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We went hiking in the alps once again, unbelievable peaceful and ideal for various tuppering activities.
I meditated on a wildwater creek which produced lots of different sounds. No voices but once again clarly someone moving around beside and behind me and throwing stones.
Unfortunately it started to rain and we had to move on fairly quickly.

Overcautious tupper wanted to turn back on several hikes and had to be reassured we would be ok like some timid gf. Well, she's only worried about my = her safety and highly reasonable. Nothing to complain about.
Imposing tupper while eating breakfast or dinner is still challenging, but I do feel some improvement.
Hidden text
>visit church in a tiny village
>completely empty and so quiet you hear the blood rushing in your ears
>observe in awe for some minutes then decide to leave
>tupper like wait a sec, walks up to altar and prepares to speak like a priest giving a sermon
>looking at me says 'you're a faggot'!
>now we're ready to leave

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Re: Every Day is Alice Day
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It's September.
No luck with meditation lately, just can't focus.
Tupper mostly occupied with financial stuff and working out plans for our future home and work.
It's not going very well.

Yes, complaining at an insane level, sorry
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