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I tried to stay away from Irish's approach.

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Added some stuff about measurement of hallucinations, again if anyone cares. I'm doing it to counter JD's slightly related visual-oriented guide that contains illustrations of Kirino gradually being placed onto a real-life photograph and then having realistic shading added on and around her in said photograph, all to give an idea of what it's like to impose. While the "old" version of my guide had some stuff about building up a realistic-looking image, I decided to scrap that, since I figure people will discover their own desired level of realism and imposition style.

Therefore, I added the well-known inverted image of Che Guevara and a sound file that loosely resembles auditory ringing in the ears, so people that suffer from an inability to conjure visual and auditory hallucinations can see what it's like in the precursor stages. I prefer to provide such as a means of giving people a concrete idea of what to look out for in the beginning, as opposed to JD's approach.

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I kinda added a chapter about personality realism that mostly uses text from those tl;dr posts in Enny's thread. And I guess I kinda stole one of the silhouettes from that chart thing, but who gives a shit.

Right, just throwing that out there. Please carry on, everyone.

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The belief implanting chapter has now officially been added. Also fixed how the guide looked for all you faggots using CoalBlack. This guide is becoming more and more general by the minute.
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I implanted a belief successfully using this guide. Lost doubts, gained 6,9 inches in penis size (at 7 now), and have a nice time during the sessions. Fede literally saved my life. God bless.
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The yogi originally wrote that. Seven-inch dicks. That is the way of all tuppers.

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Changed the guide again for the 80th time. Removed some stuff I deemed redundant in hindsight. Changed the layout so the text doesn't wrap along the images, meaning I don't have to do the thing where the guide is composed of images placed after one another anymore. Carry on.

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Quick question: Are you using visualisation ( mind's eye) and imposition (hallucination) interchangeably in this guide? Or another way I'm interpreting this is to use belief implanting and just simply believe that I can see my tulpa, visualize him in my mind's eye where he would be in my environment, and eventually it'll just kinda happen? (Which to me seems a little far fetched since I figured I'd have to really work at it) I'm trying to get a start on audio/visual imposition, and I just really don't know how to go about doing it. I used Eye-Bo last night (Theta Ascending) which gave some interesting results, some minor visual hallucination, but I'm kinda clueless on what I should be doing. I've been trying to wing it for a while, but I haven't really gotten anywhere.
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I deliberately use visualisation as a general term. The reason is that "mind's eye" visuals and hallucinations can apply to both open-eyed and closed-eyed visualisation; typically, when you're only able to visualise things in your mind's eye, this applies to both open-eyed and closed-eyed visualisation. Likewise, when you get hallucinations, you can get them both with your eyes open and closed. Visualisation is often easier to do with eyes closed due to the lack of distractions, but people differ, and open-eyed visualisation can sometimes be the easier way.

Like all the other things outlined in the guide, belief implanting is merely a technique. How much you do it and the way you do it is up to you; the guide provides suggestions like using it to convince yourself over time that you can see, hear, or feel your tupper realistically. If you can think of anything else you'd wanna use it for, then go ahead.

There's really nothing advanced about imposition. You simply visualise your tupper in your environment. If you can't do that or if it's too abstract for you, then it's probably for the better that you continue to work on your closed-eyed visuals some more before delving into open-eyed visualisation.

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Sorry, I know my post was kinda scattered and sounded as though I was truly clueless on everything. I can kind of "spatially' impose him, as in I imagine him with me in my environment, and his presence is obvious. His presence moves as he moves on his own through my environment. That's not too much of a difficult task for me to do,  but it does take a bit of effort so I don't do it 24/7. Over time is it possible that I will start seeing him? Or am I just completely mis-interpreting the word " visualize" and start at square one with visualisation?
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I tend to treat imagining a presence and imagining a visual as two, separate things, seeing as you can easily imagine a presence without a visual, and a visual without any presence. Imagining a presence does help encourage the idea of seeing "someone else", though, so you can keep doing the presence thing you got going on if that's what you prefer.

In general, don't ask me or anyone else what works best for you or what you "ought" to do; you gotta figure that out on your own by trying different things. My guide provides a method (parroting) and various little techniques you can use in combination, but it's not ordering you to do it. It's there for you, that's all.


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I remember this guide having a much higher emphasis on the concept that made it unique: parroting the tulpa, and over time, applying less and less conscious effort until the tulpa was autonomous. This was new concept of the time, and I'm sad to see it watered down to the point it resembles every other tupper guide.

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Just wait until there's another version (coming to theaters this summer 2025).