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Thu, Jul26th
Wonderland stuff didn't go too well due to intrusive thoughts.
The tiger tried to eat Alice and strangely morphed its form. It's one of the semi-sentient wonderland creatures and it managed to communicate that it wasn't doing that on purpose. Tupper took it well and even thanked the tiger from bearing intrusive thoughts that might otherwise affect her as well. Just weird stuff. Shouldn't put off active forcing to the end of a busy schedule.

Not much else today, we try to pay more attention to sensations like showering, eating or basking in the sun. But as soon as something else crosses my mind I'm often out just like tupper.
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Didn't make it yesterday so here's 2 updates

Fri, Jul27th
Went to Berchtesgaden to watch the Lunar Eclipse with relatives - and Alice of course. Was a nice experience though not as special as a solar eclipse. Managed to keep Alice around most of the time even while talking and eating with relatives all evening. Wet to sleep afterwards so no active forcing today

Sat, Jul28th
I'll be hiking in the alps ‘til Monday so no daily updates but hopefully lots of forcing. Tupper did her best navigating, as she can't look at a map it was basically memorizing the way beforehand and rehearsing it while I was driving. Really exhausting but at least some sort of parallel processing. Fuck navigation devices that make you dumb, we drive by memory. Worked except for one small detour. Still kept rather talking / thinking to myself than to tupper in between. was scolded.

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Hiking was good.
Being alone in the middle of nowhere is a good opportunity to talk to Alice aloud and have her answer in mindvoice.
I found a beautiful alpine creek with small waterfalls and we stayed there for almost a day listening to the water and meditating as well as swimming - naked.

The water did produce some auditory hallucinations of other people speaking in the distance but utilizing it for Alice's voice didn't really yield any results. So again no spectacular progress but a nice trip with a decent amount of forcing. 
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When will you two sing a duet?

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But we do, frequently!

It's still hot but better than in most of Europe. Not that I'm complaining. We like summer.
Alice has put on some tan which does look nice even with her otherwise nordic features. Could pass as blonde Italian.
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Bad news, well not actually news.
Alice is really, I mean REALLY pissed and for once it's not primarily my fault.
A while ago some large gypsy family with small children moved in across the street and - surprise - they're making an unbelievable amount of noise day and night.

On top of that one of the children has tupper's real name. Well a variety of it but I assure you, this is not taken well. 'Alice' highly values her name which is not to be used carelessly, let alone by a bunch of subhumans that can't behave.

So, to make things short, after a phase of plotting to kill 'em all and wear the child's skin for a month, tupper has come to the conclusion that it's not them but us who are at the wrong place. So we have to move.
Actually she was never fond of my home so this was basically the final straw. Alice can't and won't take it anymore, blocking me out from forcing activities until something is done. She had been pushing me to move for a while, due to other neighborhood plebs but I was always like "this is fine", it'll go by. Fact is I love my home. The location is pretty much surreal, neighborhood is beautiful green Munich suburbs, it's pretty much perfect and even highly affordable. Tupper wouldn't disagree about that. It's just about the people. They're still harmless but I have to agree, quality of life has suffered considerably lately. It's nowhere like when I started tuppering 3 years ago. Where did the Good Old Days go?

Oh well, it's still my fault Alice is angry because another fact is we can't afford to buy a house in one of Europe's most expensive real estate areas just out of a whim. Now look at the first post on this page and you'll get why tupper is mad at me. But also at herself thinking we haven't achieved anything in those past 3 years. I'd disagree but it probably wasn't enough.

Soo, what to do...
Alice has decided fun times are over. For good. No more wasting time with being lazy, no more wasting money on fancy stuff. Giving the whole drama was her idea I also put her in charge of finding a solution. So tupper is now studying to become a real estate agent. My real estate agent and find us some affordable - additional - home as there's no way I'm gonna give up the place I live in now anytime soon. But having another apartment sounds like a viable idea and is probably a good investment too. Let's see what tupper is really capable of.
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Things have calmed down a bit. Most troublemakers seem to be on holidays so it's relatively quiet.
After briefly going 'I can't do this, I'm just a little girl, that's way too much pressure', tupper got herself together and made me visit a few potential apartments, checking out the neighbourhood and getting a rough idea about the whole thing. Results were - discouraging.
Changing strategy, Alice correctly noted that most stuff I started went wrong because despite all planning I just did it on my own without consulting others or even getting professional help. Which we definitely need. In many ways. Unfortunately professionals don't tend to help you for free and tupper is even more of a cheapskate than me. I admit it's both interesting and scary to watch this play out but we'll learn something from the whole issue for sure. I hope.
I mean, it's an absolute luxury problem and I'm very grateful I have no bigger worries but still life hasn't exactly been fun lately. For me. For tupper, living in a different world with her own standards, it's outright horrifying. There's no quick solution so all I can do for now is to acknowledge that she's right and that still many things have to change. She's already done a lot I would never have bothered to accomplish on my own. But I guess I'm in for a lot more. Not that I'm complaining.

Yet this has brought up many differences between us. I never had worries that Alice would be too codependent or unable to voice her own opinions. Boy, she does. Most are absolutely reasonable as well.
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Updated some old image links, all should work now.
Things have indeed quieted down in the neighborhood but Alice is still set on buying an apartment though she's acknowledged this needs careful planning and a lot of time.

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Did a dancing session for the first time in more than a month. Went surprisingly well meaning stuff is ingrained in long-term memory now and won't disappear even without regular practice. Which should be done anyway because playing 80s disco with tupper is one of the most entertaining things ever. There was some almost tangible hand-holding imposition, interesting. But I've noticed that doing some practice for the first time after a longer pause often yields exceptional results. Maybe because it's kinda new again.

Regardless of that, Alice is still set on 2 major tasks, getting me a better job that pays accordingly for my qualification and an even more decent place to live. Meh, I'd rather keep my quiet life but tupper says that's no way to live and unfortunately she's right. Even made an imaginary map with areas of interest which was kinda cute. But way out of our financial league for anything bigger than a hotel room. She still likes to go to these neighborhoods because

On the other hand, while Alice has very clear ideas and strict guidelines on how a good place is defined, she doesn't care where in the world it is. I'd rather have a home in some place with lots of stuff. I'm a collector while tupper has no interest in nonvital material stuff and would sell all my possessions to travel the world as some sort of wandering monk if she could. Even the cat.
Even the cat...
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Had to work on some boring paper so - procrastination time!
Did a number of shitty personality tests with tupper which was kind of fun. The results weren't surprising. Tupper is a narcissictic cryptofascist and control freak while I am a hyperavoidant pussy who goes great lengths to stay out of any potentially troublesome situations. Interestingly though we're both political centrists with next to no differences. Funniest thing  was a test to guess whether you're are white or black. Needless to say, Alice is Extremely White ™.

And I'm proud to report that my relationship with her is 2.83% less abusive than the population average. I guess other people have it tough. After playing along for a while tupper did her job and forced me to actually do my work - while being completely out. In exchange she was extremely lively when I wanted to finally go to sleep and dragged me around in wonderland for a while. Weird.
Well, tuppers doing tupper things.
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Tell tupper she's getting sold off if she's threatening cat.

And depending on where you live/want to live, buying your own place might very well end up being cheaper than paying rent. Just don't get anything so expensive you're stuck paying a lot for the rest of your life.

Anyway wow, leaving you alone for a while gets you results... Make a thread with shitty personality quizzes in off-topic. And the black white test.

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Sand is back!
No worries, I'll never give up cat.
Unfortunately real estate prices in Munich have become insane - at least in better areas. Needless to say we're already in a better area. Moving uphill from there will be very, very expensive. Plus it's important to keep an eye on tupper regarding that. She has somewhat eccentric priorities due to not being designed to be an average human.

Kids, think this through before creating a tupper. You don't want to end up like me, do you?

Ah well.
It's become autumn and too cold for gypsies to make a ruckus outside. So we're in no hurry. It's definitely doable, just a question whether it's really worth it. And I can already hear Alice complaining how much the new place sucks which is why she's in charge of all that and it's her responsibility. Heh!

For more shitty tests including results see here.
Nothing you could really call progress though. We will do more active forcing now that drama has settled a bit. And drawing. I still haven't given up on that. My list of ideas is ever expanding.
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Been slacking on meditation lately, summer was too beautiful to sit around with closed eyes. So I'm still as absent-minded as ever.
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Was hiking in the alps. Beautiful weather, Alice delighted by the changing colors of leafs. Just fun how much solar-powered she is. Tupper does not like shade at all and drags me out into the sun agin as fast as possible. Looking for interesting rocks to collect was also not taken well. First because Alice thinks I already have too much trash that should be thrown away, second because it takes resources from imposing her.

Did I ask for a nagging wife?
I do not remember. But probably. Ah well, at least she's not old and ugly.
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Election Day.
Tupper made the cross on the ballot which took a loong time and people were probably wondering what the hell I was doing in the voting booth but whatever. Meditated in the park at sundown, was gud. I'll start a week of daily updates ahead of Alice's upcoming birthday.