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but people can still affect others with toughts. it has happened. the stronger the person the stronger the influence. people can also affect others with words. power of word and tought is strong. in order to transfer tulpa one must be strong. the monks who can create tulpas probably have no problem sending or transfering them or doing whatever witht them.   obviously more is needed than wanting it to happen. it takes time and streght.  i never sayd i can transfer tulpas with magic brainwaves i create. i never sayd anythign about brainwaves. all i sayd is that peole can send eatohother healing toughts and prayers and it has helped people. there are sayd to be that if you concetrate ons omething and have same toughts you can create a tought creature and send it out to help or heal or harm someone. i never sayd that i can do that. im not good and strong enough for that. if i was would i have the issue i have right now and would i even be in this forum askinf for help. i dont think so. also peole can send eothother reiki to long distance. reiki is essencially healing toughts. you probaly call it placebo effect . why are you so dead set whit this you make it happen and get milion dollars. i dont care about the money or that challenge or experiment. all i want is my tulpa stuff to work and get better trough it. im just sayng how toughts and energies around us work. tell me how can energy vampire drain peoples energy from long distance away. dont say it has nothing to do with tulpas . it has alot to do actually.  if people carry around positive toughts they create positive athmosphere around themselves and if negative toughts then they create negative athmosphere around themselves and they can even become energy vampires. so can sick people as well. i obviously cant become one couse i dont have that privilage and have terrible luck and things never go my way but thats another story not ittended for this forum.  wow you finally spilled the beans . the spelling card. wow it finally happened. i think my comments are easy to understand . its that that people dont want to understand. i do few sentence mistakes or spelling mistakes and have no time to use spell checker and most of all HEY CHARLIE ENGLISH ISNT MY MAIN LANGUAGE . but that is that. sonehow you have no problem understanding me or responding to me  witch is strange. also you having those tulpas or tuppers as you call them. what about them tuppers. they are cool and useful. so you sayng as you could transfer info to others who arent supposed to know. so you having sayd that does that mean that you essentialy agree with me and stuff what i say.

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allrighty then

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i have one more question to fede. you mentioned ethics and sayd ethics are shit and limit me . could you explain please more about the ethics you were talking about.  also explain what means that tuppers are autonomous. thanks

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Well, first off, you asked earlier if I could explain parroting in a more step-by-step kind of way. Your question motivated me to renovate my guide, which had a lot of redundant information in it, I realised. So I went ahead and did that. Feel free to have a look.

The ethics thing was basically that some people have rather high opinions of tuppers, probably due to how fond they are of their tuppers and how real they feel to them. Those high opinions are stuff like "you should/shouldn't do X or Y with your tupper", whereas I'm of the opinion that it's limiting to think along those lines. I summarised my opinion in this post once:

Solution: stop treating imaginary friends as peoples. Fewer repercussions, fewer implications, fewer expectations, less frustration, less disillusion. Treat imagination for what it is, for the sake of simplicity and practicality: as manufactured visuals, sounds, and other sensations, and nothing more. No rules, no roles. Much easier.

What I meant by autonomy is that it's the only thing that really makes the whole tupper concept "unique". You can have imaginary friends that don't feel autonomous, but then they wouldn't really qualify for being called a tupper. Autonomy is a subjective feeling, of course, but that's okay; we don't have anything else to go by but people's anecdotes, and there's no point in trying to prove tuppers or find out "if they are real" or something.

Also, I'm actually Charlie English.
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thanks i will look this parroting section.   tuppers i would  say are real for me . becouse they are as real as toughts. least for me but yeah. thanks for your explanation .

is charlie english like somekindof james bond like character

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He's not a character. He's a real person. Me. You're the one that referred to me in one of your earlier posts.

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cant remember how i refered to you as . did i refer to you as fede.

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Nope. It's right there, clear as day.

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ok thats cool