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About This Board
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Can't talk about tulpas all the time. Off-Topic board is for all those other threads that have nothing to do with what the other sections are about. Almost anything goes and this is the place to go if you wish to talk about yourself and your interests. Rules are lax and screw professionalism, but to keep this place from being totally chaotic, follow these golden rules:

  • Don't just spam. A thread of nothing but one single word isn't really worth it.
  • Even heated arguments have a point, otherwise they are flamewars. Flamewars are unnecessary.
  • Please mark your NSFW links and don't post pornographic images using the IMG tags. Not everyone is in a place where wobbling anime titties on their screen is acceptable.
  • Joking is fine, but actual racism and such should be kept out.

Otherwise, do whatever and have fun.
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