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Genesis does things with tulpas
« on: September 28, 2013, 01:58:55 PM »
Hello, I'm Genesis, I hope i don't regret making this, but it sounds like a good idea for motivation to do stuff. My updates here could be frequent, or they might take a while, its all really up something interesting enough happening for me to write down. I'm sorta expecting there to not be too much excitement going on, as both of my tulpa are vocal, so updates won't be too much about tulpa development, and more about their life in general.

I first learned about tulpas back in late 2011 while browsing 4chan, and it sounded like a fascinating idea, but i disregarded tulpas for a while, as it sounded a bit outlandish to me at the time. after a while, until August 2012,  i had saw posts on 4chan again about tulpas, but this time i felt much more curious about how it worked, and if it was even possible. I decided to search the web, and that's where I stumbled onto, and the rest is history.

I have 2 tulpas, Sarah, and Monty; they both are pretty cool people in my opinion, so i hope they don't cause too much trouble around here. Sarah's form is that of an anthro fox, red hair, green eyes. Originally she was a human female for 11-12 months, but she felt that a change in form would be a good choice, and so it was. Monty's form is an anthro Wolf, with light grey/white colored fur, and green eyes. I had decided to create Monty to give Sarah someone else to speak with, and to reignite my interest in tulpas, as my interest had began to wain at the time. we all get along nicely, and i hope for many more years of enjoyment to come.

I'm Hoping for the best, and we will see how things turn out in the long run.

Re: Genesis does things with tulpas
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If you're anything like me, having to write stuff up somewhere for others to read is a good motivational tool to actually keep up that writing. And you of course have to do something to write about it, so you have to do more interesting stuff with your tulpas...

I am expecting frequent enough updates. Don't leave me hanging.

Re: Genesis does things with tulpas
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Hey again, here's my first update, I didn't think i would update so quickly, but sooner the better right?

Lately, my main focus that I've been trying to work on is imposition. I know it isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's definitely going to take a lot of effort to accomplish. My imposition skills right now are somewhat decent, depending on how focused my mind is, so under the best conditions, it feels like i can see them  with 50% clarity . I have noticed that working on so much imposition has somewhat improved my own mental visualization of their forms. The smallest details on them are much more apparent to me, and they stay much more consistent than before. I'm not really using any sort of method for imposition, I've just been trying to constantly imagine them being around somewhere in my general area, and all this effort seems to bring some success. I can definitely see them much better than what i could 6 months ago, so improvement is there, it's just moving at a snails pace.

I have noticed that if I don't active force for a somewhat long period of time, like maybe a week or so, Sarah and Monty tend to become much more quiet, and not in as much of a positive mood as they normally would be. Of course I wouldn't want them to grow weak and restless over time, so actively forcing much more consistently seems to be the cure. Keeping this progress report in mind has helped give me some extra motivation to spend some time with them, it was their idea for me to write this in the first place, and it looks like it's working.

What I do to get into a mindset that's most beneficial for forcing is I make sure to completely relax myself, and I try my best to clear my mind. This helps stop intrusive thoughts from distracting me, and to immerse myself a little better, than if I were to just regularly visualize on the spot. The deeper I go into this meditative type trance, the more vivid things become in the wonderland, so things feel more "real" . Sometimes it can be difficult for me to obtain this type of mindset; I usually like to lay down and do this, so if i'm feeling somewhat tired, I have a greater chance of falling asleep. surprisingly I happen to fall asleep much more frequently for forcing sessions in the middle of the day, instead of late at night.

Well, I've been doing a few activities with my tulpas. They both don't seem to mind watching violent or gory action movies, as I had watched the new Judge Dredd movie with both of them, and there definitely was plenty of killing to be had.  Sarah seems to have more of a preference towards movies intended to be Scary, but also likes the more audience friendly features as well. Monty's preferences for movies tends to be somewhat the same, but leans a little more towards the violent films, and also likes the superhero movies that seem to be released every 6 months. but if a movie is good, they both will enjoy it anyways, in whatever genre it happens to be.

I don't believe I have mentioned yet that my tulpas are able to possess, so I was letting them take turns playing GTA V for while. Monty is pretty good with the shooting mechanics of the game, maybe even a little better than when i'm playing. Sarah's Driving skills in the game are much better than what I would expect, as it looks like she has a pretty fast reaction time when dodging cars.  I have noticed that both of them react fast to things in videogames, I think it might be that they are just much less distracted when playing games, so they are much better with with these sort of things.

What's been going on in the wonderland lately, it feels like the "go to" activity for when we can't think of something to do, is to go swimming. I don't mind it personally, and both of them enjoy having fun in the water. It also gives me time to think up some ideas for what we could do after, which when we were done swimming, I decided to try some parachuting off of the tall building we were living on. I decided to jump first, and i was vivid enough to feel the rush of wind pass me, and the feeling of being pulled down towards the ground at a high speed, and then feeling the sudden jerk upwards from deploying the parachute. I was able to watch the both of them jump off, while I was standing on the ground, and it doesn't look as intense when watching someone else do the jump. After we had all landed, I made a convertible appear, and decided to drive around with them, and see what sort of things the wonderland can generate. Nothing too exciting showed up, it was just regular city buildings, small shops around, and a decent sized park i'm willing to explore at a later date. I was beginning to lose focus on my forcing session, so i decided to end it with shooting some fireworks in the sky, and it looked pretty neat.

In the future, Sarah and Monty will also be contributing here, as they would like to give their input on their side of things. overall, it feels like things are looking up.