than one topic. Miscellaneous guides - i.e. guides that do not fit into any of the above categories - do not need to follow this rule.

Guides shouldn't be just symbolism that happened to work for you, or some tips that you found. Those can be posted in General Discussion, or maybe just not posted at all.

In addition, you are welcome to post in reply to others' threads, be it suggestion, praise or criticism.
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