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Big nosed person
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This post is addressed to someone who I have long admired.
It has been a long time since I have thought about tulpas. Ever since I left the cancerous board known as /mlp/, my thoughts have been elsewhere. I think my leaving coincided with the ending of season 3. Never mind the pones though. It was just a couple days ago that I say this strange picture of a big nosed man while I was walking around the mall. It reminded me of something I had seen a while back. And then I was reminded of Fede and his avatar.
Because of that, I was inspired to once more take up the attempt at creating this phenomenon that so captured me 2 years ago. I have been out of any kind of loop for some time, so I thought it was funny when I had seen you were banned from that other site (which seems to have been taken over by redditors). Anyways, I wanted to say hello. Thats pretty much it.

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He actually has a tiny baby button nose. I drew an accurate image of it so that you can fix your mental image of Fede. Here you go

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I received from your post. It was very helpful to me.

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You are helpful, Fede. ripperoni pepperoni