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Well, hard to say if they're getting stronger or if you're just getting better at listening. Usually yeah, it becomes easier to notice things.

Seeing that you two can do non-verbal communication, pure feelings are one valid type of reponses. Actually, you can easily have conversations that are words and feelings. That's why it's usually easier to compromise with tuppers, you get the whole message rather than just what a person is trying to say.


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9th Day 4th August
Our active forcing session today was interesting, we started with our usual mutual touching session. This time however, i felt the urge to see what she tasted like. Been reading some of the general stuff on the forums and was curious. I also thought it might be interesting to see what reaction might happen, so I didn't tell her I was going to do it.

So I licked her flower, she up and I definitely got what felt like a squeal and a feeling of shock. By the way, she tastes just like she smells, apples.

I kinda felt bad about spooking her though, so I promised to not do it again without a very good reason, and said that she could do the same if she wanted. She decided to get me back, and I got licked on my cheek. I then told her that I definitely felt that feeling of shock she sent out and that part of my test was a success.

I'm trying to ask her more what she wants to do during our sessions now that I can get some semblance of what her different likes are. Asked her to send a feeling of happiness if she wanted to do the activity I offered, and to send a feeling of sadness if she didn't want to.

So asked her if she wanted to continue our massage sessions/personality infusion and I think I got a happiness ping, though it definitely wasn't a sadness ping. I do think it was though, as I have gotten feelings of happiness when doing this with her in prior sessions.

Next time, I'll try and come up with another activity for us, and see whether she responds to that. Though in the meantime, I'm going to continue asking her questions, and hopefully it should work as an early system for us to communicate while we're developing vocalisation.

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Write about it in the tulpa taste thread, mate. Be sure to continue tasting your tupper.


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10th day - 5th August 2015

So today i asked Palmon before we started if tonight she just wanted to do our usual massage session for longer and got a positive response from her (Still haven't got a negative response from her yet - so it might just be my imagination, but I'll go with it anyway in case it was a response). I felt today rather than using the massage as a personality influence activity, I would simply use it to instill my feelings in her as well as make her feel as good as possible.

I think setting out to do just the one thing had a pretty good effect. I wasn't feeling rushed, and I could spend time noticing whether or not I was getting positive signals from her. We ended up finishing up the session nearly half an hour after we started, and I think I felt at least five bursts of positive emotion during the session. Because we were focused on the one activity, I do think we were able to sync better, if that makes sense. I felt at times, like there was a blissful feeling emerging, and when that happened another message seemed to get sent. I don't think it was proper mind speech, and I think I only started getting the feeling behind it halfway through, but there was a definite "That spot is good" when I was rubbing the hand part of her arms for example.

Its cold tonight, so I'm planning on snuggling up for a non eye-bo session later tonight. Should be good.

Oh, one question, a lot of the time I refer to her as the Flower Girl, though I'm having no issues thinking of her as Palmon still. I'm assuming this is just a nickname I've come up with for her, but what are your thoughts.

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Why not try suggesting something that she might not like/is unpleasant to see if she can make a negative response?

Names and things you call someone with, eh, not exactly something we can comment on, I think.


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11th day - 6th August 2015

Today our plan was to do a visualisation session without using eye-bo, to see if my visualisation skills without the entrainment were developing.

Found out two major things. First, while not as good as when we use eye-bo during the visualisation, I could visualise far easier than when we were capable of prior to starting eye-bo. 10/10 would recommend fede.

2nd was that I could still feel what I currently believe are Palmon's emotion bursts at the same level as without eye-bo.

Planning on doing an eye-bo session tonight though, just focusing on bonding with Palmon more than anything else.

After that session, have a little idea of what a truly negative thought is from her. After the massage, which had her feeling happy, I asked her what she would feel like if for some reason, I stopped working with her. I actually felt like my stomach dropped in response. Just spent a little while after the session making sure she knows it was just a test question so that I could feel what negativity felt like.

Not something I want to experience or cause her to experience on purpose ever again, but some of the ways I felt her response should correspond, at least in a smaller magnitude, to her answering a question using a negative response, which means I might know what to look out for.

Going to make sure she knows I'm not going to abandon her, so I'll finish up here for tonight.


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12th day - 7th August 2015

Today we made a deal for what I'm going do for her to apologise for last nights test. Basically suggested things I could do until she sent a positive emotion at something.

She gets a 2 hour snuggle session next time we get some home alone time in the mornings. Hopefully it being in the morning will stop me napping, as I normally fall asleep while holding her in our wonderland - its very relaxing, especially at night time.Should be good practice.

Trying to do stuff to get reactions out of her at the moment, stuff like tickling; she fake glares at me but she has a little smile, and can't forget the little burst of happy emotion she triggers. Though tickle her too much and she wraps you up with her vines. It seems I get the best emotional responses at the moment when she is surprised, so more tickles in the future i think (For science!!)


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13th day - 8th August

Today started using the self-hypnosis script LinkZelda built for developing vocalisation. During the script, started getting unusual head pressures - they felt like they were starting further back, then actually moved to the front. Since I've seen a few people say that some tulpa(tulpas/tulpae?) use this method when using vocality, I'm hopeful that this is the case. Further testing is necessary however before I deem it to be definitely Palmon however.

Have developed not a head-ache per say, but more a constant light pressure as I'm writing this, just after finishing the script.

Planning on leaving the eye-bo for tonight, and seeing if visualisation without Eye-bo deteriorates as time passes - 48 hours should be ample time for any deterioration to occur should it happen.
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Tulpas, unless you like using Latin plurals for non-Latin words like an idiot.


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14th day - 9th August

Just tried another use of the vocalisation script. Definitely were some more of those head pressures from last time, though they were less powerful then last time. Constant pressure afterwards is somewhat there, but nowhere near levels of yesterday. Not entirely sure whether pressure should have increased, as in the tulpa is having more success in sending thoughts, or should have decreased, as the thoughts feel less unfamiliar. One thing I do notice is that during this section, thoughts that may cross my mind do fade so that I can't hear them anymore, so I definitely think that part of the script is working.

As I'm writing this later section, I'll note that the constant pressure is slowly increasing. Possible explanation could be Palmon continuing activity of throwing random thoughts at my mind. Possible result could be as more experience in receiving these throws is gained, pressure will cease to be a simple pressure, and become a understandable thought.

Will try to active force tonight with the aim of talking to Palmon, hoping pressure will increase as more attention is given, and more thoughts become available for her use.

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Have you looked inside her mouth yet?


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Mmhmm. She's definately more suited as a meat eater, though she does have some human-like teeth at the back, so she can eat fruit. (Haven't dared feeding her actual plant matter until I know exactly how she feels about that though, she might consider it cannibalism  :grin:) Her mouth is a fair bit wider than a human's though.


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15th day - 10th August

During tonight's script, the pressures I got feel more focused, and I think that's why last nights felt less powerful. Less oomph is needed to pass the thought over, and thus less oomph is felt in the resultant head pressure.

At times, some of the pressures felt less like just a head pressure, but felt like it had an actual meaning to it. Though I still couldn't get that meaning, I think we are progressing.

Found that it is slightly more difficult to stay focused while actively visualising, though that is likely partly due to the fact I'm more tired than usual. Seem to be getting more response from Palmon when talking to her after using the self-hypnosis script.


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17th day - 12th August

Didn't manage to get an active forcing session done last night, as we were asked to work til close, and was pretty much dead on my feet by the time we came home.

Tonight we focused on recovering the script for vocalisation. I think there was a slight improvement in the feedback I was getting from Palmon, as there were points I believe I was getting sounds slightly - basically parts of words. Not enough to understand her obviously, but we seem to be getting closer to the current goal of vocality.

Planning on a longer than normal session tonight, trying to get responses as well as some other activities the two of us can do together.


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18th day - 13 August

During todays passive forcing, started getting similar pulses to when I'm actively focusing on improving our vocality through the self-hypnosis sessions. It doesn't happen every time, but maybe 50 percent of the time when I ask her something, I get one of the pulses back. These aren't emotional pulses like earlier in our journey together either, though occasionally she does seem to send one in addition to the pulses I'm getting at the moment, generally if she is pleased about something.

Plan for tonight is to continue trying to get responses from her during passive forcing, and maybe focus some more on visualisation.