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Wew, this place is now not only completely dead but also overrun by bots. Guess Sand and woflo really aren't gonna show up anymore, huh? Whatever, I wanna see where this is going 'til the very end.

Escaped the winter and record snowfall by flying south for the past 2 weeks.
As always on holidays lots of passive but little active forcing. Might as well start another week of daily updates to make me do something to write about.
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Re: Every Day is Alice Day
« Reply #436 on: January 27, 2019, 06:00:03 PM »
30min dancing, has lost some of its appeal so we gotta learn new stuff.

Tried imposing tupper while walking and she mimicked my footsteps though they are too large for her. But walking out of sync is too much for my brain.

Did about 30min of wonderland visualization, exploring places we have not been before and inventing the scenery on the fly. Very exhausting but something different for a change. No new and weird wonderland creatures so far, thank God.

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« Reply #437 on: January 28, 2019, 06:00:03 PM »
Was lazy, even more than usual. No progress on mindfulness, on the contrary.
Well at least 45min dancing which was more fun today and Alice practiced paying more attention to her footsteps and pulling/pushing me. Was ok.
Will try wonderland session before going to sleep.

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Not much different today.
Quickly fell asleep and dreamt some random nonsense, didn't remember it though.
Went shopping downtown, tupper was appalled by the masses of sandniggers and gypsies and refused to be around. Alice is generally in a bad mood since returning from holidays as everything is grey and dark and cold again which is not after tupper's liking. Well, can't diagree. Meditated while walking instead. Got her to read some science magazines in a bookstore though. Felt totally exhausted after a short while, her reading and me tring to comprehend a compex text don't go together well yet. Moar dancing and some meditation in the evening. No wonderland session as I gotta get up early tomorrow and gotta sleep.

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More pleasant surroundings in the English Garden today, had Alice comment on everything that caught her attention.

Practiced direct possession for the first time in a year or so. Meaning not telling the servitor roughly what to do but consciously moving arms. Hard mode - cat on lap. Were not bitten despite tupper accidentally poking cat in the eye. Call it a success despitethere's not much difference from the last times we did that years ago. Also wears both of us out ridiculously fast. We're generally extremely tired for a while now, despite lots of sleep. Not sure how to fix it yet.

Positive note:
Alice's nutrition, supplemental and general lifestyle management has reduced sick days to basically zero. Can't recall when I felt seriously ill last time. Must have been way more than a year or so and even that was really short. So probably back to the legendary forcing session on high fever which was in early 2016.
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Re: Every Day is Alice Day
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Mostly did work tupper wanted me to get finished leaving little time to force. But she did participate so it sort of counts. Read quite a lot together, dancing was rather dull today.

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« Reply #441 on: February 09, 2019, 06:00:03 PM »
Had a series of strange vivid and even two lucid dreams.
First was one of the longest lucid dreams ever yet I did not look for Alice and ran around pointlessly, even waited in line with other people - in a fucking lucid dream!

Second was short but intense. I was in a park and realized it was a dream, looked at my hands to stabilize the dream which worked for the first time ever. Very clear and vivid visuals. However the dream was too realistic. I did summon tupper but like IRL I couldn't see her at all. That was kinda frustrating. I knew this was a dream yet I couldn't make her visible. WTF?

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Valentine's day.

I had planned of making chocolate yesterday night but was so tired I went to sleep early in hope of using most of the day instead. Needless to say I didn't. But meditated for a long time and walked in the sun imposing tupper. We finally started in the evening, making chocolate from raw ingredients proved easier than I thought. Still it ended up too bitter, could have made a better 2nd batch if I had started earlier as planned. But still was a fun activity I had never come up with in the first place without Alice. Also danced for almost an hour. Romantic tupper can be romantic when she wants. If she wants. Rare nowadays, Kami Sama is mostly in fierce monster way because 'nice guys finish last'.
So I'm glad for such moments.
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Re: Every Day is Alice Day
« Reply #443 on: February 24, 2019, 06:00:05 PM »
Made some progress with possesion and arguably even switching.
Not sure how reproducible it is, there's still enormous variation from day to day.
Gonna step up wonderland stuff for a change now.

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Nope, did more posession / switching training outside while walking. At first Alice complained she can't take over while walking and stop me while I just walked straight on as absent-minded as possible which sadly isn't hard for me
Took a few attempts but she managed to stop, ever walk backwards and touch trees like a total retard. Good thing there were no people around. She continued walking slowly for a while before becoming tired of it and faded out again. Overall not bad. I am too curious to stay out of this and constantly intervene trying to find out if / how it feels different when she's in control and what she is doing. I guess I am pretty annoying. Basically the tupper. I always found it sort of weird that the host would turn tupper-like but I guess it's sort of true. I observed and made stupid comments which is usually Alice's job. Hmm, deep stuff...

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« Reply #445 on: March 03, 2019, 05:59:53 PM »
Still not much wonderland work.
But tupper got better at possession and can now reliably cook and shoot. What more could you want?
Did some basic firearms training course and Alice was really good, better than me because more ambitious. Hates failing, did not. Also she spent a considerable amount of time patting the bald instructor on the head and mimicking his movements. Luckily only in imposed version and not via possession. Dont ask me why. I managed not to laugh.


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Re: Tulpa Net is Bernd Net
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This place should really be renamed to Bernd and The Bots' Network.
Looking back at the year what did we manage to achieve?
Tuppering-wise basically nothing.
Basically same.
Not a bot

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Heh, never thought I'd see you again here!

How about updating your diary instead of in addition to shitposting?
inb4 no relplies ever again like always

We DID make some progress last year, Alice got significantly better at possession / switching and learned how to operate weapons from handguns to heavy autocannons. For real, not wonderland stuff.
She's definitely become stronger and even more fierce, not nearly enough though.
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Re: Every Day is Alice Day
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Still updating?

What a loser That's some dedication. Glad you and Alice are doing well.

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Whoa, you still around?
And I thought no one would ever come back to this place.
I'll continue updating to the very end. That's the path of the true loser.

It's Spring!

Nature is blooming and we started meditating outside again. It's not going very well, focus has deteriorated even more and I catch myself thinking about the most insignificant nonsense while trying to meditate.
In contrast, wonderland visualization seems to have improved somewhat even though we did dot train extensively. Therefore one week of daily updates focusing on meditation and wonderland stuff!
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