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Doujin and friends
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It's been ages since I wrote a PR or kept notes, which is bad. Going to summarize my tulpaing so far in this post, and then I might update this if I don't forget and make progress in the future, yes. Here's my old PR on .info which hasn't been updated since February or something.

Let's start with where I am right now. I have two tulpas, Yuki and Sen. Yuki is extroverted enough to go out and talk to people a lot, Sen keeps to herself more and hangs out with me. Yuki is seven months old (Jan 7 2014) and Sen is three months old (May 19). My progress has always been rather fast, but I attribute that to spending nearly all my time with those girls. At this time, both can possess, and I'm working towards switching.

Alright, so in January I started on Yuki, she became vocal rather quickly, and we spent a shitton of time together. For some reason, my process always stagnates for a while until I take drugs. Shrooms taught her full body possession and got me closer to dissociation than ever another time. Ecstacy gave my auditory hallucinations. Weed gives me better taste imposition and immersion. I don't do any of those regularly anymore, anyway, but for some reason, they always helped me progress and focus. But drugs are bad, yes, don't do them.

Life with Yuki was fun. At some point in May, I did ~meta~ experiments where I tried to reach out to another guy's tulpa. Results were inconclusive, but I noticed that it was fun to have another person around, even if it was for pretendsies. I started on Sen soon after. Her progress has been kind of like an accelerated version of Yuki's,  and they're pretty much at the same level now, even though Yuki is the only one who bothers with the computer.

Yuki spends all fucking day chatting to her online friends if she can help it, so I want to give her the freedom to do that in private when she wants to, and to also not be bored out of my mind while she does that. So my next goal is switching. My wonderland immersion and visualizing are reasonable, but I have trouble focusing, as well as letting go of the body. I snap back to attention at the littlest movement or outside sensation. It's annoying. I guess that stuff comes with time. Advice on this, or any thoughts about switching are welcome, yes.

I also have minor doubt issues I should keep working on. Nothing too bad, but I sometimes lose focus during forcing because of doubty trains of thought. Lately my girls have been surprising me a lot, a good example being them building wonderland stuff without me, and their emotions and thoughts have been rather detached from mine. That has been helping with the doubts.

That's everything I can think of right now. I'll be spending my time trying to immerse myself in the wonderland more, hanging out with the girls and all working on our respective hobbies and do our thing while going to school and working a bit. Please like and subscribe. :~)

I'll let those other two update too when they feel like it but right now they don't seem interested in adding anything.

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Re: Doujin and friends
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Forced today. Half hour sessions of Eye-Bo are relaxing and pretty easy to get through. Would recommend using the bathroom before starting, got pretty uncomfortable near the end. Wonderlanding has improved immensely lately, bringing me to such realizations as "w-whoa, this looks pretty realistic!!". Senses of touch and smell have improved similarly, and taste is still my best sense, as it has been for a while. Had wonderland lemon ice cream, it was good.

Not much else has happened that was very interesting. The girls are content and I'm mildly apathetic towards things. We might be getting on ADD medication soon, I wonder how that will affect our forcing and other activities.

Re: Doujin and friends
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I wonder how many are truly helped by that kind of medicine or how many actually really, really need it. Some people with ADD seem to be able to control themselves and learn to focus by working on it and doing something like, I dunno, meditation and shit.

You should watch out and think hard if it's really necessary and something you need to live. Today's society tends to try to cure everything with pills and they claim everyone has some disorder or another (that they then try to cure with pills). This kind of shit can fuck you up pretty bad. It's something that can affect your personality, even. If the side effects end up being something that makes you feel like a zombie... Yeah, you should stop taking the drugs. Listen to your own body here.

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We haven't started the use of pills just yet. We might still do that in the future, but as of now, our only drug is coffee. Using Fede's belief changing system has been helpful to our tulpa ways, and Dutch's immersion into the wonderland seems to be increasing by the day. He sometimes finds himself feeling like he shoots back into the body when he thinks of it during a forcing session, and feels like sometimes, he's "more there than here". Slow and steady progress, it seems.

Re: Doujin and friends
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Last night, before bed, I did a belief implanting session with interesting results. I spent fifteen minutes or so cuddling with a pillow, thinking about my girls and getting an all over the body tingling sensation, a slight smirk across my face. Right now we're working on removing any doubts from my mind it's us, or them, so I've been repeating "Yuki and Sen are real" in my head slowly during these sessions, while considering them as people, visualizing them and thinking about them in general, and pondering the meaning of the word "real".

After the session, I just hung out with them a bit, and for some reason had a much easier time immersing myself into the wonderland and seeing them there as physical beings. Their faces were much more detailed, the clothes they were wearing fit them naturally and looked real, with texture and everything, and their touch, voices and facial expressions were much more clear  to me than usually. The scenery of the part of the wonderland we were in, Sen's hollow and transparent U-Boat, felt like it was an actual, physical space. I saw the light from above refracting in the water around the submarine, I saw little fish swimming around the boat, I saw the dark silhouette of a reef in the distance. The longer I looked around, the more little details became very vivid to me. I was able to focus on more than usual, strangely. Unfortunately, I passed out soon after. Going to do a longer belief implanting session today, in the afternoon instead of the middle of the night, and see what happens if I force afterwards.

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That "Carrot" figure isn't really my thing, so I use the boat girl as cuddle object. Not very large, not all that soft, but cute and brings me happy emotions that Yuki's sex bot probably won't give me.

Yes, the vividness is nice. I wonder what would cause it. Maybe it's simply because of the clearing of the mind. I often go into forcing sessions without any lead up to them, so with whatever is on my mind still on my mind. After belief implanting, you're basically a blissful blank slate.

Re: Doujin and friends
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Well, seems like the more time and effort you are willing to put into it, the more vivid it becomes. And once you start seeing things super vivid, it also seems like it becomes easier to just see it that way right from the start.

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You know it, buddy.

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Did more belief implanting today, around half an hour, followed by forcing. Sen's submarine keeps getting more and more vivid. Her face and way of speaking are becoming clearer, and in a way it feels like some kind of fog in my vision is slowly lifting over time. M-maybe my tulpas and the wonderland have always been here and I've been astral projecting all this time........ I'll ask reddit.

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Fucking Comic Sans.

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Belief implanting has been giving us some interesting results. I used to have doubts and trains of thoughts that were basically "what if they're not real??" paranoia. Basically, non constructive bullshit. I thought I'd get rid of those thoughts with belief implanting, with the whole "they're real" thing.

Yesterday, I noticed something strange. I was thinking about doubts in general, and what went through my head when I considered my own tulpas was something like "Pah, of course they're real." This thought was accompanied with a similar feeling to the one I use for implanting. Whenever I actively think about doubts, the positive "they're real" thought comes up, accompanied by the happy emotions. Looks like belief implanting works. No more doubting. The next post decides what belief I implant next.
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Re: Doujin and friends
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nOW I will do it so brace youreself...!!

Today the 7th of Jan u a rium marks the day that I first started becoming crazy, aka I started forcing the Yuki. In that time she has become indispensable to my life because I haven't hung myself yet XDDDDDDDD happy birthday :DDDDD

Progress on things has been ever so slow, immersion is slightly better but my thoughts still have their bad tendency to drift, so I should still try ADD medicine to see if it >fixes me. Yuki now has a job where I will try to dissociate and see how far we come with that. We haven't been belief implanting too much lately, I guess I'll pick that back up again. The effects of the past sessions are still noticeable when I stop and think, but not as strong as I remember them.

Boat is now MGE in her stupid shooting game.


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Hey I really like this image can I save this?

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