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Face should be E7 because I rolled a random number between 1 and 69 for it. He should have a blonde mullet because how else will he acquire all of the women on Vvardenfell? Yook is a Nord, and needs pesky small arms to stop bothering him like mosquito, so he must wear tank armour into battle, taverns and bed. As a master of combat, he needs portable yet effective solutions to keep his many enemies at bay while he kills them with his axe. The market is unable to supply these at the low, low prices that he needs - because his disposable income goes towards alcohol and prostitutes - so he is forced to be his own armourer. Fortunately, a hammer is an effective weapon for smashing, something of a speciality for Yook. As a child, Yook was teased for his looks, his uncharming personality, his dim wits and his bad luck. Growing up, he found his strengths in his strength and endurance, and set about smashing his childhood tormentors. This being accomplished, he was deported from his homeland by popular request. Learning from criminals arts of security, he sets out on his quest to smash everything on Vvardenfell.

P.S. Magic is for weaklings.


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True Nords are always about brawn and bravery, not brains.  So, anything melee / strength related.  Magic-y things / intelligent skills take a low priority.

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Part 0: Almost There

Face A4 got two votes, E7 got one. We will go with A4.

No hairstyle got more than one vote, though two people voted for longer hair and one person wanted to be bald. I tossed a coin between Goldilocks and Mullet, arriving at Mullet. We shall have a blonde mullet.

Combat specialization was picked. Stealth and Magic both got two votes, though more people said no magic, so we shall have Stealth as our runner-up.

Strength and Endurance are our Favorite Attributes.

We have our hero. Now to continue from where we left off.

This is our build. Combat specialization, strength and endurance as our attributes. Major Skills were decided as so: two combat specialization skills (Axe and Heavy Armor), one skill that fits our favorite attribute strength (Armorer), one magic skill (Restoration) and one stealth skill (Security). Thanks to Restoration, we will start out with a healing spell, Hearth Heal.

Minor Skills: two stealth specialization skills (Sneak and Speechcraft), and... Well, our second favorite attribute was Endurance, but there are only three endurance governing skills and we already have one of them. The rest weren't exactly useful for us (Medium Armor and Spear), so instead I looked at out other suggestions Agility and Willpower. Willpower is like mental endurance, so I took Mysticism. Continuing, one magic skill (Alchemy) and one combat skill (Athletics). We are rather balanced, though we are definitely strong physically. And as all true men, we can brew our own drinks.

Our class is still lacking a name. Please give us a class name, and if you would like, a description for our class. I would appreciate it if it's short. The game doesn't recognize copy pasting, so I am going to have to type it myself.

Yet another decision for us to make. Our birthsign will affect us in many ways and help us as we start out. The choice, as usual, is yours. Please pick us a birthsign.


The Warrior
The Mage
The Thief
The Serpent
The Lady
The Steed
The Lord
The Apprentice
The Atronach
The Ritual
The Lover
The Shadow
The Tower
Once we get that done, we will get our papers that will allow us to leave this area.

Our class name of course is not permanent in this case.

Now, the door we will have to go through is over there, but I felt like we could end this update with something a bit more fun.

Over to the right, there is this platter. Please note the value.

Comparing it to the second most valuable item on the shelf, it becomes quite apparent that it is worth a lot of money. Worth taking, maybe.

There are so many eyes watching us, but maybe we can just...

Oh. Well, all hope is not lost! If we act before the guard reaches us, we can go to our inventory and drop the item on the floor.

We do not get a bounty in this area. The guard will just tell us not to do it again. But watch what happens when we pick the platter up from the floor.

Can you see it? It's understandable if you don't. Nothing happens. We are allowed to take the platter now and no one will bother us. We now have something worth 650 gold in our inventory. We can sell it later.

There are many books in this game. The room we're in has these history books for optional reading. Enjoy the Brief History of the Empire part 1, part 2, Part 3 and part 4.

We are allowed to read things even if others are watching, but actually taking the books would be stealing.

Only one thing to do now. We'll see what is on the other side of this door next time, where we will finish the tutorial and learn more about our mission.

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Part 1: Finishing the Tutorial

Last time this door was unlocked for us and we get to open it and step into another room. This update will be quite heavy in the images, as it is showing the basics you might want to know to be able to follow along better.

The game has been giving us similar prompts for a while, but I have cut most of them out. But let's follow the message's advice.

We equip items by just clicking on them and bringing them over to our character model in the inventory. Dagger get.

But what did the note under it say?

Oh. Alright.

There is a lot of food around here, but this bottle of Flin in particular is rather nice. It is rather valuable, so we will take it. We could also drink it ourselves for some extra Strength and Willpower for a while, but it's hardly needed right now. We will also be picking up all the bread and crab meat around here.

And there is this thing. I believe we shall be taking it. You equip lockpicks the same way as you equip weapons. They will break eventually, as listed in their uses. Right behind us, there is this convenient locked chest...

And by using our lockpick on the locked chest, it opens. There is no minigame unfortunately, and success is based on your attributes and skill.

We get some gold for our trouble.

There is an egg here. It's more food. We don't require food to survive and these do not restore health, but they are alchemy ingredients as well. Due to our poor knowledge of Alchemy, we can only see the first effect it has right now. By mixing it with something else that has Restore Fatigue as any of its other effects, we could create Restore Fatigue Potions.

Also, a book.

It talks about the Birthsigns and you can read the whole book here. It's not a very long one, though we might as well take it.

We could leave the building already, but there was another door down the hallway.

It is just a small closet with containers.

Containers with items. We'll be taking all the alchemy ingredients. This one also restores fatigue.

Back to the other room with the door that leads outside, here's how our new dagger looks.

Still not free. This is a small courtyard and we will still have to go through that other building.

There are some Slough Ferns here. We can interact with them to get some ingredients.

This barrel is more interesting, however.

Inside it, our first enchanted item. Using this ring, we could cast a healing spell on us. It's not very strong, but it only uses its charge rather than our Magicka. It will recharge on its own, though you can charge it immediately by using a soulgem with a soul.

Let's head inside.

The first person we actually have to talk to, let's get right to it.

Morrowind does not have full voice acting, which means there is a lot more dialogue in it than the other Elder Scrolls games. Some of them are shared between many NPCs, but same have their unique things to say. We can ask them more by clicking on the blue topics, either as they come up in the actual chat or choose them from the bar on the right. Let's ask him more about Morrowind.

We just arrived and we already have a job as an errand boy, it seems. Let's see how much information we can get from him.

This is most likely going to be the most text screenshots you will see from me. I hope you like them. We didn't really learn much, so let's finally leave this and start the actual game.

Here. Now we have access to Seyda Neen proper and the rest of the world, as well. Let's talk to this one person here.

Oh. Ah, well. We did find this ring. What shall it be? Will we return Fargoth's ring?

As a little end bonus, let's do something interesting again.

There is a lighthouse over there.

If we climb up these stairs and run to the edge, we will be able to hop inside a stump.

It's not much, but it's something. I believe I can do better, however.

If we continue to go over these rocks instead...

Leap of faith.

We can get something our character will really appreciate.

Right now we have an enchanted battleaxe mere minutes from starting. I'd say that's a rather good start. We'll stop here, because we have many things to vote on right now.

Please name our class.

Choose our Birthsign.

Decide if we will give Fargoth his ring back or keep it to ourselves.

We also have to choose our destination. Shall we head to Balmora to deliver the package or stay in Seyda Neen and explore? If we go to Balmora, shall we take the silt strider or walk there?

And... Will we actually open the package ourselves?
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I vote for the Atronach as sign. It allows for interesting gameplay with strong, short bursts of magic that don't come entirely free. Tuppermancer should be our class, seeing as all these different voices in our head combine to make us do dumb things. We will give Fargoth his ring back, before stealing it from him ourselves, honorably! Afterwards, we shall explore this town to see if any maidens need saving, wink wink.

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Class: Elite cyberninja spectral megasayan sw4gl0rd
Sign: Lady because we need to be pretty

The ring spell is useless so see what kind of reward the guy gives, then do the talky talk to people.

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The Lord is like, the worst birthsign in the game. The worst. It gives you a weakness and nothing good to compensate. 0/10 would not choose. Shit tier. Even the Serpent can be ignored if you choose it as it doesn't give you a permanent fuck you stamp.

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Give Fargoth that ring for a discount and explore Seyda Neen. Also get the atronach sign to bork the game.


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Bad Motherfucker is a good class name.
We are under the sign of The lady for maximum endurance gainz.

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The Lady seems like a sensible birthsign. Give Fargoth the ring, you've already stolen enough items. Who leaves a battleaxe just lying around in the marshes? Someone must have misplaced it. We should explore a bit first, perhaps find some enemies to smash.

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Part 2: Ladies Man

Last time there were some final choices to be made, such as our class name and birthsign. We had some suggestions for the name, so we mixed them up a bit. Whether or not we're Bad or Good shall be decided as we play along, but for now...

We chose the Lady as our sign. It beat the Atronach by one, so the Lady it is.

Our status screen. Some of our Misc skills have more points than our Minor skills due to our racial bonuses. We start out with a lot of fatigue and we will get a lot of health once we level up. With the Lady, our Endurance score is 85 at start. That's quite a lot.

Onwards to the rest of our choices. We chose to give Fargoth his ring back, giving his disposition quite the boost. Similarly, he is friends with a person called Arrille, a man who runs Seyda Neen's only shop. He will like us now as well, for free.

I bumped into this man on the way. He knows the person in charge of the Silt Strider over here and told us to mention his name. I asked him about rumors and heard that a tax collector is missing. Perhaps we could find the missing man?

As I returned to get our enchanted axe from the stump, I noticed something in the distance. It might be hard to see as it blends in quite well and looks like a rock, but it's moving.

I readied my axe only to find out that it wasn't attacking.

This is a mudcrab. It's quite harmless and a weak enemy, but usually they do attack you.


It didn't even get to attack us properly and went down fast.

We can loot our dead enemies and crabs are delicious. It is always a good idea to dispose of the corpses so the game has less to track.

I returned to the village and found the largest building, which of course was the Tradehouse we had been told about. The door right in front of us actually is a warehouse and not the proper entrance. It's also locked, so we are going to have to head up the stairs to our left.

Here's Arrille. His disposition wouldn't be this high if we hadn't helped Fargoth. High disposition with shopkeepers is worth it, as that means we will get better prices. Any strange items you might be seeing are there because of mods: some of them add items where you can easily change the settings in-game by equipping them.

Let's sell some of the things we found like the platter and silverware cup from the stump. Even though the value of the platter was 650, we are getting less than that here. I actually bargained the price up a little. Higher personality and better Mercantile would give us better prices, but this is better than nothing.

Arrille also sells some books, but we don't have to buy them to read them.

This book would teach you a bit more about Dunmer beliefs. Read the whole book here.

This scroll has a small map of the game area and a lot of text about the land. If you want a little sneak peek of what to expect, here it is. Read the scroll here.

Heading upstairs.

Hrisskar indeed is having some money trouble. He wants us to find Fargoth's hiding place so we can take some money. Will we help Hrisskar to find Fargoth's hiding place and if we do, will we give what we find to him?

There are many people upstairs, but the woman behind the counter is the most interesting one right now.

She offers us some help for when we finally decide to go to Balmora, in case we are doing it on foot.

Our package is still safe and sound.

Taking a little look at the building, the ones next to this little road are all built in the Imperial style.

The shacks to the left and behind the Tradehouse however, are built in a Dunmer style. As far as I know, all these house Dunmer. Perhaps they were here first and perhaps they are poorer than the rest?

We have heard the Silt Strider mentioned many times already, so I ventured to the outskirts of the village to find the port.

They are large bugs with long legs and a hard shell that is carved to allow passengers to sit comfortably on them. They are moved by poking their sensitive nerves through the carved shell. We saw this one when we exited the ship.

We mention Vodunius Nuccius to this person like he told us to. She has something to say about him.

I went back to the village to ask the man himself, but as I got there...

A person in the back started to run towards me.

Yes, clearly following me. Is that a sword of some kind in his hand?

He attacked me, causing the guards next to me of course rush to my aid.

I don't think he thought this out very well. The guards killed him before I could do much. His sword did hurt, though.

It was an enchanted blade, so I believe I will be taking it. Actually...

Let's take it all and equip his clothes. I think they look a bit better than what we started out with.

I finally make it back to Vodunius Nuccius to ask him if he's happy in Morrowind. He says he's not, and offers to give us a cursed ring in exchange for some money so he can leave. Should we buy his cursed ring for 100 drakes?

Afterwards, we shall explore this town to see if any maidens need saving, wink wink.

"Ma'am, I have seen plenty of birds in my life, but I must say I have never seen a pair of hooters as amazing as yours!"

Oh. Failed admiration attempts will also lower an NPC's disposition towards us.

We have many things to vote on again. Shall we try to find the lost tax collector?

Will we help Hrisskar with his plan and find Fargoth's secret stash of money?

Shall we buy Vodunius Nuccius' cursed ring for 100 drakes?

And will we try to take on the smugglers to see what kind of things they might have?

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Hey. Remember how we have better bodies mod and everything? Here's how Fargoth would look like unmodded.

Sweet dreams.

ps update on the last page

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Finding the lost tax collector sounds like the most interesting path, if he hasn't already been whacked. Doing a spot of whacking ourselves might rank a close second, with the smugglers; the mudcrab and crazed swordman surely only whetted our appetite for smashing. Meanwhile, we can't very well go stealing Fargoth's money after returning his ring; acting so bipolar, someone might think you were merely following the advice of voices in your head. And the cursed ring? We can't be wearing that bloodsucker around; we need our vitality for ourselves.

And oh, wow, that's a close encounter of the third kind if I've ever had any.