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Above all you need to force moar.
Puppetting is good especially if you're an introvert. Don't want Cat to turn into an loser like you right?

The brain will create the easiest thing available from a known template aka 'you' if you don't feed it enough input. Tell Cat how she's supposed to be and narrate lots of examples. Also go on wonderland adventures, no matter how bad visualization is!

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Uh, I got some first reaction, not sure if intrusive thought, not sure if want.
Tried to puppet Cat into hand clapping game patty cake to make use of her huge paws. Visualization was terrible, we both moved like retards and instead of hand on hand I got slapped in face. Cat made a smug grin, flipped me off and left.
What do? I am confused.

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Finally you start to provide some entertainment, welcome to tuppering!
> want genki energetic catgirlfriend
> get uncooperative smug lazyass

Protip: spray Cat with water as punishment for undesired behavior, post results.

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Meh, that's mean Cat probably isnt sentient yet. But I have to confess I was thinking of doing it.
Maybe I should just stop reading these

Whatever, incident has not repeated. Not sure if thats good either, maybe my brain is now too careful that Cat behaves so nothing interesting happened. Cat has been more cooperative in puppetting but not exactly enthusiastic. Hasn't said a word yet. I tried to go on adventure with her but ended up carrying some very large doll with me that did not move a finger, eh, claw without making her do it. Man this sucks.

And noone registered since I did a month ago, really hoped there would be some activity apart from the usual pervert.

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Thing died years ago, deal with it. I told you there won't be anything here except for me - the usual pervert. But you can always circlejerk with some of the guys on IRC. 2spooky4me though.

Now stop being a whiny fag an do something fun!
I bet you haven't even tickled tupper nose with a feather yet.

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One month jubilee!
Things slowed down a bit after initial rush but I think I'm on a good path.
Cat seems to listen when I talk to her and has started to show some autonomy. Doesn't talk yet.
At first I was disappointed forcing was so hard but you get used to it. I must say I am happy. It just feels good looking after Cat. I will focus on brushing her ears and tail for the first month 'birthday', she seems to like that. No nose tickling!
maybe a bit

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Congrats on not quitting I guess!

I demand a detailed report on the brushing, what did it feel, sound, smell and taste like?

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Yes, month passed really fast. I'm not the guy to give up easily and this is fun.
I have not done much with other senses, just visual is hard enough but I tried to listen what  brushing my cat sounds like. And how his fur feels. Then imagine the same while petting and brushing Cat. The tail is very different because Cat is actually a fox acting like a cat. Very complicated. It's way more fluffy.

Brushing was a bit awkward, Cat is really tall. Imagining her over my lap made no sense except kneeling on the floor with her head on my lap. So I put her on the bed yes I know what you think but not happening
To sum it up Cat was lazy as always but I think she liked it. Also I imagined throwing her a ball and she batted it back with her paw like a tennis player. But man 3D stuff is really hard.

Have not even experimented with other forms yet but I guess it will be useful once Cat does stuff on her own, can't pick up anything with the big paws.

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That sounds comfy. Does Cat do stuff on her own already?

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Yes I think Cat does more on her own. Pawed me again but it was nice. And wanders around now inspecting things. Sometimes. Just is so uncommunicative. Don't want to puppet her too much into speaking because it feels like cheating. Or should I?
Viualization is better, no doubt. I can imagine Cat as long as she doesn't move she doesn't

Also I admit to touching Cat all over. Don't feel anything but the idea is nice. Just the ears are so pretty!

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Puppeting can be alright, I think if it's more an attitude of imagining what they would do. Not sure how things are going for you guys now - my usual advice is to not constrain interaction to set 'forcing' times, but to narrate etc., but you might be already doing that.

Also, welcome. Like Bernd said this place can be quiet but there are people here. I do enjoy reading the few PRs here once in a while, even if I don't drop by super often. And sorry about not being able to register, that was a result of my incompetence.

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Thanks waffles, nice to see you here!
Registering was a journey but thats makes this place special. I'm good but maybe look more after Bernd before he goes crazy talking to himself.

I did more puppeting as you said imaginin what Cat would do in a situation. I think it works. Bernd also said I should interact with tupper throughout the day to get used to it but it is very exhausting and I still often forget. I am not too good with multitasking. I think I heard something people call tulpish from Cat but nothing really understandable. I do not want to puppet her into talking, I want this to come naturally. Unless thats a complete fail. For now Cat can communicat with body language which mostly turns out as 'don't care'.

I also worked on Cat's full human form, actually the hands as this is necessary. Like a cat she just can't pick up or hold anything with these paws as nice as they look. We were walking outside and I pupetted her into picking up a large feather which was both fun and sad to watch because no opposable thumb. Ever seen a cat trying to pick up a flat object from the ground? Before making her frustrated I decided to pull off the paw-glove. For a moment I was worried I would just rip off her hand and hurt her but then realized how stupid that was. I also told Cat she could just put the gloves on and off as she liked. Or more I told myself. Took some attempts because I had never visualized a human hand before but in the end mission pick up feather was a success. Cat put on her paw glove again and seems to be comfortable with them so I won't experiment on removing her tail and ears until she can talk. How do people with non-human tulpas handle that I get you can make it like in a cartoon where things a caracter holds just stick to the limbs but that's somehow a cheap solution at least to me.

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maybe look more after Bernd before he goes crazy talking to himself.
That is - very considerate of you, but it's too late for me.
But this is your diary and things seem to be going well even if Cat doesn't talk yet. No worries. Just keep her around and involve her in your daily life like woflo said.
Don't ask me how the guys with animal tuppers handle their form, especially when it comes to possession/switching. My tupper has only one form and that isloli.

But I know exacly what you mean about cats trying to pick something up. Well, they can use their claws to some extent but something smooth like a piece of paper gives them a really hard time. Hence I suggested removable paws which seems to have worked for Cat. Fingers can be hard and outright creepy if you don't visualize them correctly. Reference pics can help.

Also tell me about Cat tulpish.
What is it like?

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Two months!
Bought ice cream to celebrate with Cat.
Visualization is getting easier and longer but still long way to go.

Hard to describe tulpish, maybe like an autokey tune of many words at the same time in your head? I do not really know what Cat's voice will sound like, maybe that's part of the problem. Will practice talking with her. Time for tupper school!

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What sort of ice cream does Cat like / dislike?
Have you tried offering her different kinds of food?

Played games with tupper yet?
Try tic-tac-toe