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Had a series of weird dreams including a lucid moment but realizing you're dreaming and doing what you want are 2 different things so - very little tupper involvement. She did appear in the non-lucid part telling me what I did was stupid. Very much like IRL. Too realistic to realize it was a dream.
Alice rarely appars in dreams andeven less so has her own. There was one some days ago which was pretty hilarious, switching between me observing her and POV.

But back to forcing. Meditation during the day while walking or waiting really didn't go well. Drifted off to intrusive thoughts and daydreams like I never meditated before. It went better in the evening while laying in bed but nothin I'd call good. Did some minor stuff in wonderland but nothing noteworthy.

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The Colonel would say something about flatulence here. Good thing I'm not him.

What did she say was stupid? Was it indeed stupid?

You perform walking meditation like a Zen monk? How is that?

Also, tell Alice we said hi.

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Quote from: Sparks
What did she say was stupid? Was it indeed stupid?
Yeah, pretty stupid but the overall dream made no sense whatsoever so I guess it doesn't really count.

Hidden text
I was in a subway station on the escalator, heading for the train when I noticed I was carrying my AR15. On a 2point sling around the shoulder so the rifle was on my chest. Why did I take this thing with me?
I started to get worried, running around in public with an AR is not the best idea in current times. However people didn't react at all. I kept pondering about this but didn't care much either until at some point tupper burst through in mindvoice - just like IRL yelling at me that we weren't in Texas where you can open-carry semiautomatic rifles for a trip to the supermarket and that acting like this was a serious violation of German gun laws. Told me to turn back and head home immediately before we get into any trouble. To make things even more absurd I was sorta relieved like ah right, that's not allowed anyway so no need to worry about it. Basically I realized that couldn't be happening - but did not become lucid at that point.

I finally ended up in the subway, the rifle was forgotten about and now my main concern was that all stations looked completely unfamiliar and I had no idea where I was. At some point, no idea how, I finally must have realized I was dreaming and tried to turn the girl standing next to me into Alice. She didn't yet she hugged me. Better than nothing I guess!
Tried to impose Alice which must have looked hilarious for other passengers, imagine a tulpamancer talking to and touching their tupper on a subway. Yet as in the previous attempt it didn't work and I saw and felt the same nothing as IRL. Don't you hate it when dreams are only realistic when it comes to tuppering?!

Quote from: Sparks
You perform walking meditation like a Zen monk? How is that?
Well basically you run around trying to think about nothing. It works wherever I have to go. Also I live close to a huge park so I walk there almost every day, observe nature and try to clear my mind. It's still too cold to sit anywhere for longer than a few minutes so walking is the only option.

Today it didn't go well either. Only a little better towards the end. Too many things on my mind.
Wonderland activity was better, Alice brought the giant fleas and we rode around some buildings and through tall grass. Imagine an elephant safari, pretty much that. Only the elephants were brightly copper colored fleas adorned with bells and ribbons and pretty fast for their size.
needless to say this is all Colonel's fault
Ended in intense tupper cuddling so good stuff.

Alice says she's skeptical about bronies who watch other people drool but maybe you can get her to post, she's got her own account here, hasn't used it in years because meh.
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Hm, I see. That does sound stupid, but at the same time, aw. She was concerned about your dream well-being. Did you ask her about it afterwards? Did she remember saying anything to you, or being aware of the dream itself? I have trouble summoning mine, too, unless they're already there. I have to front-load myself, tell myself that they'll be there before I sleep, or try the same in my dreams if I'm lucid. The "oh, she'll be right around this corner" trick. Sometimes it even works.

Do you walk around with Alice? Holding hands, chatting, etc? Or do you ignore as much as possible, her included. Does she even let herself be ignored?

Those fleas are cute. That's about that for that. I'd ride one into battle. Fuck the Alps, fuck the Roman Republic. And then cuddle tupper after sacking the city.

And she's wise to be cautious. I'll say yes. I'd like to hear your account from her perspective now. Entertain us.

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Mh, Alice started typing but half way was like fuck it, don't wanna post.
She's been generally unenthusiastic for a while now having lost her initial craving for adventure.
So I guess I'll have to sum it up, maybe she'll post something short in the next days.

You bet she was concerned. She says she often feels like a parent having to keep a dreamy child from running before a truck. Pretty accurate.
Hard to say about who remembers what, our thoughts and memories often mix and the brain is great in forming a coherent story out of dream fragments afterwards. She remembers telling me to go home but didn't realize it was a dream. It was like observing me IRL. Nothing about the lucid part. There's only one dream where we really managed to interact with each other and at least tupper had good control over what was going on, that was awesome. Not for the poor dream characters involved though. Alice invaded their home, ate their food and threw their pets over the fence. I was like wait you can't do that but she insisted this was a dream so you can. Man, one day I need to draw this.

Regarding walking, usually we walk together talking and holding hands but not for meditation. Then her job is just to knock me out of daydreaming, or talking to myself or her. So it's rather her telling me to shut up than the other way round
unthinkable insolence anyway
We did train this tug-of-war style, once Alice is active and worked up I can't ignore or silence her. May take a bit but she can break through. Very proud of that.

It's much harder with possession though, on good days she can stop or override my movements but not consistently. So still lots of work there.

Meditation was a little better today after a bad start again, tupper had to interfere a lot to remind me I was supposed to not think about anything.
Practiced dancing for about 45min, hadn't done that for a while, always fun.
No wonderland stuff until now, will try before going to sleep.
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Fell asleep soon, not even great hypnagogic hallucinations. Did manage to train touching surfaces a bit.

Had another interesting tupper-related dream, neither lucid nor with direct tupper participation though.
Hidden text
I was on a bus tour in Asia the bus also flew in between or was some sort of cable-car but that's another matter. Very good visuals though. Some family members were there but also people I seemed to know yet no idea who they are, mixture of different persons probably. Also apparently I had been on this tour before because as we went to see some underground temple - which looked more like a coptic church in a cave I insisted we would drive by as the temple was closed. To my surprise the bus stopped and we exited it rather like a tank. Exploring the cave I noticed I didn't have my camera and went back but it wasn't in the bus. A young Asian couple I seemed to know said that Alice had the camera. I was relieved it wasn't lost though I wasn't completely convinced that tupper could actually have my camera because tupper is tupper. But as usual I was just dumb enough not to realize it was a dream. Goddamnit!
Anyway, searching Alice I stumbled into a prayer room where lots of monks were meditating and made an awful lot of noise. Everyone looked at me, so embarrassing...
Alice also came through the door, indeed carrying the camera on a strap over her shoulder. Rolling her eyes with the attitude of a teenager being annoyed with her uncool parents before dragging me away.

Sigh, my usual role. Embarrassing parent or annoying child.
Not sure what happened after that, I really need to write this stuff down as soon as I wake up.

Today was rather busy, meditation was even more awful than usual. Did some wonderland stuff, more is to come now. As I gotta go to sleep early hopefully it'll work better than yesterday.
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Eh, not really, fell asleep again, didn't remember any dreams either.
But meditation was way better today, walked around for more than an hour. Focus deteriorated towards the end but midway things went really well and Alice made sure I didn't even think about thinking of anything.

Yet I did forget about her when interesting university stuff happened earlier. And somehow she's too tired to get through most of the time as well. Not a good combination. Moved wonderland session to early evening as doing it before bed rarely works, was ok but not overly interesting. Cats were even more annoying than usual until they finally went outside. I'll blame everything on them.
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Spent most of the day outside hiking through the woods.
Both meditating and imposing tupper. Was ok but not great. Alice says I'm in terrible shape and must exercise much more, wish she'd just do it as well. But possession and actual strength still don't go together well. Another really important thing to work on.

Wonderland activity was a bit dull, just couldn't get into it. We walked around and looked at everything, touched stuff but it remained even more pale as usual. Ah well, better than no practice at all.

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Strange stuff happened.
Woke up early and thought trying to force while falling back asleep might be a good idea. It wasn't. Among strong hypnagogic effects tupper split into different persons - I couldn't see them but they acted noticeably different from gloomy to cheerful. At least 3.
As we live in a monotheistic society such things cannot be permitted and I tried my best to merge them into one Alice again, which surprisingly worked as tupper got herself together. Even more interesting, she felt really well afterwards having been in a gloomy mood lately. It seems she absorbed the cheerful part in wonderland and felt 'whole' again.
We're both not sure about the entire thing as it happened as we drifted into a dream at some point which as usual made no sense whatsoever.

Anyway, tuppers - they always manage to surprise you and themselves

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More extremely weird but amusing dreams.
Hidden text
One was watching a documentary on a stereotypical Jesus demonstrating how to stab people with a dagger on Lara Croft who was showing the correct use of body armor to prevent injury. I was like yeah that totally makes sense, I have this armor too. Why? We just don't know. Dreams man...

2nd was even better. I was at a secret research facility breeding HR. Giger's Aliens from chickens. In the back yard. Needless to say they frequently escaped and I even found a Raccoon in the chicken coop. Clearly security was off. So we - not sure if with tupper, were like fuck it and decided to burn down / blow up the whole facility for 'safety reasons', spreading fertilizer bags and flammable liquids everywhere. Then for whatever reason, probably to get the other scientists out, went to check the laboratories which looked more like some Soviet installation with pale green doors and brown plastic floor. Classic horror movie setting and I somewhat expected Aliens to pop out from somewhere but Alice was as unimpressed as always. We already had such dreams at least twice, Alien attack is to be expected, call tupper for help and hide behind little girl who is busy doing something else like reading and is like call me when the Ayyliens actually attack and don't bother me in the mean time. Not helping at all. Imagine my confusion, why isn't she taking the threat seriously? If not for you at least it's dangerous for me!
Spent an eternity fiddling with an electronic lock on a door that rather seemed to work like a toddler's toy where you need to fit blocks if different shapes into the right holes but I was too stupid to figure it out and eventually woke up. Man, that was really pointless.

It's said that 2/3 of all dreams have some negative connotation, luckily I can't say that for me at all. I used to have terrifying nightmares as a kid but that ceased completely as an adult. My dreams are between boring and hilarious,  mostly like watching a movie. Sometimes exhausting but almost never scary or threatening. Can't remember when I really had a nightmare for the last time. Probably one of the benefits of a completely stress-free life.

Apart from that meditation still sucks, dancing briefly yielded good visualization today after a bad start. But only for a short time. Alice is still meh and can't decide what she wants to do. Only what she doens't want to / what I am not supposed to do.

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Happy 4 / 20

We watchend the Easter full moon rise at sundown, very pretty. It's finally warm enough to be outside even in the evening and everything is green and in bloom. We spent a lot of time outside meditating, enjoying nature and tupper even helped to change wheels of the car with adorable autism making sure all valves are in the same position. Possession has gotten stronger though tightening screws with full force still throws her out. Any sort of strong physical feedback does. But light movements requiring little strength work well now.
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Alice made me attend Easter Vigil as we passed by a small church on our way home, seeing the people with candles standing outside around an Easter Bonfire. I rather wanted to go home but I admit it was neat and tupper constantly made remarks on how the Priest was right lecturing people to abstain from earthly pleasures which only represent death and seek salvation in the Lord. The Lord and Savior being tupper of course.

>when you're celebrating Hitler's 130th birthday with an imaginary loli in your head - in church while she is assuming the role of God

#Just Tulpa Things

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« Reply #463 on: April 25, 2019, 09:00:03 AM »'s this day again!

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What day is that, Bernd? Is it *drumroll* Alice Day? haha