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Mon, Feb 12th
30min of dancing, couldn't really connect with tupper and was stumbling around a lot. Not my best day.
45min of meditation and forcing with earmuffs on while lying on couch with cat.
First part of meditation worked really well, then did some wonderland stuff with tupper. Fell asleep overhearing the alarm I had set. Somehow felt tired all day and not really productive. One more attempt now as I'm going to bed.

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I am disappoint. Tupper needs to whip you up in shape harder, clearly you can't do that yourself.

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If I could I probably would not have tupper in the first place. So she should be grateful for that. But tupper says she is and that whipping me is an act of appreciation. Wow, that backfired badly.

Tue, Feb 13th
Be even moar disappoint, I fell asleep without doing anything.
Had a weird semi-lucid dream about walking around in my house which was huge and contained lots of stairs and somehow my entire highschool. I managed to gain some control and looked at the wooden stairs which had fantastic detail of wood grain. I did realize I was dreaming and tried to summon tupper but it was hard and I immediately felt extremely tired drifting back and forth between wake and sleep states. So I could not keep her for more than a few seconds. Interestingly the dream stabilized as soon as I stopped. I went to the attic, opened a window and wanted to jump out - because falling / flying is one of the most awesome things in dreams. But somehow the house was not the usual 1 story building but more like 30. Really high. And I was not entirely sure it was really a dream so I decided not to push my luck and went back in. I hate these moments. Usually I reach the conclusion that this is way to detailed for a dream and must be real life but this time I was almost certain I was dreaming. Almost. But not enough to jump from a building. Still one of the closest things to a full lucid dream in about a year. At least I could choose what to do instead of my usual movie-like dreams leaving me as a passive observer but I couldn't control what was going on. It lastet quite long for a vivid dream.

Forcing was even worse than yesterday.
Couldn't concentrate at all. Going to sleep early, hope things will be better tomorrow. It's Valentine's Day and we're gonna bake a cake. Hopefully with lots of participation from Alice. And lots of forcing.
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Tupper, next day's all you. Whip 'im up good. You have my blessings.

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No need to encourage her, Sand.

Wed, Feb 14th, Valentine's day
We made a chocolate soufflé, despite questionable looks it tasted great. As the fucker contains 8 eggs I'm gonna be eating on that for while. Guess tupper will get me fat after all.

I was rushing a bit and possession wasn't great so Alice didn't get to do too much of the cooking.
Also did 45min of dancing, almost 1h of meditation and another 45min of active forcing in wonderland. Alice was more exhausted than me and we quit shortly before midnight. Tupper says consistency is more important than overdoing things on a single day. Isn't that romantic?

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Thu, Feb 15th
30min dancing, pretty good
30min meditation, ok
Going to bed to do an active forcing session. I won't just fall asleep this time I hope