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No he's a good boy who doesn't really care for my food (and I don't leave MEAT alone because that's the only thing he might snatch if given the chance).

Unless I am eating something I tried to offer him earlier and he refused, like cheese. Then he suddenly wants a taste. I am fine with sharing a little.

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Yeah, I dunno...
Normally cat isn't interested in food, not even meat. But certain cakes, cookies and some fish need to be pillaged. But it only has happened very few times. Having cat nose or paw in my food however occurs daily. Just to make sure she really doesn't like it. But she's always especially nice and purring a lot afterwards so everything is forgiven.

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« Reply #257 on: June 02, 2018, 04:13:38 PM »
Yesterday cat went tree climbing because bird.
Saw her going up a slender alley tree, despite her age moving up the stem like a gecko. There was a pigeon in the twigs about 3m above the ground and cat got surprisingly close before the bird realized the danger and escaped. As soon as it was gone however the mighty hunter turned into a clumsy bear that helplessly hung in the twigs and after a few unsuccessful attempts to turn around fell off the stem like a sack of potatoes. It was less then 2m and soft grass underneath so no danger but man, it didn't look graceful. Several people pointing and laughing didn't help either. Cat left the scene with ears folded backwards and didn't show up for some hours.

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She is working on murdering everyone who laughed.

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I wouldn't doubt it.

Right now the method of choice seems to be kneading me to death, even with the help of other cats. They've always loved kneading on me and I'm used to it but the amount of claws used increased recently. Scares most people unfamiliar with cats shitless when the cute kitty on their lap starts rhythmically extending and retracting claws all the way out. Well and it does hurt, they're needle sharp and effortlessly penetrate several layers of clothing. My upper body looks like I've been through some SM session and quite frankly I have.
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Little claws on your flesh is love. Accept it and thank your cat overlords for such a thoughtful gift you don't deserve.

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I was sick and died and cat was a cute snugglebug the whole time. He's a sweetie.

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Good cat.
They really seem to know when you're not feeling well.

And purring vibrations apparently do promote healing, at least it feels good.

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It's cat day!
Cats didn't care and spent the day lying in the shade. And sitting on me of course. They're shedding like crazy in the heat now, I have no idea how it's possible to lose so many hairs and still have fur.

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That's how new cats are born. Enough hair gets shed and it forms together into a new kitten.

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I accidentally dog food but 'dog' ate it with passion.

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Don't continue that though, because cats need different stuff.

Cat has been sick and I have been the sad.

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What happened?
I hope he's better now.

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Heart issues. Not exactly something that gets better, but he's been his usual self now.

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Cat wanted to occupy a sunspot but 2 other cats had the same idea. This lead to some half-hearted hising and other angry cat noises but eventually they shared the sunspot together.