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I am going to need a few more votes for the next update.


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Part 20: Spooky Scary Specters

Our first stop today will be figuring out what is behind the haunted inn. The title is for Fede.

This is the person we want to talk to. He is also offering us those hospitality papers. Not expensive, but not needed.

Despite what he says, no one cares if we have them or not. If that is intended as a scam or an oversight, I don't know. We're here to deal with the ghost problem, however.

Yes, there certainly is a ghost.

Killing the ghost doesn't solve the quest, so we are going to have to look elsewhere. A person before us supposedly took a look, but couldn't figure it out. We should seek them out as they might know more.

Here she is, Master Neloth's Mouth.

Her best bet is that it is a mage capable of summoning ghosts. Time to ask people about that.

Ah, and we have some names. Master Neloth is one suspect, though as we have no way of levitating, we can't actually get to him. But a person named Uleni Heleran teaches conjuration and the guild isn't very far...

"...the Town of Sadrith Mora aforesaid, does pronounce the Gateway Inn free and clean of all otherworldly, hostile, and malign entities, with the exception of the profound and displeasing odor that arises from the Prefect of Hospitality, which, despite the preternatural magnitude of its offensiveness, may well derive from altogether more mundane sources.


Muthsera Mistress Dunmer-from-Far-Away Mage-Lady

Representing the Super Extra Very Sovereign Council of Mages Without Digits Within Bowels"

Yes, cute.

He's not happy with just noticing that the haunting has stopped, he wants a reason.

We need to decide if we wish to withhold Uleni's name, include her name or deliver her papers. For our reward, we need to decide if we want something for mages, fighters or thieves

Leaving that behind us, it's time to explore a Dwemer ruin. Nchuleftingth is close and it was something we were told to check, so we might as well. Our boots of blinding speed will help us make the trip, everything will be slightly darker for these outdoors sections, but luckily it's bright.

Some of the islands house Telvanni towers. This is Tel Fyr.

Some Azura's coast flora and fauna. Alits aren't a problem.

I also found a floating muckspunge.

No, it isn't connected to the rocks behind it.

Once we get to the main island, we leave the coast behind us and enter Molag Amur region. There will be a lot of brown and gray.

And steam. This area has some volcanic activity. And crazy people who wish to murder us.

Simple clothing, different names. This is a bit different from the usual Dunmer we have met this far, but the earth devouring our enemies is nothing new.

She had a friend nearby who also attacked me, sporting perhaps the longest name this far. There is a small hut made of leather here, but I didn't enter it in case there's yet another hostile NPC in there.

As I continued my journey, I came across some torn pages that formed a path. Perhaps we should investigate?

This is the area where you will be seeing a lot of lava.

Another camp and what appears to be a corpse of a silt strider, perhaps? I don't know if these people are friendly or not, but they are Ashlanders. Nomadic, traditional people living in these hostile lands, shunning the outlanders and the "civilized" Dunmer. Not all of them are going to attack us, but none of them will really like us. This isn't one of the bigger camps, so these could be outcasts of their outcast society.

But now, the ruin.

An obligatory cliffracer first.

Nchuleftingth isn't a very large ruin and the upper floor is safe. These are the only two people here.

We were prepared and had the letter of recommendation with us. Senilias is willing to give us some information, telling us that their guide suddenly went missing with an excavation report. He suspects that the missing guide somehow found a way to the lower levels of the ruins.

Not here though, this seems to be a telescope.

The only other room we can get to...

It is also a dead end. But the room does have three rather suspicious levers.

Pulling the furthest one actually opens up a path that leads deeper.


Ah. Seems like he managed to take one of them down with him.

We have the report with some of their findings. This one is directed to someone named Edwinna?

We also find this. The Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale. What is so special about it? Well, only a little bit of it is readable (to us?), but it is a book that is written in Dwemer and translated to Aldmeris. When no one here can understand Dwemer but might actually understand Aldmeris, a language not in use but still known, this is a rather helpful thing for getting somewhere in a translation project.

The room is dark, but Yook will always find the treasure. We actually find some ebony. Despite the name, it's still not wood. It is rather valuable however, and while it would be illegal for us to sell it, no one actually cares.

There also was a trapped chest. Our probe broke before we managed to disarm it, so now we will get to see what happens when you open a trapped chest.

It casts some kind of negative spell on you, this one draining our health. Quite quickly too, might I add. Drinking a health potion saved us.

We can add another Dwemer armor piece to our collection, though.

There were three levers in Test of Pattern and only one was the right one. What happens if you pull the wrong one?

They too are trapped. This one poisoned us.

He would like us to deliver the report to Edwinna in Ald'ruhn. He also was quite excited about the Hanging Gardens, but he couldn't really make anything out of it.

That's it for this update. It is time for a vote.

We need to decide what we want to tell to Angaredhel. Shall we withhold the culprit's name, tell it or deliver the papers we were given? We also need to choose between a fighter, mage and thief rewards. The thief reward isn't unique, but none of them are all that good.

We found a strange path of torn notes in the wasteland. Should we follow them?

Our Dwemer ruins exploration gave us an excavation report we were told to deliver to someone called Edwinna in Ald'ruhn. Will we deliver the report?

Caius wanted us to go to Vivec and gather information for him. We could go there.

The vote for a Great House will be open, so you can vote on your favorite if you wish. Feel free to suggest new (or old) options as well.
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Deliver the papers - would be a shame for them to go to waste - and get the fighter's reward - that be us, after all. We should definitely follow the trail. It probably leads to treasure, or opportunities for smashing. I suppose we could deliver the report as well.

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Spooky Scary Specters. Thank me later, hun.

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The trail has made me curious, let's follow it after delivering the report and getting the fighter reward for the other quest. I'd like to join house Redoran, their culture seems interesting.


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OT but related to Morrowind, in the seventh grade spelling bee, I spelled Niece with a G at the beginning because I'd been on one of my several-week Morrowind binges, and I always pronounced Gnisis as 'Nee-sis'. It was locally televised, I was the only one eliminated in the first round, and I'm completely positive the entire school thought I was genuinely retarded for at least three years.

Thanks for making your game way too good, Bethesda. Fucking Todd Howard..

Definitely deliver the letter thing, may as well, and follow the trail. My vote for a house is Hlaalu, though. Balmora stronghold is best stronghold.

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Part 21: Loose Ends

It has been a while. Now that Yook has taken a break from killing things and flirting with women, it's time to return with a short update.

Last time we explored a Dwemer ruin and got an excavation report to return. We also decided to follow the trail of paper in the wasteland. I'm dropping a mark spell here to teleport back later. Right now we have rewards to get and reports to deliver.

We decided to get the Fighter Ring. It would be much more useful if it was a constant effect instead of something that has to be cast, but we might as well wear it. NPCs like it when you wear nice items.

The culprit behind the haunting doesn't seem to want to repeat the same joke.

We had to deliver the excavation report to someone named Edwinna. She's in the Ald'ruhn mages guild.

This quest is actually a mages guild quest that can be done by pretty much anyone. We would have done this eventually if we followed the mages guild questline. Edwinna is a Dwemer scholar, so she has many Dwemer-related quests.

I show her the Hanging Gardens, as well. Seems like she doesn't know Aldmeris to make use of it herself.

Now, back to following the paper.

There's someone here, but it seems like the trail is continuing. This Argonian probably isn't the source, but we can talk to him.

At first he wants us to leave him alone as he must be going home, but if we ask him about it, he opens up. We have an opportunity to do something.

Shall we help the runaway slave and take him to Ebonhart?

Would we rather lead him back to Tel Aruhn where he escaped from?

Or are we just going to ignore him?


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Take the iguana man to Ebonhart please and thank you

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Wow the images are all back up again? Guess we'll see if we'll pick this back up again, there hasn't been much interest, though.