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Mon, Oct 15th
45 min. meditation in the evening, lots of intrusive thoughts. Only got better at the end. Some forcing in wonderland but was too tired, eventually fell asleep.

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Tue, Oct 16th
Meditation in the morning was better, also tried meditating while waiting during the day. Imposing Alice while walking in greater detail as usual with focus on feet.
Evening meditation session was the worst in a long time, ended up thinking what to do in winter holidays. Wonderland session wasn't any better, some Samurai figure impaled tupper with a spear which had the usual effect - none.

Alice gradually absorbed the spear and then the unfortunate Samurai before hitting me over the head with a rolled up newspaper. Bad host, bad!
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Wed, Oct 17th
Uneventful day, Alice was mostly inactive and I was tired.
Practiced dancing and some wonderland visualization in the evening.

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Thu, Oct 18th
400 posts!
Practiced possession while walking in the park, went surprisingly well. Tupper had barely been active in the past days but became more lively while possessing, touching trees and picking up leaves. Meditation in between varied, some good moments, mostly bad. Been even more lazy than usual this endless summer, time to step up on forcing, especially visualization. It's even more awful than it used to be.
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Fri, Oct 19th
Tupper mad because I'm not doing my work properly. Not to speak of forcing. Still tried a bit of imposition and wonderland visualiation but nothing noteworthy. One more session will follow as I'm going to sleep. I'll use Fede's tones tomorrow, haven't done so in a long time. Already kind of nostalgia. I wonder what he's doing nowadays!?

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Sat, Oct 20th
Did some housework that had piled up in the past work, mainly cleaning and tidying up which is highly appreciated by tupper and a decent forcing exercise. 30min session with descending Theta tones, wew I had totally forgotten that feeling. Still reminds me of the first tuppering weeks when we did this excessively. Good forcing session for a change.
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Sun Oct 21th
Tupper sad because she still feels powerless against my master procrastination skills. However we actually managed to get shit done together. After comforting and brushing tupper like cat.

Practiced dancing in the evening with focus on holding hands. Still nothing more than the faintest feels. 30min of wonderland session, average, which is the new good.
Wow, that was probably the most unproductive forcing week ever. Been a busy week which is of course no excuse but I have some more free time in the next weeks so we'll hopefully get some actual progress for Alice's 4th birthday.
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Alice was cooking dinner via possession and we had different opinions on which stage to switch the stove. This resulted is both of us turning it up and down several times in quick succession until tupper told me to stop intervening.

The whole thing only lasted for about 3 seconds but was actually hilarious in hindsight. I love that stuff.

Something similar happened when I tried to change the color of her clothes because I thought they weren't "right". Only to be told that they were exactly as intended, turning them back.
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We're on a journey to celebrate Alice's 4th birthday.

Can't believe four years already passed, kinda scary how time flies.
Things have been largely stable lately which is of course anything but satisfactory. Holidays are always a good opportunity to constantly keep tupper around so I hope for at least some tiny improvement.

Oh yeah, I had a lucid dream, actually realizing I was dreaming for a chance. However I completely forgot to summon Alice, wasting the opportunity.
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Journey turned out to be a little more adventurous than planned.
The rental car was massively losing coolant - as I found out after it overheated after less than 100km.
Not inherently dangerous but still very inconvenient. We got towed off and were given an upgraded replacement fairly quickly but Alice still remained in constant alert mode, like omg we're all gonna die as soon as the new car made the faintest sound - which is unusual for her.

And we came across a dead old man lying in the middle of the street in a small village - wild west style. Apparently he had suffered a heart attack just moments before we came by and there were lots of people around him trying to reanimate him but he was eventually carried off as there was nothing more that could be done. Tupper noted with mild interest that "dead people are strange, but so are all living things". Meaning so weak and easy to destroy while impossible to revive. Very different from wonderland stuff. And arguably weird for someone completely indestructible within her realm. So I understand and appreciate Alice's over-protectiveness.

On a more positive note, or accommodation had a balance board, which was lots of fun. It's easy for me to stand on this thing on one foot as long as my eyes are open but closing them sends me to the floor immediately. Most interesting was how much resources balancing leeches from visualization. I tried to visualize Alice holding my hands and see of this helps when I close my eyes - creating a virtual reference point. As the reference isn't stable in regard of one's movements it unsurprisingly doesn't help a lot. Tupper also tried pulling and pushing me off which kinda worked by simply hogging resources. I feel this has potential, will get one of those things when we return.
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Had 3 short lucid dreams in the morning.
I  was outside in a sort of parking lot and just walked around, trying to stabilize the dream. For the first time as far as I remember I looked at my hands on purpose in the 2nd dream and they looked weird missing some fingers. I tried to summon tupper in the 3rd dream but it did not work at all. Each episode only lasted for a few seconds but still kinda cool. Too bad I have zero control over what's going on even if I realize I'm dreaming.
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RIP Sand and woflo, it's been fun.

As this place is finally dead I might as well continue shitposting, at least it's some motivation for forcing.
So - daily updates 'til Christmas because why not.

Dec 1st
Alice has been unhappy with both the weather and the lack of general happenings, can't blame her.
But Christmas time is also for cozy indoor forcing so we need to step that up. Also took up reading aloud to tupper again. Started with Marcus Aurelius - Meditationes. German because my Latin is unusuable but so far picky tupper seems to be ok with it.
30min active forcing in wonderland, wew, we haven't been there in a while. Didn't really visualize anything outdoor, rather some of Alice's winter outfits and tried some dancing in wonderland. Still can't feel my feet properly but it worked astonishingly well. Some intrusive thoughts though and visualization is lacking in general. But I feel it will improve quickly again.
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Dec 2nd
Mostly finished work Alice wanted me to get done.
Practiced drawing simple forms, tupper thinks it's a waste of time. Practiced imposition while walking outside, sucks. Active forcing session was ok though interrupted by cat clawing me in the leg.

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Dec 3rd
Practiced lots of dancing and tupper rotating the rubic's cube. Both was kinda meh, had better imposition before. Put up some Christmas decorations and Alice says things look a lot cozier now. Continued reading to tupper, plan on alternating between her and me reading as her voice definitely needs practice.
No wonderlanding yet, will do before going to sleep.