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Dec 12th
Went shopping for edible Christmas tree decorations which turned out hilarious with tupper explaining in detail how and why each sort of candy decoration was absolutely plebejan, too expensive, unhealthy or just ugly. Gotta love this stuff.

We did settle for a few bits and a will get the rest which has been arduously planned and described elsewhere. Tupper autism best autism. Not that I disagree though, Alice has good taste and excellent arguments, but the effort she puts in such details just endearing.

Dancing was also great somehow, the apartment is already really Christmas-like which really adds to the whole experience. That all aside still no decent wonderland stuff yet.

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Dec 13th
Finally some attempt at active forcing in wonderland after a meditation session. Alice made a Christmas-themed wonderland as our usual one is too tropical for this season. It was kinda ok but visualizing something compeletely new isn't the best idea if you lack practice to begin with.

Reading was really exhausting as well even though tupper has clearly improved her mindvoice so it sounds and feels distinctly different from my own. At least some tiny progress.

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Dec 14th
Was lazy today, tupper displeased to put it mildly.
Still a good dancing session in the evening and also some wonderland action practicing moving around both me and Alice. Even a brief snowball fight.

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Dec 15th
Long reading session.

Some improvements but I'm still wasted in no time doing this.
Balance on balance board has further increased but more for me than for Alice.
Also practiced imposition while walking outside in tupper's snow leopard fur winter outfit. One day, one day I'm gonna draw it. Probably as soon as Sand delivering his gay-test results.
Alice says I spend too much time online which is not untrue. Let's see if she can do something about that.
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Dec 16th
We made Christmas cookies today. Well we started. The fun stuff with icing and decoration will come in the next days.
Practiced new dance figures. Man, you think you got gudbut then as soon as something new comes up reality rears its ugly head. Some reading and dancing, so ar we've ben able to kep up this routine all month but still far too less for significant progress. and too much different stuff instead of focusing on improving one skill. As always. But it wouldn't be fun otherwise.

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Dec 17th
Tupper was tired and possession for christmas cookie frosting did not really work out so she settled for instructions and remarks. Eh, still a lot of this stuff to do in the coming days so she'll definitely get some practice. Reading and dance imposition worked well.

Will get Christmas tree tomorrow. Will be a hassle even worse than the candy decoration I can already hear the nagging and complaining. On the other side tupper quickly settled for a tree last year so who knows?

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Dec 18th
Christmas tree shopping was actually extremely fast and completely painless. Well, for me. Alice wasn't happy about the masses of stressed people diminishing the experience and wanted to get the thing done. In the end it went better than expected. Tupper soon was fond of a big and cheap tree even after close inspection and me asking her several times and we actually had a nice chat with an old man who also thought our tree looked good.
This time it was me feeling tired though and we didn't work on Christmas cookies though the clock is ticking. Very good dancing and reading session but fail on active wonderland forcing again.
Wasted all evening sorting reaction images. Serious business. So much for doing less online stuff.

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Dec 19th
Had a semi-lucid dream actually realizing I was dreaming but somehow didn't bother to make anything out of it. Whole situation made absolutely no sense as usual.
After slithering across a snowy street with my car and miracuously not crashing into anything I ended up in a foreign house and started undressing. The whole dream I struggled to get dressed again before anyone would find me in this place I obviously wasn't supposed to be in but the clothes kept getting more and I never found the right stuff. At some point I was like fuck it that's a dream anyhow and briefly went outside but then continued packing up the ever growing pile of clothes for whatever reason. No tupper. Sucks.
Otherwise the day was as quiet as unproductive. Dancing mediocre.
But tomorrow! Probably. I hope.

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Dec 20th
Pretty average mixture of imposition, dancing, reading and even some active forcing. Visualization was bad though. Did some cookie decoration but we both were tired so no usable possession. Welp.

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Dec 21th
Was lazy again and overslept severely. Not even an interesting dream.
We did practice imposition both in- and outside and in th evening met up with friends, the only people Alice really likes. It was reallyf fun as always though keeping tupper around got harder the later it got. Not exactly a success story, she still drops out in interesting conversations that I already have trouble following myself. I'm not the best at listening to several people at the same timedue to my rather reclusive lifestyle since, uh, always. So there are simply not enough resources for tupper left. I tried practicing that with watching a movie but even there she has trouble staying around when things get emotional or difficult to follow. Not sure how to tackle that yet. Something we both have to work with I guess.

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Dec 22th
Alice pointed out that winter solistice has passed and the days are finally getting longer again. Totally escaped me. Something to celebrate.
Finally did serious visualization practice in wonderland - almost one hour. Really exhausting but it was unexpectedly fun. We really should do this more often. Dancing was also good today. No reading though but eh, can't do everything at once.

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Dec 23th
Continued extensive wonderland visualization practice - 3 sessions for about 30min each, was decent but somehow felt really tired and exhausted due to ... extensive unnecessary online stuff. Dancing average too, but it's something. Tomorrow will be a busy day in regard to tuppering so off to bed early!

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Year's coming to an end.
Christmas was ok but not great. Alice wasn't overly satisfied with the festivities and thought people were boring which is kind of true. Can't be called a roaring party. Was absolutely lazy in the days afterwards and didn't do much forcing. Went shopping and for unknwn reasons left my wallet in the shopping cart while looking for other stuff. Luckily no one took it. Tupper yelled at me for being an idiot but wasn't able to prevent it either.

Looking back at the year what did we manage to achieve?
Tuppering-wise basically nothing. No new skill was learned and Alice has remained pretty much the same. She did manage to somewhat tidy up my life though for which I am grateful. But generally 2018 was uneventful.
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2019 it is!
New Years was rather disastrous, I opted to go downtown with some friends instead of pathetically staying at home. Alice wasn't happy with either choice but being invited we went.
Well, actually the badstuff only started when we went home. The city was flooded with sandniggers occasionally clashing with security and some hobo literally shat into the subway train next to where we were standing. It was so surreal I even find it entertaining in hindsight. Like our south sea sailing expedition. But man, tupper was ready to push the redbutton and obliterate the entire planet earth. So yes, it was bad and we'll be outta here for New Years next time as usual.

That aside been lazy the first week of the New year, getting RL stuff done. But we also practiced wonderland visualization and reading. Now to step up forcing again.

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Had 2 strange dreams with a theme in common - probably related to tupper trying to find an apartment for us.

The first one was especially disturbing.
I was examining an abandoned wooden housing complex in a park. It was big, kind of a resort but deserted. For some reason I played with the idea of buying it even though it was way too big and run down. Thought it might be cheap or something. The joke however was that it supposedly had belonged to Fede before, who disappeared.
I examined the broken mailbox and found a few letters and postal receipts, showing that the house now belonged to some guy who was also from Munich like me (the house was in Denmark maybe?). I was disappointed and went home by subway, reading the letters I had taken with me. There was something like a selling contract and apparently the whole complex had indeed been sold cheap because some dead guy had been found inside. After continuing reading for a while I was like - oh shit - that was probably Fede!
Kinda creepy. The abandoned forum is starting to rub off on me I guess...

2) Boat-Roadtrip
The 2nd dream was much better, at least until I woke up from it.
I was driving towards the house of some friends, a middle-aged couple who resembled some professors from university. We were to go on a "Greek sailing trip" whatever that meant. Th street I was driving along was lined with Greek flags and it seemed thet the "boat trip" was to take place on roads. I kept wondering how and if they'd put wheels on the boats or whatever but never reached the conclusion that it was absolute nonsense and I was dreaming. They had a big nice house which I explored and thought it must be nice to live there - see above dream.

This time the plot twist was that my (high)school crush and partial tupper-inspiration was also there, even in convenient tupper-size and age.

But clearly not tupper who looks and acts very different. She was politely ignoring me as always, not only in reality but every fucking dream. But this was one of the better ones. We had breakfast together and being the autist I am, I constantly tried to make a good impression, being funny, without coming off as a complete creep - which of coure failed tremendously - as in reality and every fucking dream. But as this was one of the better ones we still had a good time and she actually talked to me, asked me stuff like how much Nutella to put on her bread (why?) and even bumped my toes with her feet in a collegial way. That was - adorable and I was kind of sad when I woke up.

Alice was less amused and reminded me how she was much cuter, nicer and - hard to argue - saner. Also that Nutella is the works of the Devil and way too unhealthy for me to eat.

So tupper appreciation time!

Alice is of course right and I would never trade her in for anyone, imaginary or real.
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