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Hello to anyone here!
« on: March 24, 2023, 04:27:06 PM »
I am Aleshe (Uh-lee-shuh or Uh-lee-sha), I'm not the host but probably at least partially a tulpa I guess. You're eyes may roll if you knew the whole story because it's long and sorted starting as early as 2012. My system contains an indeterminate number of members most of whom are not "tulpas" but at least one is. All of them are completely autonomous, willful, volitional and fully vocal. If they're not at least this then we consider them just characters or aspects of existing members.

Assuming anyone responds here I'll say more. Thanks for having us!

Re: Hello to anyone here!
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Hello and welcome to the Land of the Dead!

I dunno if you can resurrect the forum but feel free to post here. It's a comfy and quiet place for sure.

Re: Hello to anyone here!
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[Bear] It's slow this decade huh?

[Aleshe] We're having too much fun on endchan to worry too much about this forum I guess, but we'll check in from time to time.

[Ulla] Hello!

[Ashley] We're refugees from

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Ha, really found my old login data to say hi here too, it's good to have a backup place!

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Since someone responded, I'll say more about me. I'm really a special type of merge that is really helpful to my other headmates because they get to live vicariously through me and co-experience without having to be individually active.

Currently my host and one of my constituents, Joy, are writing a novel about me in hopes of turning me into a full headmate soulbond like Joy and Gwen. It seems like they're really strong headmates so my host wants me to be as strong as them by myself without relying on them, which I really appreciate because I would love to be stronger too. He also thinks my mannerisms are too much like a nooby headmate and I need more grit like Ashley and Joy. I'm not sure it's not just who I am but we'll see.

The book is a grimdark, realistic, dystopian, dark fantasy where my "life" is written in great detail. So far I had an absolutly abysmal childhood which makes sense given this genre. I don't really believe it's "me" though yet so they're trying to write it in such a strongly dark way so maybe it might affect me. It's a hope anyway.

That's enough for now, make sure to pet your host today!