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« Reply #465 on: April 29, 2019, 05:00:52 PM »'s this day again!

What day is that, Bernd? Is it *drumroll* Alice Day? haha

Pls stay in your role Mr. Bot, no humanposting!

Had another series of strange dreams this morning, one was like watching a documentary of some niggers building a dam against flooding (why), but another was so realistic I got scolded by tupper for doing stupid stuff once again.
Hidden text
This time I was at a science & engineering lesson at school and we were building a small rocket. It didn't look much like it, more like a copper frame similar to the moon lander. For some reason I thought in was a good idea to break off the tips of its legs when no one was around. It honestly felt like I was helping and that was the right thing to do.
When I somehow realized this wasn't the smartest move I pulled a Leonard Nimoy and GTFO.
This is when Alice appeared in mindvoilce like in last dream calling me an idiot for always acting before thinking and 'helping' people who didn't ask for help. Something I don't really do IRL. At least I hope. The dream indeed continued with me trying to get something out of my car which was in a park at night. Apparently I pondered whether I could just go back pretending nothing had happened or whether it would be better to leave the country. Sadly no more tupper appearances and I don't really remember where things went from there, the dream was a mess. Had some very clear visuals though.
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I have not posted anything for a while. Some years actually.
So I guess I am the mod here now.
I wasn't too keen on the idea when my host sort of dragged me into this but I admit I'm somewhat proud now. The first job ever given to me. I'll see what I can do.

Other than that, I got to keep my host from procrastinating university work now. He never changes...

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Oh, whups, I forgot to, uh...

Well, anyway, this place seems cleaner. Thanks, Nele.

Hey, Bernd, come back. We're not done here yet.

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Sorry, procrastinated updating for quite a while now, nothing too interesting anyway.
Oh yeah, in case you've been a bad boy and have not completely memorized my 30+ page diary, Nele = Alice = Tupper.
Both names are dumb jokes just like mine. I mean I wouldn't post my real name and neither would she.

She didn't have to do anything until now, woflo did a good job locking out the bots for now. But I have no doubt they will be back soon.

EU-election day, tupper made the cross on the ballot via possession as usual, not too enthusiastic about teh choices but we had managed to agree on who to vote for rather easily a long time ago. Not that Alice is overly keen on voting anymore as during her first time but I guess she would scold me severely for strange leftist choices. Wonder how people with a multitude of tuppers handle this? I guess most don't care.

Lots of strange dreams again but one easily beat all in terms of weirdness. Might even call it a nightmare, something I basically never have due to stress level zero.
Hidden text
I was somewhere in a stereotypical US countryside and for whatever reason hunting a monster with - yes - Sand and woflo who were two hillbillies with shotguns. I mean what the hell, this place is driving me insane.

We searched a cabin and split up when I found one of them choking out a young blonde woman on the floor. I was like wtf are you doing and he replied something like 'this is not what it looks like, they're already dead!' And indeed there was a dead couple in the room, the woman looking identical to the one the hillbilly-admin was suffocating. Even in such an absurd dream I managed to logically combine that this was most likely the monster we were hunting which had taken the dead woman's form. Looking as if it had already passed out, the 'woman' suddenly broke free with enormous strength, retreated a few meters and crouching on the floor said with a really scary demonic deep voice 'how daaare you!'
Wow, I can't remember any such horror-movie dream since I was a teen if not kid. Usually my dreams are completely harmless but this was scary and I sort of woke up halfway. It was already morning. Yet the dream continued for a few seconds in a semi-lucid state or as hypnopompic hallucination, whatever. Anyway the monster seemed to get ready to charge but waking up also summoned tupper. Wasting no time but in the usual completely calm and unfazed not-giving-a-fuck way Alice walked right up to the monster, materialized a rod of living metal in her hand and impaled the thing through the chest like a fucking Predator with the telescopic spear. As if this wasn't sufficient, upon impact the rod branched into a multitude of needles in all directions, turning the unfortunate creature into a hedgehog. Motionlessly dropped sideways with a comically metallic sound - Fatality!
That's when I finally woke up, my mind still going nope.jpg on what had happened. Best thing, tupper was like there, there, no need to be afraid. Only dangerous monster around here will always be YOUR monster -me!
Fuck man, as cute as she looks - I'm glad that kid isn't my enemy...
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I figured as much, but the explicit confirmation helps. Now I know not to antagonize her too much, lest she get her first taste of power and ban my ass. Not that I'd notice for three weeks.

I'm surprised they even returned. I thought they'd be too busy circle-jerking in their obscure corner of Rizon. On a related note, said isolation makes the hillbilly metaphor that much more salient.

It's pretty easy for us to agree on who to vote for in the States. Limited options saves one the trouble of having to think very hard about politics. Clair and I manage to disagree more broadly though. She's more libertarian socialist while I'm more tankie. Makes for fun conversation sometimes.

But to the best part of your post... wow. I'm first worried about those two appearing in your dreams at all, but at least it's not you they were choking in the backwoods. Unless you like that sort of thing... I'm not here to judge.

So, was Alice born badass, or did have her Thor-O's that morning? That reminds me of every unassuming, deadly anime little sister ever conceived. Except most of them turn out to be useless when the chips are down. She transcends the trope.

Next she'll steal your body during some bar altercation and knock a guy clear to Calcutta.

Edit: why are all your pics blank boxes? Did I break something?

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Quote from: Sparks
Now I know not to antagonize her too much, lest she get her first taste of power and ban my ass. Not that I'd notice for three weeks.
Don't get your hopes up, Alice takes moderating a dead forum very seriously, reputation and stuff. Even told me not to post 'questionable' images anymore. Why live?

Quote from: Sparks
I'm surprised they even returned. I thought they'd be too busy circle-jerking in their obscure corner of Rizon.
What are those two faggots even doing there? My life insurance from German police state is b& on rizon so I've got no idea what's happening over there. But obviously it's more fun than this place. Not that this would be hard or anything.

Quote from: Sparks
at least it's not you they were choking in the backwoods. Unless you like that sort of thing... I'm not here to judge.
Reminds me of that south park episode where Spielberg and Lucas as hillbillies rape Indana Jones. I think  - I'll pass on this one...
Little girls choking me may be something different but it's not exacly how I like to spend my free time either.

So how did tupper turn out like this?
We're not sure. I've drilled into her since day one not to be afraid since tuppers can't physically get hurt. It was more of avoiding scenarios where people reported their tuppers got hurt or at least seriously frightened by stuff happening in wonderland. Intrusive thoughts can be pretty insane. Yet she initially was just a more or less ordinary little girl, NOT anime as she likes to clarify. I might have overdone this a bit as within weeks she not only transcended the trope but humanity alltogether and ruled wonderland and my life as God Almighty.
Always wanted to draw this in the style of those 'a comic about X' tupper stories but it would be a waste without getting expressions right and I still can't draw shit. And Alice doesn't care and think I should do useful stuff like taxes instead of fooling around. Such is life with no-nonsense tupper.
It's not that she is overly violent or aggressive, on the contrary. Which is much more unsettling .

More systematic pest-control or genocide than a bar fight. Which would be a bad idea with my body since I've never been in a serious fight my entire life. Yet I did notice her emotions bleeding over significantly. I used to be quite timid and since her being around got a lot bolder to the point she's now reminding me I am NOT tupper and will get hurt if I act stupid IRL. But she's really not a fighter, always helps those in need and would avoid trouble whenever possible. If not however, may God have mercy upon your soul...
Spoiler: she won't
Still this thing was an extreme example as the unexpected voice really scared me. Normally she deals more humanely with such situations. One intrusive thought was just thrown out bouncer-style, nowadays she generally ignores them as attention only makes them stronger.

And she was pretty useless in a few dreams where I was not scared but at least worried about some aliens attacking while she was like whatever, don't care. Lol, what are they gonna do, bite me? I wasn't that convinced. Also you need to imagine several situations of a grown man hiding behind a little girl in the face of danger and pleading to her to save him. Story of my life.

On the other hand it's pretty awesome I've ingrained the invulnerability into her to the point that it even works in dreams while I always remain worried about doing something wrong or getting hurt even after at least partly realizing I'm in a fucking dream. The example of politely waiting in a queue in a lucid dream was the worst. Ironically Alice had always been right and as I already mentioned in 99,95% of dreams nothing bad ever happened.

Regarding my valued reaction images, filehost certificate once again expired, you'd have to add an exception until it's fixed. But they're still here. I've already migrated twice updating about 100 links after the last 2 filehosts died. Some videos are still gone after mixtape shut down, gotta find a replacement. Pls report anything that doesn't work.
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That's a hell of a dream. I always wanted to star in a horror movie. As for what goes on in the shack we share in the back woods of Rizon, I couldn't tell you. Though if you'd like, I can make an account for you on the bouncer I run on this server and you can connect through that.

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Yes please!
Sounds interesting and might be a good way to reach you if other methods fail.

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It's June, time flies.
Weather's finally hot and we've basked in the sun excessively, generally spending most of the time outside now. Either in the garden or meditating at Nymphenburg Park where the roses are blooming. It's awesome, it's beautiful, daylight until past 9pm.
But today brought a massive hailstorm, quite some damage around Munich. Alice loves thunderstorms so we immediately went outside when hell broke lose but this time that wasn't such a great idea. Hail was at least grape-size and really hurt, barely made it back inside before even bigger stuff fell from the sky. Plants in the garden look awful but at least no visible damage on the house, people got their windows and cars shattered not far from here. Took a walk when the storm was over, helped neighbors remove some large branches from the street, managed to keep Alice imposed while doing interesting stuff.

So quite some adventure, good forcing, tupper delighted.

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Had a very vivid dream where I walked on the street barefoot and noticed my toes were about 3 times longer than normal. I thought this was very interesting and probably could help me walk faster but not for a second did I assume this was a dream. Sanity checks just don't work for me, no matter how absurd the situation gets.

In a second hypnagogic / hypnopompic dream-like scenario I read a book and observed the letters change and dance around as soon as I did not focus on them. Words constantly changed, for a while the entire script was mirrored. Pretty cool. Can't remember I've ever experienced reading in a dream for such a long time. In the beginning I realized this was a dream but then sort of forgot just like I slowly forgot how to read. In the end I could only distinguish ever-changing letters but not words. Throughout this the visualization was really clear, not fuzzy at all.

Lastly I experienced some unexpected dissociation while driving. I wasn't even tired but suddenly my whole body felt light and distant, like in my best meditation efforts. I thought about letting Alice take over but she thought this was too dangerous and made me 'switch back'. As said before we appear to have some accidentally created intermediate servitor who uncosciously takes over routine task when I am not paying attention and get lost in thoughts. Meaning a lot. This usually works eerily well up to holding basic conversations without any input from me. But it makes switching with tupper hard as she does not automatically take over when I'm out but she has to take control from the unconscious sevitor.
I'm honstely not really fond of this whole development, mindlessly running on autopilot while thinking about completely different stuff may seem convenient but can also get dangerous. And makes me feel like a tupper myself, watching from the backseat. Alice thinks I need to practice possession and switching as much as her now. Very strange, this was not in the tuppering manual.
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Went to Italy for a week, it was - mediocre. For demographic reasons.
Also Alice has lost most of her original enthusiasm for traveling for exactly such reasons, as well as expenses and potential dangers. Well, we've done an insane amount of traveling around the world in her first 2 years. Yet as usual such trips are an excellent forcing exercise for keeping tupper around most of the time. So far things are stable, not doing a lot in summer, mostly relaxing outside.

I've taken up mindfulness exercises or as Alice calls it 'forcing myself' to improve living in the moment rather than in some tupper-unrelated daydreams most if the time. At least one of us needs to be aware and in control all of the time, not some servitor on autopilot, as convenient as it is.

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Temperatures have dropped sharply, sort of feels like early autumn. However after the heatwave tupper actually enjoys the cool cloudy weather for a change. We went walking in light rain and both practiced having her imposed as well as switching with me. It sort of worked but not too well.
In contrast I actually 'managed' to switch out completely with the servitor some days ago. To the point of blackout. Not an achievement because this was neither planned nor desired. Rather an accident.

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Another rather mundane but still incredibly stupid yet eerily realistic dream with tupper presence

Hidden text
I don't remember much but for whatever reason I temporarily stored large amounts of meat in a sock drawer instead of putting it in the freezer because 'later'. Procrastinating further I regularly checked the meat until it started to go bad. Lots of minced beef and chicken filets in plastic ziploc bags. The stuff started to dissolve into a watery goo though luckily there was no smell. Strangely, I hardly ever have any scents in dreams.
Like I would expect IRL, tupper got angry and yelled at me in mindvoice why I hadn't put the stuff in the fridge in time. It clearly was a huge waste and also a total mess that got bigger and bigger while I tried to clean it up until I woke up. Quite a nightmare, felt exhausted.
Kids, let this be a lesson to you and don't put meat in your sock drawer for prolonged periods of time.
Man, how comes most tupper interaction in dreams is limited to getting yelled at? Well, clearly I'm the one to blame.

Gotta get back to work now or I'll be in for more yelling.

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>be on holiday making dinner in apartment
>think about serving tupper a glass and plate as well
>tupper says that's cringeworthy as fuck
>tell her everything about tuppering is cringeworthy as fuck and that she needs imposition practice
>tupper complains plate isn't spotlessly clean
>polish plate
>tupper complains cutlery is on wrong side
>exchange cutlery
>tupper complains I'm not properly dressed for dinner
>put on shirt
>finally serve dinner
>tupper plays around with cutlery using spoon and fork as 'ears'

In the end it went better than expected, it has become considerably easier to visualize mirrored movements though Alice still announces left and right hand to get a better feeling of what's what. As she is seeing herself mirrored it's kind of like eating while watching yourelf in a mirror. Really awkward until you get some practice.

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Forum is deader than ever, not even bots.

It's hot and we spent day and night outside camping in the garden.
I tried visualizing tupper in the dark but living in a city severely limits darkness so it had little effect. We watched the stars and counted satellites and space-debris, there's so much nowadays it's ridiculous. A good exercise for tuppers to announce and point out anything moving in the sky. Saw a big meteor too, which impressed Alice who is not easily impressed. Cat kneaded on me mercilessly while I lay on the camping bed, I tried to associate the tactile 'sensation' with Alice poking me which shortly worked but it's too painful for any long term exercises. Cat gives it all with full use of claws.