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Future of Tulpa Network
« on: April 01, 2019, 09:23:12 AM »
Unfortunately due to health issues and lack of time, I am going to have to shut down Tulpa Network these coming weeks. We've had some bot issues in the meantime I'm afraid, but we have managed to log lots of IPs to report and block so at least something good came out of that!

You guys have been great, even some of the bots that were about to develop sapience during this site's lifetime. Wouldn't want a thing to change, everything was amazing and I'd do everything again in a heartbeat once I got the time to manage a forum again. Maybe another site will be happening eventually and I'll be sure to contact anyone interested if you PM me a way to contact you outside this site!

I might clean up the place before we shut down so it's nice when archived. You guys might want to grab some posts and stuff you like and make copies too, so you don't lose any of your work. I'm gonna give you all plenty of time.

Again, thanks for sticking with us! We'll probably meet again in the future and I'll make a thread in Forum Discussion for anyone to say whatever they want about this situation. We'll get through this.


Re: Future of Tulpa Network
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Nah just kidding.