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Owls are bird-shaped cats.

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Neighbor is on holiday so neighbor cat is staying with me most of the time, dwelling in a small cardboard box like Diogenes in his barrel.
Actually it was said to be a large ceramic jar as they didn't have barrels in ancient greece. The more you know.

He loves boxes even more than my cat who's mostly sleeping on the couch or in my bed now.
We also had the first snow of the season, I feel cats are baffled every time that happens like seeing it for the first time. Racing around in the snow like crazy until they realize it's actually cold and wet, then shaking paws and running back inside.

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Boxes are great. You should probably add more boxes.

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I dunno, it might attract even more cats.

Not that life with several cats isn't hilarious.
Yesterday cat was lurking on own tail, quietly observing its movements
Neighbor cat comes by, also starts lurking at cat's tail
Finally bats at tail
Cat smacks him in the face causing him to backflip and race out through the cat door
Cat continues lurking on tail

I've been wondering, what if cat also has tupper and it is possessing tail?
Often it doesn't seem like cats are in control of their tails' movements.
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Maybe cat just is bored and tail is the only source of amusement. I suggest more boxes and playtime.

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Cat has a whole world to explore and several cat friends. But apparently tail is superior entertainment. Last time I tried to bait her with a string she gave me an unamused look like considering me a complete retard. as if tupper regularly doing that wasn't enough
So far cat has also ignored the tree and decided to occupy the box that contained the Christmas decorations. Getting old and lazy.

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Boxes are the best thing, though.

Obviously made for cat. It's cat-sized.

ps is that a buttplug

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Cats don't care about entertainment or boxes at the moment and are just asleep in my bed. Preferably on me. It's nice that they love me soo much but it does get creepy at some point. Not to mention uncomfortable.

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You're warm. Be a good human-shaped and sized heating pad.

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>cat is going nuts on a dried leaf, batting it around in the house
>observe cat from behind corner so I don't interfere
>cat spots me, freezes
>hide behind corner, sitting on the floor for a few secs to check reaction
>look again
>cat charges at full speed and jumps me, only retracting claws in the last sec, lands on my chest, turns and races off again hiding under couch

Damn, I almost died.
You probably know the vid of ninja cat that comes closer every time you look but my cat is different. No time for such subtle moves, just full attack. If the prey is not vigilant it will be eaten.

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Yes. You are only alive because cat is merciful. That's how quick it would be. No time to react.

Tupper isn't as merciful.

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Is she not?
I think both are actually really nice as long as you treat 'em with proper respect.

It's been extremely cold in the past week and cats are almost permanently inside - and on top of me. Even more than usual. Right now cat is tucked in between my laptop and my chest, neighbour cat beneath my left arm. Really comfy.

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But there's no respect if you can't even sit down and force...

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My grandmother gave me some cake she made, two palm-size pieces, neatly wrapped together with other stuff in a bag.
Placed the bag in a corner when I got home where it immediately caught cat's attention.
She wants to play in the bag maybe? No.

Within seconds cat dug out the cake, unwrapped it and happily started gobbling down one of the pieces. Until I realized what had happened and was able to wrestle the cake from her, half of the piece was already gone. My yelling and the loss of cake did not stop cat however, she just snatched the second piece and raced off into the garden.
The final result - first piece chewed beyond recognition, the second gone for good.
Cat had eaten 1.5 pieces, me 0

I actually offered her the rest as well when she finally returned but cat refused. Cake is only good when properly stolen. So the birds got the leftovers.
And so ends another peaceful day at Bernd's place. I should make a cartoon out of this.

Cat steals food.
Does your cat steal food?