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About This Board
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Got a thing or two to say about the moderator team? Someone hasn't been doing a good job, you think there's some mistake that is constantly done by one or all of the mods that could easily be corrected? Or maybe someone did a really good job and you want to mention it?

This board is for that. You can still PM us of course, especially if you want the message to stay private. But if you wish to make it a public discussion all the mods and users can join, Moderator Feedback is the right place to post it. You don't have to be particularly nice if you feel that you need to blow off some steam, we're not going to punish you for that. We want to hear your honest opinions, even if it isn't pretty. Your feedback is what will help us to moderate better and make Tulpa Network a more enjoyable site.

For technical stuff and other forum-related things, go to the Forum Discussion board or contact waffles.
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