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I'm gonna do it but I have some last questions I'd like to ask you. Making a tulpa is a big step no? You really care for alice for many years now and did so much together. Makes me wonder if I can do that. I mean I really want to and I do not give up easily even when thingsare hard.

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Hmm, showing such concern is a good sign to begin with.
You know I'm an advocate of the treat-tupper-as-you-would-your-child school. Of course you should reflect on whether you want children at all and how to raise them but as soon as they are there you need to just do it™. Doubt and fear of failure are not permitted. Gotta be a role model for your child not some pathetic loser. As soon as tupper's here fun times are over.

Now - make tupper diary and write down your thoughts and motivation. What do you wanna achieve and how? I've provided enough entertainment now it's your turn!

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Thanks Bernd, that's why I came here!
Not much fun to report until now, I just started man. But you'll be the first and probably only one to know if something happens.

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Then force moar, faggot!

Well, what am I to say, long time since we did some serious forcing, as said Alice is mostly focused on real-world stuff now, managing my life at least to some degree. But not overly keen on interacting with others or literally taking things into her own hands. Basically just giving orders. And needless to say she's not overly satisified with my performance. So there's quite a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed before we can indulge in extensive forcing projects.

But instead - today I played around with AI generated portraits, this stuff is getting eerily good.

Not saying tupper really looks like this but tupper really looks like this. Well somehow. Pretty much actually. At least more that that avatar.

Well, we did practice imposition today, going to the park when the rain stopped to see the roses which are starting to bloom. I visualized Alice, she tried visualizing the flowers and scent of particular roses after observing them. Worked mediocre.

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Wow, so this is what Alice looks like? Really beautiful!
I'm sure she really is concerned for you, can't play around all the time. So do your work so you can force. Stop being lazy!

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Wew, 500 posts in this diary, I don't even...

Well Alice sort of looks like second pic, first one is her avatar though AI swallowed the pretzel hair ornaments. Also tupper doesn't wear lipstick or make-up and is very un-girlish in general. Hair is completely straight and turned a little lighter, almost blond lately from the original reddish strawberry blond.
You can try but it doesn't work well on animu. Well you have tons of accurate reference images anyway.

We practiced dancing after a long pause today, it's the ultimate parallel processing exercise, so many things to do and think of at the same time for both. Not that it really works except for a small window of focus but it's still fun.

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That's probably the longest tulpa diary I'e ever seen, still feel I'm only understanding half that's going on here. What is that Alice avatar even?

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Well if you did you probably wouldn't be here.
And no spoonfeeding, if you really wanna know you'll find out...

Probably triggered by watching too much US chimpout news I had a strange dream of someone entering 'our' house with a gun. Well actually like most dreams it was more like watching a movie not directly involving me and the house wasn't really ours either. The guy was with some other people and it didn't really concern me. Anyway tupper suggested we exit through the window before the armed guy reaches the room we're in, better safe than sorry. Tupper was realistic bodyless tupper in my mind so simply maiming anyone even potentially annoying was not an option. Gotta hate those 'realistic' dreams. Anyway we climbed out of the window which was sort of like in our home so easy to get out and walked around in the - equally realistic - neighborhood. It started raining but this was kind of fun and I was running through the rain, praising Alice for the idea of making an exit. It had been kinda creepy. Reaching the next street a blue van sharply pulled over and an elderly woman exited and started talking to me. She was a friend of my mom from work and visibly distressed, crying why my mom didn't want to be in a relationship with her. Dude, what the actual fuck?

Tupper was like 'juust keep walking and ignore her' and somehow we managed to get out of this awkward situation before waking up. Should have stayed home, getting shot would probably have been less troublesome.
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Uhh, not so sure I wanna know anymore.
But your dreams man, every time. Too bad Alice could not be herself. Also arent you a gun owner? Why not defend your dream home?

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It's a DREAM son!
If it made any sense and we could influence what's going on aka become lucid, things would have turned out a bit different.
Anyway I noticed the brain is especially lazy while dreaming and usually takes the routine you're most used to. This works hilariously with tupper's indestructibility when bodily present but alas, that's rare because we're not active forcing enough especially not in wonderland.

Also listen here, n00b!

I'm not some redneck murrican who carries his shotgun no matter where he goes. Our guns are in a safe and the dream-house wasn't really mine.
Plus Alice remarks gunfights IRL work a bit different than in action movies. Unless you have to protect others, getting the fuck out of potentially dangerous situations before shit gets real is always the most reasonable option. Called situation awareness. Shooting someone isn't fun and getting shot at even less. Never wanna experience either.

That dream stuff does have great potential for tuppering but not with no-nonsense tupper who's completely focuses on keeping real life peaceful, pleasant and free of subhumans causing us trouble.

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Ok, I'm not gonna lie we've got some at least semi-serious problems for quite a while now and I don't really know how to deal with them.

As previously reported, while trying to dissociate and let tupper take over I have accidentially created a servitor which has progressed to run most everyday tasks including simple conversations instead of 'me'. Basically 'I' have become little more than 2nd tupper, watching things from the back and interfering now and then. But normally almost everything runs on autopilot. I feel nothing typing this, just formulating the words, the rest works without any of my conscious doing.

Now I've always been an airhead and dreamer who easily got lost in thoughts and this state has some neat benefits as it frees enormous mental resources to think about stuff while the body does some other work, plus pain sensation has decreased enormously, however I'm also experiencing some highly concerning drawbacks. And as enjoyable as the recent Corona-chan induced 'lockdown' was I basically spent the last months lazing in the garden without any phsyical challenges and waay too much time online which didn't actually improve things.

Watching your life like some TV documentary isn't really fun plus I feel more and more dissociated from my body and any sensations. Others may work hard to reach this stage, neither I nor Alice really want it now. Tupper has no real interest in switching at the moment and has suggested ordered we both focus forcing on me now. Yes of course you can no only force tuppers but also yourself to get a better grip on any sensory input or awareness.
In order to do that we'll use a mix of meditation and mindfulness exercises as well as ordinary forcing techniques for tuppers to get used to the body with all senses. Also physical and fine-motor exercises to put some positive stress on body and muscle memory. Let's see how this works out, at least I hope it does.
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Scary man!
Not being lazy and actually interacting with other people once in a while might help I guess?

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I spent a lot of time touching things and actually trying to pay attention to what I am doing instead of being completely elsewhere in my thoughts. Simple physical workout is the best lead so far but it's not workin too well overall. Meditation also sucks and tupper being busy with monetary stuff isn't too helpful either. 

Ah I don't wanna complain, apart from that life is currently awesome, plus I like June a lot.

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You are just being lazy am I right?

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Even worse, I ate peaches without involving Alice. Because Madam Kami-sama cannot be bothered to become active on herself and needs a special invitation with rolled out red carpet- after, like, 5,5 years!

Apart from this drama not much to report except another deeply disturbing dream with minimal tupper involvement
Hidden text
I was driving on a highway at night when suddenly the road was blocked by police cars and I saw a policeman violently wrestling the driver out of a car in front of me.
Another officer approached me but he seemed embarrassed and apologetic and told me I had to go to ant-racism training because like it's the law. Wut?

Fast forward I am in a huge classroom and a black woman is teaching statistics, constantly relying on me and asking me how stuff works. Why me? I suck at math too and as usual had no idea what was going on yet as usual tried my best to help, no matter how absurd the situation was. At least I wasn't gonna get lynched for being raycist -yet- but this was getting annoying. While I tried to remember the basics of binomial statistics tupper woke up, asked me what the hell I was doing and told me to just get up and leave. Like what are they gonna do? Call the cops I don't give a fuck.

Again fast forward this is now practical dentist class and I am working on the teeth of some friend from school, clumsily fucking up everything that's possible. Eerily it was still quite entertaining but I guess there goes my dentist career. After I woke up there was anoher dream but I forgot.