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When you get vague enough with the definition, most people do.

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Maybe we all are tuppers...

ps our defined term here isn't that vague, fodde.

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Even with a definition of a subjective experience in place, it still heavily depends on who you ask.

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Well I know my visuals got better as I kept doing it, so uh, might happen to you too.

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First you stop being a control freak and understand that shit could change. You'd want the tupper to know that they can change shit too, because if you've said that they can't to yourself all the time, where do you think they will get the idea that they maybe can? Not every tupper comes up with stuff on their own if they have lived their lives thinking they can't do that shit and it's up to you to tell them what's fine for them to do.

As for actually training yourself to see imaginary stuff you didn't come up with, as a person with bad mental sight you might want to try to feel the changes. Any little feelings in your gut that something might be different? Explore it, what can you see? Instead of just materializing a tupper from thin air, let them roam the wonderland but ask them to come close when you get in too and then see if you can feel where they are and what they are doing before you see it. When you have a place to look at and an idea of what is happening, you might be able to see it.

When you're a control freak, a big step in visualizing is to learn to let go and let your mind create stuff without your output. If you imagine a forest, I sure as hell hope you don't imagine every single tree on its own as you put them down. It's like that.

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You need to train yourself instead of just saying you can't do it. If you start out with barely any ability, even a little bit of a push is better than nothing, yes? Teach yourself to do things differently by actually trying to do them differently.

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Look man, it's your mind. It's all in your mind. There's no magical button to press that makes shit happen for everyone. The only thing you really can have is the intent to do things differently and then do it differently, because this is what controls shit happening inside your head. Yourself. Shut your mental eyes, don't see but feel. Stumble in the darkness for hours if you want. The point is that you want to try to do things differently for the sake of doing things differently. If you never try, you will never find new ways.

Or you can go waaaaaaaaaaaaah I caaaaaaaaan't and not even try. Even the biggest idiots can get somewhere, but then your whining won't really help us help you. Then you just have to do everything Your Way, just like you wanted.

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It's not "the hard way"; it's a way, but it doesn't serve your purpose in the way you want. You don't just pick one way and go with it. You usually tend to develop many ways for different things which you eventually add together (at least the things that worked for you) to create the best way of visualizing, completely customized to yourself. Never get stuck in a routine or one way, some people get so stuck in their ways that they have an extremely hard time getting out of there.

Feels are completely subjective. What I describe might be something you will never feel, but it doesn't mean you are missing something. We're just different like that. But I don't think we're "special" in the way that one person would be completely unable to do the basic things the rest of us can do unless mental of physical disabilities are present. So I 100% believe that you have all you need for that perfect visualization you want.

How you do it? Yeah you definitely could just say "I am now going to see different shit" and it works, minds are weird like that and it's a completely valid way of doing things. It's all about your mindset, you could create symbolism and literally flick a switch in your head to see things how you want to see them. But usually we are a bit more critical than that, so we often scoff and go "pssh, that would never happen", so it doesn't. At least until we somehow stumble on the correct answer and then realize how stupid we have been because it seriously is just that easy. Remember, every single guide and tip you see in these communities was created because a person did something new in a different way, not because someone told them but because they wanted to try something new and did. You could create a list of things you think might help you and then try them out. The best ideas that work for you personally tend to come from your own head.

Now enough of that and some maybe answers. A "feel" could literally be anything. It's that moment when you know that something is happening or something is there without seeing it. You don't need to see a person to know that someone is staring at you. You don't need to see someone do a bad thing to maybe suddenly feel that something about this other person is off and you really need to get out of there asap. And right now we're talking about your mind, a thing you are literally connected to. Because it is a part of you, you have the ability to know when a mental landscape has changed, you can just feel it. Know it. Because you are connected to it and a tupper is connected to you and you're connected to the tupper. We can hear their thoughts, they can hear our thoughts and even a young tupper can be sending you messages that you can pick up if you're observant enough. Use all of these together to know what your tupper is doing before you even see them and use the information to see them in the correct way. When it feels right, it's right. Trust yourself there, many bad things could be avoided if people let those little signs push them in the right direction.

I'd suggest you blindfold yourself for a day. You probably can't do a whole day because you know, going to the bathroom and eating would be very difficult without help and you probably wouldn't want to ask for help in those things, but it would help you see the world differently. At that point, all you have is your mental image of the world - and if you try to trust what you think is there without feeling it, you'll walk into a wall.

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To chip in on that last part about the blindfolding, I can say from experience that working on hallucinations for short, very intense periods tends to be much stronger and more effective than working on hallucinations for long, relaxed periods. As in, spending a weekend doing a shit tonne of combined hours' worth of visualisation will do you more good than visualising for, say, a half or whole hour every day for a few weeks.

At least, so it has occurred to me all the times I've gone on "meditation fasts". There was a couple of weekends where I did it in late 2012. During what I think was the latter weekend, I managed to open-eyed hallucinate a tulip I had around at that point for several seconds, and all I did was pace around endlessly, use the various techniques described in my guide (such as blinking and using one's hands as a means of keeping proportions in check), and listen to a primarily theta-dominant isochronic tone on repeat. It was mindnumbingly boring whenever I'd run out of things to talk about with the Tuplas, but it was overall a very new experience to me at the time. Considering that my visualisation skills prior to that attempt were by and large locked to my mind's eye only, I'd say that was pretty well done.

I went on some more meditation fasts in the middle of 2013 and the first half of 2014, both fasts lasting several months, and as recently as December last year, I spent all month and a little bit of January this year belief implanting all day. Incidentally, I'm considering going on another meditation fast soon. Anyway, point is, if you want to make substantial progress quickly, you should do it as intensively and continuously as you can. If you want to make progress slowly, then by all means, take it slow.

Also, start doing belief implanting and, gasp, read over the stuff in my guide, instead of whining about not knowing what to do.

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Fede: I've already forgotten half of what you wrote, but agree on-topic of intensive and drawn-out work. As it is, I don't have shit to do for more than twenty minutes at a time except visualize, so in those few days I mentioned up there, I'll see if I can mess up my sleep enough that I'm awake at night or something, and able to binge (And hopefully see stuff, while I'm at it) without getting any important calls, or knocks on the door.
"Nope, this isn't helping. No method seems to work. Can't see anything." Don't stop there; keep boring your arse off with visualisation and keep trying to become immersed in the daydream state.

Or don't, and keep doing the same thing you're doing.

Belief implanting is the thing with the moaning and rocking, yeah? Aside from Vice's comment on that, which pretty well summed it up, not something I could really do in this house. There's those few days, yeah, but I've already made up my mind to try and devote that to visuals. And the piano, probably. But yeah, my sister can hear me mumbling to myself as it is, my bed creaks like fuck, and I have like, two square-feet of space on the ground. If somebody walked in on me doing that, I'd be fucked, father would probably think it was demonic, or something. Not the first kid he'd have accused of having demons in him, or anything.
And your guide, eh, I've considered what's in it a few times, but I'll probably never read that thing and not think to myself "Nah, nothing here I give a shit about."

It's unfortunate you keep having this sort of permanent prejudice against my guide, such that whenever I try to refer you to it, you likely don't bother to reread the details and instead just skim over the entire thing, or maybe not even that. There's a lot in there that I'm very certain could truly help you if you actually took it seriously, but it seems you don't.

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You don't really need to buy a blindfold, I don't think you can live in modern society without having some kind of piece of cloth lying around, right? Anything really works as long as you layer it enough so no light gets through.

You could tell other people that it's a SCIENCE project too. I think many people excuse your weird behavior if you give them a reason. Tupper paints with left hand in the presence of other people when everyone knows I'm right-handed? "It's an artistic project to see what my left hand would paint, duh". Works real well because the left hand is supposed to be the ARTISTIC HAND anyways.

I guess your fusebox symbolism with the smoke is interesting. Like you didn't make that smoke happen, right? And you still saw it?

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I will, though, go through Belief implanting again, and see how much I'd be able to viably do. I figured if I couldn't do most of the stuff, I might just skip, but if you insist it can be useful with less of the actions being performed, I'll look into it.

Indeed. Even if it'd be so stripped of the activities that you'd basically just be lying there with a smile on your head and whispering absolutely nothing at all, instead relying on your mind voice, then that would still be good enough. Simply, the more you immerse yourself into the whole thing, the stronger the effect of implanting the desired belief.

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See, you ARE able to have sudden stuff just happen in your mind without you meaning to do it or visualizing it super hard from every angle or something. It's there and this is proof that you're capable.

You don't need journals for SCIENCE, you could just say you heard cool stuff on the internet and decided to see how it really feels to be blind for a day or something. Bluff skills yo.


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Come on mane

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Tuppering is all about feeling homosexual.