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Well it's really hard to properly check a cat's gender when they're very young. And in your case, you got the cat when he was pretty young. I'll also go ahead and assume that who gave the cat had never taken the kittens to a vet, which is kinda bad.

I guess you learn to see it at some point when you look at enough kittens, females have their peeholes very close to the anus while males have a bigger gap. Shape's also different, as females have a slit while males got more of a rounder hole. Kinda like humans, eh.


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All those poor cats.


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Much more than I ever wanted to know about cats and their butts, but thanks nonetheless.

I think we're taking him to the vet to get his shots, fix him, and all that stuff relatively soon, but idunno. Bastard's throws up on one of our blankets like the little shit he is every couple weeks, so I guess shots would be a good idea.

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Well, throwing up is a sort of a normal part of the cat life and I don't see why you would think taking shots would prevent that. Especially because if your cat throws up because they're sick or something, taking shots won't magically cure them.

A cat could throw up because of many reasons. Every couple of weeks doesn't sound like awfully often anyways and I wouldn't be concerned unless I saw something wrong with the pile of puke. You should take a look at it to see what exactly the cat is throwing up to see what has caused it. It's most likely hairballs because cats swallow a lot of their fur when they clean themselves and they need to get rid of it somehow so it doesn't grow into a giant hairball inside them that they can't get rid of. That's one expensive vet bill.

Does the puke have many unchewed pieces? Cats can be lazy bastard and just vaccuum everything in their mouth without chewing. Those large pieces can cause them to throw up later. The answer can be to either baby them and cut everything tiny or give them large pieces of meat they have to chew so they can eat it. Though watch out, if your cat decides to go fuck the rules and tries to swallow that... Well, that could lead to suffocation.

Is it mainly dry food? Your cat might be eating too much of it. The dry stuff expands once it gets wet so that can cause many animals to throw up. Maybe limit the amount of dry food the cat can eat.

While your cat doesn't throw up often enough for this to be very possible, I'll mention it anyways. Does it happen after they have eaten some particular food? The cat's stomach could be sensitive to it or the cat might even be allergic. Though I'd assume you would get a lot more throwing up unless there is some food you only feed them rarely and that is what causes it.

If the cat doesn't seem to throw up nothing, it could also be because their stomach is empty and they are hungry. Cats are small animals with a fast metabolism. They need to eat often and long times without food is dangerous to them.

Lastly and what most likely is the issue, hairballs. Even if the cat doesn't throw up a hairball, there could be a lot of hair in whatever they throw up, hidden in the puke. You should brush your cat often so that there's less fur that gets inside them to cause this and you should grow them grass too. It helps them to be able to pass the fur with stool instead of throwing it up - though of course, sometimes the long tufts of grass they eat could cause them to throw up anyways, but if you keep your grass away from any soft surfaces, they would hopefully do it on a surface that's easy to clean.

Watch out though. There this one plant called the Cyperus zumula which even is called cat grass and sold as such. Other people say it's safe for cats while others say it's very poisonous to cats. No one seems to quite agree and some people do report their cats reacting badly to it. I wouldn't take the risk myself, you could get something like oat seeds instead which most likely would be cheaper too. Don't buy any grass that doesn't say what it actually is so you can see if it's safe.


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Well yeah, he throws up every couple weeks. But it like, comes in bouts of three or four times. He absolutely wrecks like, two beds and a carpet every time he goes at it. I'm just not super cat savvy, and wasn't sure if it's because he keeps getting sick or what. So idunno. Plus, our other cat never really threw up.

I'll uh.. Check the vomit next time, I guess. Not much I can do for it, I'm not the one that feeds him. It's all dry food, and he doesn't eat grass so eh. I could probably encourage someone to get a dang cat brush, though. Could do that, I guess.

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You can just try to lift the cat off the spot they're trying to ruin if they start throwing up I guess. I also suggest changing his diet to have some wet stuff as many cats tend to be pretty picky drinkers, so the wet food gives them some of that extra water they need. Dry food also always has a bit too much wheat or rice or something, which is a problem to carnivores. It can end up in some rather unfortunate problems.

Sounds to me like he might be having hairballs if he throws up so often in a row. Grass and more brushing would hopefully help a bit. Also if you have other plants, make sure they're not poisonous and they're somewhere the cat can't get.

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Spirit animals > cats/dogs.

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Your mum > cats > everything > cats.

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Well I guess all of our moms do have a pussy...

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What if your mum is a catgirl?

Plot twist.

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woah whoa

One day cat woke me up and was cute. He purred and was on the bed and I was just chilling there, not worrying if I fell back asleep. The cat decided to sit on my arm and started kneading it, purring so loud and drooling all over me. My arm was pretty numb after that, he sat there for ages.

Cats are cute.

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I've been kinda meaning to upload all these random cat pictures I have but kinda haven't done that so I guess I'm kinda gonna do that now as a generous contribution to this thread. Also because it's Saturday, I guess.

There we go. Cats.