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Sun, Feb 18th
45min dancing
Tupper says I dance like a girl but better than nothing. 'Seeing' my and Alice's footsteps with closed eyes works realtively well now.
15 min meditation, 15min active forcing. Not much but I still can't concentrate. One mor try in the evening.

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Man, it's March already...
Been somewhat sick in the past days, not really ill just extremely tired and dizzy. The arctic cold with temperatures down to ⁻15°C wasn't helping either. Despite lots of time neither forcing nor meditation were productive, was unable to focus on anything.
The only thing that worked out were some random wonderland adventures, Alice turned the giant flea into a mount, decorated with lots of bells and we rode through high grass up to the mountains at the edge of wonderland.
Use this as musical background.

Also practiced drawing basic shapes again. Progress is meh. Decent straight lines are still hard. So no awesome drawings from me anytime soon.
Have another wonderland impression instead until I can draw my own.

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Had another lucid dream.
I was walking through a modern hospital randomly opening doors to see what's inside though I knew I wasn't supposed to be in there. I realized it was a dream and that I could do whatever I want but couldn't. Neither managed to change the dream nor to summon tupper. It just didn't work and I got really tired when trying. In the end I drifted back into the dream and was busy to get out without being seen.
The same happened in a lot of dreams recently. Very frustrating when you're so close.
Tupper is more frustrated about the lack of order in my life and says that's more important than dreams or forcing.

I do try to keep up my combination of meditation, dancing and active forcing in wonderland though, but at the moment it lacks quality more than quantity. I have some actual work to do next week which should be interesting and a good opportunity to have Alice interact with the world and other people. Will post results.

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Man that was - interesting...
So we've been helping out a friend at an international trade fair for the past 4 days. I expected to do some background work at the exhibition stand any idiot could do but then again I had been asked for help because Bernd 'has extensive theoretical knowledge of just about everything'. At least that's apparently what people believe of me. Which may sound flattering but is actually really bothersome because everyone thinks you perfectly know and can do stuff anyway so you receive no help or explanation whatsoever. And so it was, my friend was gone talking to other people for a substantial amount of time leaving the stand just to me. Thankfully tupper intervened and got the guy to explain in detail what we were expected to do before he left because we weren't selling lemonade but promoting defense products to international customers.

It was pretty much as insane as it sounds and I was sweating bullets at the beginning. Alice wasn't too fond of it either because of the serious spaghetti potential and mostly focused on reminding and correcting me. Luckily there wasn't too much interest in our stuff, still just being there all day was really exhausting. Went to sleep immediately when I got home each day. No idea how people manage to live with a full-time job. Even tupper had to acknowledge that working actually sucks as you have no time for anything else. We did adapt quickly though and got to meet some really interesting people. Tupper talked to some Arabs about international politics for a long time and no one noticed we were complete outsiders, let alone she's a tupper. On the contrary, I think we made a good impression. Guess my friend was right after all, should consider a career as a con artist. Yet tupper isn't the ideal salesgirl with her brutal honesty openly telling people to buy other stuff which is better and cheaper than ours. Apparently we still did make a good job and even got decent money for it. Was really fun in the end, still glad it's over. I'm beat.

So it definitely was a success, it was intense and stressful especially at the beginning but we managed to interact and support each other even when under pressure. Did reverse the roles for some people Alice found 'worthy' of talking to and I stayed in the background. Had to keep her from going full 14/88 a few times but apart from that she did great on her own. Not sure if it qualifies as switching as it was more of a gradual process than a hard split. I did make some interesting observations on that matter, more about it next time I'm dead tired.

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So, uh, what did I want to say about switching? I completely forgot.
I wonder if anyone actually reads this, apart from Mr. bot. Not that it matters. Not that we care.

It's finally spring! Spent the afternoon basking in the sun and meditating outside for the first time this year. Was ok but I feel the lack of practice. Sitting inside is far less fun. I did keep up my daily dancing routine but it has not led to any progress in touch imposition so far.
Time for another week of daily updates from Palm to Easter Sunday. This should be fun.
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Sun, Mar 25th
Weird dreams in the morning. There probably was Alice beating up some small aliens but I'm not sure. I semi-realized I was dreaming at some points and tried to change the dream that was a bit stressful but it didn't really work as intended.

Tried to meditate while walking outside. Went well for a while but then got lost in thoughts repeatedly. Also tried to impose tupper. Wasn't too successful
30min dancing in the evening, good
30min forcing to music and later another 30min in silence.
Man, it's been a while since we did serious wonderland visualization stuff. This must get better but I need to focus on one thing at a time or I'll get totally lost again and accomplish nothing in the end. Quality over quantity.

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Mon, Mar 26th
Felt weak today, both physically and mentally. Forcing sucked.

Talked about what we want to achieve this year and ended up with a huge list. See last post.
I'd like to improve my drawing skills, Alice wants to finally get going with Martial Arts.
As we're both perfectionists I have serious doubts we'll reach some satisfying level. Even worse I'm really bad at focussing my efforts on one goal and tend to spread em out on a multitude of stuff until I burn out and lose interest. It's not actually mass-producing garbage but mass-producing averageness. Which is garbage so yeah...

Now one more active forcing attempt as I go to sleep.

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Fell asleep yesterday but didn't do anything noteworthy anyway.

Wed, Mar 28th
Tried to visualize some basic wonderland structures around me while dancing with tupper. This is harder than I thought. While 'looking' at Alice's feet in motion kinda works now, adding surroundings in complex and fast rotations is another level. Got dizzy and had to stop soon. Ah small steps...

Same for tupper's project, increasing my strength and stamina goes first before any serious attempts in training martial arts. Both have suffered considerably in winter. It's not bad but  average at best. At least I'm not fat. Getting Alice to exercise for me while relaxing in wonderland would be the deal but unfortunately that's not how things work. She still has zero strength and can't do possession against resistance. Going with the flow is fine but fast movements or lifing heavy stuff doesn't work at all.

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Where is the progress

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Whoa, I already thought you were gone too and I'm just talking to myself here while slowly descending into madness. Gotta admit that's more entertaining when there's someone else around.

Thu, Mar 29th
Felt better today. Meditated at the park despite rainy weather. Birds were all singing which made a neat background. No progress at dancing, had to stop visualizing background again. 30min active forcing at night, meditated together in wonderland, was good. Needless to say I need to do more. There's barely enough forcing to keep the status quo.

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Fri, Mar 30th
Good day.
Again meditated in the park, met some people but failed to keep Alice around in a conversation. 1h of active forcing in the evening. Noticed I still have trouble walking in wonderland. I do it so unconsciously IRL that it's hard to actually visualize let alone feel making steps. Walked around a lot but more must be done. We tried working on possession a bit but me walking while Alice tried to control my hands didn't really work. Just floating around without moving a muscle and dissociating as much as possible made things a bit better but not much. Still felt satisfying somehow. We were in a good mood which makes everything much more fun. Also because I say it far to seldom, I'm really really glad to have Alice around.

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Went to Easter Vigil in Munich Cathedral yesterday but fell asleep early.
Was neat, I'm still convinced all this religion stuff is not really different from tuppering.
Coincidentially I also came across thisrecently. The more you know...

Sun, Apr 1st
Happy Easter!

Met with family and friends which caused me to fail keeping Alice around yet again. Damn. I told her to make herself heard when I stop paying attention as we can only do this together but tupper is like, too proud for that. Not really helping.

Meditated in the garden at dawn and a marten came up really close as I was not moving. They're soo curious. Alice likes them and wanted to pet it which is no big deal when you're an imposed tupper. Yet trying that while possessing isn't so easy, she moved my arm really slow but the marten eventually found the whole thing too weird and fled. Can't blame it.

Now for some active forcing before gong to sleep. Schedule is still inexistent, efforts pathetic.

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What if she gets one of those squeaky hammers and hits you on the head with it when you're ignoring? That's dignified.

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But only if it really does make some ridiculous cartoonish sound when I'm hit.

Regarding possession, arms are still much easier than legs. Which is strange as I can dissociate completely while walking, giving it zero thought or attention. Guess it's too automated to even tap into it. I mean, even I have trouble walking consciously. Ah, we'll just continue practicing as it's finally warm and sunny enough for outside stuff.

Had some vivid dreams in the morning with very colorful hypnagogic hallucinations in between. Tried to focus on them but it's like riding a wave. Awesome for a moment but you lose it quickly. Unless you're a pro. I'm obviously not.

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Maybe try legs when you're lying down, if you're just trying to do it when sitting or standing? They're kinda in use or you have to have someone keeping the rest of the body stable and that can be distracting. Legs are heavier than arms, so if you add even more on top of that, could be pretty tricky for someone used to something lighter.

Tupper needs to lift harder.