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We shall join the Fighter's guild and see if they have a task for us befitting our stature as a true nord warrior. Their equipment chest might have something nice for us to take, too. Then we will further investigate Larrius Varro's case, you can't just let the mods get away with abusing their power.

You need to hit on more girls.


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Re: Let's Experience Morrowind (With Many Images)
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Here's what you do.

Go up a high mountain, find a cliff. Jump off. Then straight away, hit autosave as you fall.

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We should firstly deliver the package. We're already here, in any case, and it wouldn't do to build a reputation for Yook Deliveries as being unreliable. We should snoop around the Imperial gangs, I think, but the Fighter's Guild seems like the most suiting to Yook, in any case. We should certainly attempt to, as that Commoner said, "Go straight and HARD through the system." With an axe.

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Joining a guild is useless, we are the greatest warrior this land has ever seen anyways.

Try delivering the package since we're already here, but I'm more interested in Larrius Varro. It looks like he might need some help.

And remember to always hit on girls.

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Part 9: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Joining the Fighters Guild was the most popular option. Heading over to the Moonmoth Legion Fort to see what they had to offer as well as see what Larrius Varro was up to were also some suggestions that we can easily do at the same time. I'm sure the package can still wait a moment, right? We're still in Balmora, after all.

Many buildings in Balmora have two entrances to them and the Guild of Fighters is no exception. We want to take the stairs up to get straight to the person who recruits new members.

And of course we will be given quests. Guilds seem to be having somewhere around 30 quests and at least some of them have to be done if we wish to advance through the ranks. The message I was given for trying to gain a rank was "your attributes and skills are high enough, but you haven't done enough jobs".

We can't turn down a job if we ask for one. We don't have to do it of course, but we now have our first guild mission. Of course it's about rats. Should we do this job?

Let's explore our new little base.

Ah, here is the chest.

It's... Rather lacking, but we are free to take what we want. There were some health-restoring potions and these hammers that we will be making the most use out of. The chest does restock occasionally.

Our equipment has to be repaired and that is what the hammers are for. Our equipment has health and if it goes to 0, it is broken and cannot be used. Luckily we do not lose it, we just have to repair it before we can equip it again. It's a good idea to keep your equipment properly repaired, as damage does affect them.

Now that everything is fixed, I head downstairs into a room. Our room, in fact.

There are two locked chests here, but such weak locks are no match for Yook.

There isn't much in them, but I empty them mostly so I can put my own items in the chests.

There's also a training room of sorts all the way at the end of the hallway. That door to the back has a level 90 lock and it's also trapped. Sounds like what is in there is very valuable.

I went outside for a walk next to sell some things I had takenfound.

Oh, what is that up there?

Ah yes, of course. Get used to this sight.

Cliff Racers are very common enemies. They like to swarm and chase you forever until you kill them. Many mod these creatures away, but it apparently is not a true Morrowind experience unless you get to deal with the Cliff Racers.

Having beaten our first Cliff Racer, we felt like a man.

"Hey baby, are you sandpaper because I want you to rub my wood if you know what I mean."


Now, let's go to Moonmoth Legion Fort. It's not very far from Balmora, so the walk doesn't take long.

I eagerly asked about joining the Legion. We can't, at least not here. We would have to go to a different fort in some place called Gnisis. Later then, maybe...

Asking about rumors, there's some Nerevarine thing the Dunmer have been waiting for, the incarnation of some Lord Nerevar person. There apparently have been many people claiming to be the Nerevarine only for the Temple to go out and hunt them. Maybe the Tribunal Temple is something where Yook can fit after all...

The door to this rather large building was right behind us. That person standing in front of us looks important, perhaps he is Larrius Varro?

He's not.

There is a book detailing the Legion's job behind him, though.

There are some people selling items here, but the door was more interesting to me. Yook senses were tingling.

Ah yes, some armor pieces. Slightly better than our steel armor.

I wonder if we will ever wear a full set of just one armor type.

Leaving the tower as there's really nothing else there, I felt like we could head down.

Oh. I found him.

He doesn't technically give us a job, but tells us that there is some Nord near Hla Oad robbing travelers. Should we take on the bandit?

The room where Larrius Varro is also leads to a prison. Seems like a place we should check.

No one here. All the cells are empty, but they're still locked. Back upstairs, then.

Many shopkeepers. The left door leads us to another room like the one where we found our new armor, but it didn't have good items. But the door to the right had something else.

If this isn't related to the Imperial cult in some way, I do not know what is.

If we want to join, we need to pay 50 gold. It seems like these people would give us similar services as the Temple, healing and blessings. Let's see if there's more he can tell us.

Oh. There was. The rules are still similar to the rest of the guilds, don't hurt other members or steal from them. Should we join the Imperial cult?

I went back to Balmora after that.

I don't know what this Argonian was up to, however.

I was rather close to a level by now, so I felt like I could go to Seyda Neen for a quick training session as there are more enemies around there. We had gained some armor skills, so we were on our way to a level with some endurance boosts and I wanted to take advantage of that. But as I was resting in the wild after some training...

I was suddenly woken up and found a strange dark figure stabbing at me.

Even injured and tired Yook can't be assassinated that easily.

And I am liking the value of this armor we found. It's rather good light armor, but we don't use that. We'll be selling this.

I talked to a guard and they immediately pointed out that I have been attacked by the Dark Brotherhood, like the armor might have pointed out. We should speak to Apelles Matius about it.

If I ask the same guard who gave me the name, it seems like he forgot all about it. Strange. But I continued to train.

Then I got stuck on a pole in a rather unfortunate way. Poor Yook. I can't actually move or get out, so this is the end of the story of Yook, forced to spend the rest of his life impaled on a thick, wooden pole. This is why it's a good idea to have some teleportation spells or scrolls...

I had actually saved very recently so I could just reload.

Level 3 and we're heading back to Balmora.

Should we deal with the rats for Fighters Guild?

Should we help Larrius Varro and take care of some bandit wherever Hla Oad is?

Shall we finally deliver the package now that we are here in Balmora again?

Feel free to suggest new guilds and factions to join at any point.

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Yook got rejected by another pretty girl, so he's trying to find comfort in the pole now...

The rat job sounds like a trivial matter for someone like us, let's do it if we ever find ourselves in the neighborhood. A proper bandit seems like a more interesting task for us, however, so I suggest we go and seek this nord out. After doing that, we can turn in the quest and deliver the package.

Let's do some more research into the dark brotherhood too, if we can find anyone who's willing to talk.

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We should certainly deliver the package at some point soon; like I said before, we don't want to build a reputation as unreliable. Likewise, we have to take on the undignified but necessary job of smashing rats so that we'll be given other, more distinguished, smashing jobs later. Smashing the bandit is also a good idea; you can't bash some good smashing.


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Re: Let's Experience Morrowind (With Many Images)
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I've never played the Elder Scrolls games, but I really like delivery quests. While I'm impartial to smashing furry rodents, smashing a bandit sounds fun. I also think the package should be delivered as soon as possible.
"Insane" is a just a word. There are no words for this.

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Part 10: Reporting to Caius Cosades

It seems like all the quests we had open were something someone wanted to do. Luckily they all can be done rather quickly.

Hla Oad is quite close to Balmora. We need to cross the mountain that is in our way.

I decided to start going around it to gather some alchemy ingredients.

I found a Scrib. They are harmless and do not attack, but if you attack them then they can paralyze you.

After that, we could start heading over the mountain. Climbing is quite easy in Morrowind and it's possible to scale even rather steep walls, so mountains rarely are going to stop you.

We get back to the Bitter Coast region by going over the mountains. This day is looking like it will be a foggy one. That is actual fog, not just the draw distance fog. I also see another friend.

Here's a Nix-Hound. This texture of it blends quite well in this area. They are hostile, but this one took a rather long time to actually attack.

It wasn't an issue.

Seeing that I am looking for a bandit, seeing people caught my interest. As I approached, I heard someone unsheathe their sword and the battle music started.

This isn't our man. He was a Nord. We'll be taking this sword, it should sell for some money.

The people proved to just be travelers, nothing special.

But going in their direction did put me on the road. The bandit was supposedly stalking travelers close to it.

Ah. He is a Nord. Talking to him... Hm, here is a dramatic reenactment drawn by Sands.

He attacked me then.

He was a worthy opponent, though what he gives to us after his death isn't. He is a Nord, so he actually resisted our axe's enchantment, as it had frost damage.

We don't actually have to go to Hla Oad right now, so I won't. But I am sure we will get there eventually. Back to Balmora.

I took a different route back and came across a Dunmer stronghold. This one is called Hlormaren.  They tend to be covered in bandits and other hostile people, so I didn't go there just yet.

Climbing mountains is fun. It seems like Balmora has been hit by the fog as well. I took a quick nap at the Fighters Guild to restore our health before starting to look for Drarayne Thelas so we can take care of the rat problem. She lived on the other side of the river.

There is one rat in her bedroom.

Now there's none.

It seems like these coins suddenly fell into my pocket by accident. I truly am a clumsy snowman like that Khajiit said.

From here we learn that Vivec is a mother-father, whatever that means. You will know if you read sermon 12. Sands suggests it.

She really likes pillows.

The rest of the rats are in her storage. Unfortunately it's not a basement, so we cannot kill rats in a basement.

Two die quite fast as well.

She really, really likes pillows. I shall leave the pillows, but take everything else.

I could go report to the Fighters Guild or to Larrius Varro, but now that we are on this side of the river, let's go meet Caius Cosades. They said he lives here.

It's... Not quite what I expected.



Oh. The Emperor apparently wants us to be a member of some "service" this man belongs to. And that we would be taking orders from Caius Cosades.

Are we ready to take orders from Caius Cosades?

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You should ask about his orders. It'll probably be, "Go get me some skooma." But if not, then yeah, may as well. The emperor is like a big deal and it looks like we're totally in there so let's keep it that way for now. Maybe they'll let us smash things.

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Re: Let's Experience Morrowind (With Many Images)
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Besides, does this Caius guy have a mental problem? Is he weird in the head?

He's a skooma addict, I hope the question answers itself.

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Let's see what this man has to say. After that, we can see whether the fighting guild has some actual fighting for us to do. I've fought mudcrabs tougher than those rats...!

Talk to a few more townspeople and see if there are any neat rumors.

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Send help.

Re: Let's Experience Morrowind (With No Images)
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Goddamn it Duke what are you doing with your life Jesus dick.

Playing video games.

Part 11: New Boss

We decided to see what kind of a job Caius is offering us.

And right away, we have become a member of the Imperial Blades. They are spies for the Emperor.

Caius Cosades knows we are new and he offers us a lot of information. We also now have access to the Blades trainers that live in Vvardenfell, so it should help us a bit. He's a good source of information for the guilds and factions and as we haven't heard a lot from the Great Houses from others, I asked him about them.

Morag Tong isn't one of the three Houses we can join, but they are legal assassins and we could actually join them. House Hlaalu could be said to have a Stealth specialization, if you remember those from back when we were creating our custom class. They prefer those kinds of skills, being stealthy, agile and good talkers. House Redoran fits the Combat specialization the best, being traditional fighters with strong ties to the Temple. House Telvanni is made of wizards and Magic specialization works for them. They're a strange bunch.

Asking about some other factions he mentioned, Camonna Tong's connection to House Hlaalu is confirmed by Caius. He's also right about us not being able to join it.

But enough talking about those. It is time for us to see what kind of a job he has for us.

He offers us gold for our troubles. I'm not entirely sure why he called us a pilgrim, as that is not our class name and it isn't our rank in any faction, either. Strange.

We are sent to get information out of Hasphat Antabolis, a person who actually stays at the Fighters Guild. Caius wants information out of the Nerevarine cult and the Sixth House, though he warns us that the information most likely won't be free. We heard of this Nerevarine before, but this Sixth House sounds new.

Right. We were heading to the Fighters Guild in any case, so we could go talk to the person we should easily. It's not out of the way.

After being congratulated for a good job, we are given a new order to stop egg poachers. Should we handle the egg poachers?

Morrowind is a game that lacks the compass that points you to your destination. The only thing we get are these written directions. Sometimes they are vague and difficult, sometimes even wrong, but actually finding your target can be a fun exercise.

Our man is in the training room in the basement.

We are going to have to do him a favor to get any information out of him. He wants us to go to nearby Dwemer ruins to get him a specific artifact. Should we go dungeon crawling?

As this would be a very short update otherwise, I went to explore our neighbors, the Mages Guild.

The upper section is very much like the Fighters Guild.

They have a supply chest as well with some more useful items in it, teleportation scrolls and potions.

Upstairs, there is an enchanter. They cannot fail unlike player characters, but they will ask for a lot of money. On the desk, there is a very tempting, valuable soul gem. It's up to you if you wish to steal these, as there is a catch: every single soul gem of the type you steal cannot be used with Balmora's enchanter anymore, as she will accuse you of stealing even if it isn't the same soul gem you actually stole from her. If you don't need her services, then you won't have to worry about it.

The basement is very different from Fighters Guild. Instead of a narrow hallway, a training room and the small room with beds, there is this large room instead. There are some small rooms separated from the rest with room dividers.

We can also buy spells from them. If we were a part of the Guild, we would be given discounts.

We can also create custom spells. We can only choose from the spell effects we actually know, so right now we could only use the Restore Health effect our Hearth Heal spell gives us.

We can change its range and how effective it is, making it easier or harder to cast as well as balance the Magicka cost. Sometimes the spells the NPCs sell are actually worse that they would be if you had made your own spell, costing more Magicka than they should. It is a fun little system to play with.

Another nice thing the Mages Guild offers us is the guild guide. They can teleport us to any other Mages Guild in Vvardenfell for a small fee. It will be instant, so no time is wasted on travel.

Now, please pick one of the choices as the quests are starting to get longer and doing more than one in one update will be a bit too much.

Should we go to the Dwemer ruins to get the information for Caius?

Shall we rather work for Fighters Guild and take care of the egg poachers?

I haven't gone to get our reward for the last jobs yet, but should we ask Larrius Varro if he has another job for us?

Or do something else?