Author Topic: Tulpa Network Will Become Cat Network  (Read 1421 times)

Tulpa Network Will Become Cat Network
« on: March 31, 2016, 10:28:24 PM »
So, tulpas are so last year by this point, so we have decided to change this forum from tulpas to the real thing anyone cares about: cats! We'll be deleting what is on this site after this weekend, so we decided to give you some warning so you can copy whatever things you want so you don't lose them.

Cat Network will be having the following features:
  • Talk about cats and nothing but cats!
  • Share images of your cat(s)!
  • Have a subaccount or two or six for your cat(s)!
  • Help on choosing your new cat(s)!
  • Where to adopt or buy cats!
  • Tips and guides on how to raise and train your cat(s)!
  • How to make toys, clothes and other cat accessories for yourself or your cat(s)!
  • Funny cat images and videos found on the internet!
  • Cat art!
  • Ads that target your cat-loving ways: toys, litter, food!

We can't wait to roll over to our new website, and I'm certain you can't either! If you wish to tell us more about your feelings, please head over to the thread here for comments!

Thank you for staying with us this long, now onto something newer and better.

-Tulpa Network staff team