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We're on a journey to celebrate Alice's 4th birthday.

Can't believe four years already passed, kinda scary how time flies.
Things have been largely stable lately which is of course anything but satisfactory. Holidays are always a good opportunity to constantly keep tupper around so I hope for at least some tiny improvement.

Oh yeah, I had a lucid dream, actually realizing I was dreaming for a chance. However I completely forgot to summon Alice, wasting the opportunity.
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Journey turned out to be a little more adventurous than planned.
The rental car was massively losing coolant - as I found out after it overheated after less than 100km.
Not inherently dangerous but still very inconvenient. We got towed off and were given an upgraded replacement fairly quickly but Alice still remained in constant alert mode, like omg we're all gonna die as soon as the new car made the faintest sound - which is unusual for her.

And we came across a dead old man lying in the middle of the street in a small village - wild west style. Apparently he had suffered a heart attack just moments before we came by and there were lots of people around him trying to reanimate him but he was eventually carried off as there was nothing more that could be done. Tupper noted with mild interest that "dead people are strange, but so are all living things". Meaning so weak and easy to destroy while impossible to revive. Very different from wonderland stuff. And arguably weird for someone completely indestructible within her realm. So I understand and appreciate Alice's over-protectiveness.

On a more positive note, or accommodation had a balance board, which was lots of fun. It's easy for me to stand on this thing on one foot as long as my eyes are open but closing them sends me to the floor immediately. Most interesting was how much resources balancing leeches from visualization. I tried to visualize Alice holding my hands and see of this helps when I close my eyes - creating a virtual reference point. As the reference isn't stable in regard of one's movements it unsurprisingly doesn't help a lot. Tupper also tried pulling and pushing me off which kinda worked by simply hogging resources. I feel this has potential, will get one of those things when we return.
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Had 3 short lucid dreams in the morning.
I  was outside in a sort of parking lot and just walked around, trying to stabilize the dream. For the first time as far as I remember I looked at my hands on purpose in the 2nd dream and they looked weird missing some fingers. I tried to summon tupper in the 3rd dream but it did not work at all. Each episode only lasted for a few seconds but still kinda cool. Too bad I have zero control over what's going on even if I realize I'm dreaming.
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RIP Sand and woflo, it's been fun.

As this place is finally dead I might as well continue shitposting, at least it's some motivation for forcing.
So - daily updates 'til Christmas because why not.

Dec 1st
Alice has been unhappy with both the weather and the lack of general happenings, can't blame her.
But Christmas time is also for cozy indoor forcing so we need to step that up. Also took up reading aloud to tupper again. Started with Marcus Aurelius - Meditationes. German because my Latin is unusuable but so far picky tupper seems to be ok with it.
30min active forcing in wonderland, wew, we haven't been there in a while. Didn't really visualize anything outdoor, rather some of Alice's winter outfits and tried some dancing in wonderland. Still can't feel my feet properly but it worked astonishingly well. Some intrusive thoughts though and visualization is lacking in general. But I feel it will improve quickly again.
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Dec 2nd
Mostly finished work Alice wanted me to get done.
Practiced drawing simple forms, tupper thinks it's a waste of time. Practiced imposition while walking outside, sucks. Active forcing session was ok though interrupted by cat clawing me in the leg.

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Dec 3rd
Practiced lots of dancing and tupper rotating the rubic's cube. Both was kinda meh, had better imposition before. Put up some Christmas decorations and Alice says things look a lot cozier now. Continued reading to tupper, plan on alternating between her and me reading as her voice definitely needs practice.
No wonderlanding yet, will do before going to sleep.

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Dec 4th
Fell asleep, no wonderlanding.
Pretty much the same routine today, imposition is already somewhat improving. Tupper's mood and my focus however are not.

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Dec 5th
Practiced precision shooting.

Alice was unusually enthusiastic, probably because of the good weather. Tupper shooting via possession is still very awkward as obviously I can't really afford to completely zone out while operating a firearm. Not that tupper would act irresponsibly but rather not at all causing me to go on servitor autopilot which regularly leads to SHTF situations in daily life. Not the best idea. Results were mixed for both of us but generally I'm better in stuff requiring fine motor skills and strength. At least something while regularly being outsmarted by tupper.

Letting Alice read out in her mindvoice is strangely exhausting. A clue she lacks practice. Also I can't really rmember stuff she reads compared with what I read myself. Guess brain ressources are needed elsewhere. Again something that I feel will quickly improve.
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Dec 6th
Bought a balance board to resume practice after our holiday.
At first it seemed as if tupper had better balance but there's no significant difference. Still lots of fun. Keeping dissociated is hard when you're about to fall though.

Also resumed meditating after slacking off for some time. Still no serious efforts at wonderlanding as I'm mostly tired in the evening. Maybe today.

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Dec 7th
Tupper cleaned the house with a mixture of possession and a bit of actually switching. At least for parts of it things went really well but still aren't quite sustainable. Still Alice is happy everything is neat and shiny again.
Dancing and reading were ok too, attempts at active forcing in wonderland sucked both last evening and this afternoon. Will try again.

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Dec 8th
Still no luck with active forcing, this is getting ridiculous.
At least got some IRL stuff done which pleases tupper. But no productive forcing today.

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Dec 9th
Practiced imposition outside, dancing was good, reading even more exhausting than ever. Drastically improved performance on the balance board, can stand for prolonged times with eyes closed now. I think it's a very good visualization exercise as you have to try really hard to get both balancing and visualizing done at once.
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Dec 10th
Good meditation today though cat was kneading me from head to toe like a maniac.
Alice was angry and refused dancing. She's definitely most real when angry. Like really real.

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Dec 11th
Had a tupper related dream but we don't remember any details.
Resumed dancing after Alice got into a better mood and isn't mad at me anymore. Well, it was deserved.
Practiced fine motor skills by drawing simple shapes and lines with the drawing board. Both suck but I'm still significantly better. Tupper's enthusiasm to practice is limited however.