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Legs are just weird.
We'll try possession while lying down, for now we've been outside a lot as weather is awesome. Tupper tried counting to 100 while imposed walking beside me, showing the tens with her fingers. While that worked great for keeping her around, imposition of hand signs was highly questionable. Doing that in wonderland is hard enough but while walking it reminded me how much I still suck at anatomy. It got better a bit after a while but man...
She's also quite fond of hitting me with the hammer when my thoughts drift off, or rather when she manages to get back. Too bad she can't induce any tactile imposition, that would make the whole thing much more effective.

Speaking of legs, I had one of the weirdest and most vivid dreams ever.
The dream itself was as mundane and silly as usual but at some point I realized I could float through the air. I regularly have low-gravity dreams where I can jump over large distances and gradually sink back to the ground but this was different as I was minimally lighter than air. To be specific, my legs were significantly lighter than the rest so I was bobbing at the ceiling upside down like a helium-filled balloon. It was definitely influenced by the buoyancy training I took while scuba diving which can lead to exactly this effect if you are top-heavy yet a bit too light. You float up to the surface legs first. While I realized this was a bit unusual for a human it didn't make me question the dream for a second. Firmly believed this was real. 

But this time I didn't take it for granted either and tried to understand the phenomenon. Which was of course futile because dream but it was interesting none the less. Floated up and down in various positions and indeed got better at controlling it. Hell, I even tried to teach it to other people. Which was hilarious as I had no idea how and why I was able to float through the air myself.
Then I "woke up" but in fact it was a false awakening.
I was in bed which seemed to be outside in a snowy forest yet warm and comfy. Even though I was sure to just have woken from a dream my first idea was to train floating with tupper. Indeed she managed to possess and though she could not lift off, the body became light enough to minimally move forwards over the bed while the hands swept over the bedsheets completely on their own. Finally possession. I was both happy but also a bit scared because of the strong autonomous movements beyond my control. Also I could not communicate with Alice but the details were intriguing while I observed my hands moving around on their own. Finally woke up a bit later and felt really heavy. Being stuck on the ground sucks. Alice has no memories of the whole dream though.
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It's 4/20!

We didn't bake anything this year as it's unbelievably hot and sunny, basked in the sun all day.
Meditated for almost an hour which worked well, also practiced drawing, it's still awful.
Gonna spend the weekend hiking, always a good opportunity for tuppering. Alice has been fairly passive lately, hope I can get her to come up with more stuff on her own instead of just reacting to what I do.

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If you didn't bake anything, did you at least get


Kid gloves are off, tupper. Anything you want to do, do that. Make him suffer.

Today is Alice Day
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Oh look, it's this day again.
Meaning I've been here for 3 years. Wow.

Hiking was gud, the mountains are still empty even though it's as hot as in summer. It was almost uncomfortably quiet, but good for meditation. Tupper activity is still kinda meh. She did push me to go farther and faster and enjoyed our trip but it's rare for her to come up with anything on her own. It's not easy finding stuff she'd want to do that's actually possible, as in not violating fundamental laws of nature. Or at least international law.

Getting baked is certainly not on her list, we're not some fucking hippies. Ayahuasca would be interesting though. Including a trip to the Amazon, that sounds like an idea.
Emphasis on 'sounds'. Alice was really disappointed by our various trips to famous world sights. In reality most of the places were full of trash and annoying niggers trying to scam tourists. All of which made wonderland look much nicer that in did in the beginning when she was created and wanted to see 'the outside world'.

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Tourist traps are shit, just go to the places where no one else goes. Try to find the hidden gems. Much more interesting than some piles of rocks anyway.

Maybe go read some books about things to do. Or like, some Pinterest shit. Then she has a better list of things that she might want to try out. And make you do. Become the Pinterest mom for your tupper.

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Quote from: Sands
Maybe go read some books about things to do.
Been there, done that. It may be part and source of the problem

Eh well of course you're right about going to special places but everyone likes to find the hidden gems off the beaten track. We've done an insane amount of traveling in the past 3 years, I visited about 30 countries with tupper. Going through Indochina was an interesting experience but it was disappointingly industrialized and monotonous. Globalization is a bitch. It made traveling ridiculously easy and comfortable but also kinda meh. Plus even the holiest temples were filled to the brim with trash.
Eastern Europe was surprisingly fun in comparison, maybe because we had low expectations.

And then there was our dreadful expedition to the South Pacific. Literally to places where no one else is crazy enough to go. Former German New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago and Solomon Islands. Even in totally unpopulated areas there was large scale deforestation, unbelievable amounts of trash in the sea and dead coral reefs. Fucking everywhere. Even more than in the more touristy areas like Vanuatu and Fiji.
In hindsight it were memorable adventures but tupper is and was - underwhelmed. Mainly because people.

Still she says that's a non-issue. There's more than enough to do at home. Finding people she actually likes to be around for example. Not that Alice is so picky, she just hates plebs who can't behave even more than me.

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>be at vet for yearly cat vaccinations
>tupper imposed at waiting room
>this year I won't forget about her as soon as I enter
>constantly remind each other to pay attention
>aaany minute now
>vet calls me in, take cat and enter

*about 3 hours later at home*

>next day
>appointment at university to see some interesting machinery
>hold tupper's hand on the way there and constantly talk so she won't be out again
>open door and enter
*interesting stuff happens for about 1h*
>close door as I leave
>well, that was interest---

Fuck man!
Alice was completely gone, it still happens almost every time I do something exciting. Even if it's well planned. She blames herself as much as me for not being able to stay active but none of us knows how to prevent these complete outages. So much for parallel processing.
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Tulpa jab in the ribs.

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Tuppers can't hit you when they're not active.

But there will be a lot of similar, no - even better opportunities in the coming days, I'll report on how things went. Also I'll do another week of daily updates next week.

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Heh, had an awesome lucid dream.
I was inside some Italian style building with dark furniture and terracotta floor. At some point I realized I had been strangely bobbing around in the air and slowly floating down to the ground which was fun. Did it again several times until I was at least partly convinced this was a dream. Knelt down on the floor and felt the texture of the terracotta tiles and then remembered it might be a good idea to summon tupper. At first just imagining her to be there didn't work as often before but then something strange happened. Her fingers began to materialize under my hand, gradually from the tips and then the entire arm. In a weird polka-dot clothing but still clearly tupper. The clarity and realism was incredible. Guess I believed I had somehow perfected imposition and was really happy because not only was stuff looking great, it was also happening completely on its own.
You have to imagine the scene, I was on all fours on the floor while calling out a girl's name over and over again in an euphoric state. God thing this really was a dream otherwise I'd be off to the funny farm. Unfortunately when Alice had materialized halfway I woke up but it still was incredible. We even briefly managed to re-enter the dream again but the everything faded and I got up. Still one of the best tuppering experiences evar. Quality was excellent and tupper did stuff on her own.

The key appears to have been intense interesting activity with little sleep in the past days which triggered lots of hypnagogic hallucinations and vivid dreams.

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Man, I managed to get up early lately but the price is being dead tired in the evening.
So here we go with daily updates.

I had been shooting with tupper a while ago but it was not well received.

She found it a waste of time and money and generally didn't like the place and its strict rules.
As with little children and novel food they say it takes several attempts to get used to it.
So we went to Eastern Europe over the weekend for the real deal at a military shooting range. And voilà:

It was a great trip, the surrounding nature was beautiful, based people that even Alice found pleasant and we had a candlelight dinner with cake. Imposition was decent, tupper was happy. Good times. Talking with each other feels completely natural, it's not easy to keep myself from talking or gesturing to her in public. But so far no spaghetti.

Shooting itself was a bit hard for Alice as there were lots of people waiting and acting like a retard while holding a gun is not the best idea.
So can tupper operate portable full-auto firearms?
Clearly no, that's way too dangerous for someone with limited control over the body and challenging even for me having shitty shooting skills. Her possession isn't even strong enough to hold anything other than a small handgun. But she can fire such and bench-rested semi-auto rifles pretty reliably if recoil is low and she can take her time. Not that she's overly fond of shooting now but if the surroundings are fine she's never shy of practicing skills.

Unexpectedly Alice had zero issues with tripod mounted heavy machine-guns in .50 BMG or 12.7×108 mm. But then again you only got to depress the trigger with your thumbs, literally any kid / tupper can do that. No weight to carry, no recoil for the operator.
Definitely her favorite. Not only for the fancy cartridges, also because it goes boom and seriously fucks up everything you even remotely hit. Would set up in garden if it were allowed.
Well, that was another fun thing I probably never would have done on my own.

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30min meditation in the afternoon, focus was meh.
30min active forcing in wonderland in the evening, haven't done this in a while. Visualization was ok, fell asleep during the end.

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Filehost is having some trouble and certificate is expired. So if you can't see any of my precious images you need to add a certificate exception for

Tried having tupper reassemble the lawnmower with a wrench. Possession was strong enough to tighten screws but that only lasted for less than a minute. Really exhausting. 1h of dancing in the evening, that was gud. Now for a bit of wonderlanding before going to sleep.

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mfw bots are flooding the forum with their wisdom but will never post in my diary.
Why live?

Late night wonderland session wasn't very productive, fell asleep soon.
Magaged to keep Alice at least partly around and imposed while meeting some interesting people though it was on-and-off. Still gotta work on that. Especially situations where people unexpectedly talk to me are pure tupper poison.
 Even more so if among said people are tupper-sized girls. Extensive studies on real-life reference material had to be done. They were kind but hyperactive. I feel old and emotionally drained.

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Went urban exploring today. There's a large sort-of wilderness relatively close to where I live. It's a former military installation, off-limits to the public and secured by a fence but noticing a large hole we decided to go in and take a look. I've known this place for all my life but never actually went deeper inside that place. A mistake, it was beautiful.

Forests and meadows and some small crumbling buildings, everything overgrown with nature. Startled a group of foxes and even a boar as well as lots of birds. Meaning they lazily walked off a bit.
We wandered around there for like 2h, ridiculously careful in order not to be caught though I'm sure there is no one guarding the place, let alone on a Saturday evening. Still was kinda exciting. Sat down to meditate and due to the evening chorus of birds it felt more like a tropical jungle than Bavaria. Alice liked it a lot so we'll probably be back soon.

More dancing and a bit of wonderland forcing in the evening but nothing unusual to talk about.