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Subconsciously formed a tulpa from doubt?
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Okay, so I've been working on making a tulpa for 3 days, and progress has been fast. I can see Joy (my tulpa) vividly, and the wonderland as well. So far so good. But today we were praciticing visualization, in a void of sorts; and something interupted my thoughts. I saw a dragon spewing flames and raw anger. Whatever, just an intrusive thought. i waited for the thought to pass and resumed the session, and when I did, Joy was riding on it's back. So I went to the wonderland, and sure enough, it was there. It seemed to really like Joy. I asked it it's name. He said, (through telepathy) that his name was Aknard. He did not care for me at all, I could tell. He told me I wasn't mature enough to be a tulpamancer, I'm not ready, etc. Here's the strange thing though, many of the things Aknard says are thoughts I've had about this process. Also, how did he become so real, so quick? Aknard is as real, if not more so, than Joy.
Did my tulpa create a tulpa? Or did my insecure thoughts form a sentient being, if so, would that be healthy to keep?  What should I do?

Re: Subconsciously formed a tulpa from doubt?
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When you're still so early in the process, it can be difficult to say how a tulpa is supposed to feel once they're properly developed - especially if you have a vivid imagination and have an easy time creating characters that seem to act out on their own. A year from now, you might look back and realize you had no idea and thought the tip of the iceberg was everything.

Is this creature a proper, fully developed tulpa? It could be. It also could not be, depending on your history that we don't know. If you have ever had a similar experience in the past, or if you just have a habit of creating a lot of characters in your mind that seem to "come alive", this could just be one way how you handle things in your imagination.

Not everything that speaks to you in your mind is a tulpa.

Did your tulpa create a tulpa? Ask her. How would we know?

What seems to be the case is that these are your worries you can't just outright ignore. Whether or not this is a tulpa, my armchair psychologist gut says you need to actually talk about your issues, with yourself and with Joy. You know, voice them and see how they sound when you've said them and if they're valid. If they sound valid then what can you do about them?

PS. "subconsciously" and anything relating to a "subconscious" is very much a new age nonsense term that has been redefined to mean so many things it means nothing. Scientific communities prefer the word "unconsciously".

Re: Subconsciously formed a tulpa from doubt?
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