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Role Playing Games
« on: September 22, 2014, 04:31:57 PM »
Besides the obvious RPG we play around here, many of us like playing pen and paper RPGs, and there are several IRC games going on. I thought it'd be a nice idea to have a general thread for it.

The first session of my Shadowrun campaign happened last Friday. Notable things that happened were meeting a poser mafiosi who I've already grown really fond of, fumbling through the hacking rules and Sands showing us his subconscious desires to dress like a lady and make out with big, strong men. I had fun.

Our party:
Momo, doctor-hacker bum:
Marco, not a girl:
Sands, metrosexual face:

Re: Role Playing Games
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2014, 06:40:41 AM »
Too late, we roleplay now.

Is the pseudo anime pretty boy too much for you to handle, Fede?

Also you do need to tell everyone how it took like 9 hours to play the first session and that everyone in the party is an elf.

Re: Role Playing Games
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Sands was actually the one to get me into PnP RPGs. I joined a Dungeons: the Dragoning game for a few weeks, as the catgirl. But the GM was a lazy fuck and game never.

So then I joined an Apocalypse World game recently. I am the old man with books. I will make farming and spend all of my money on shelves.

I guess AW is fine but so much talking, not enough rolling. DtD has more stats and rolls, and it's a bit less serious.

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Well there's rarely ever any rolls also the system is so light that rolling is stupid anyways. Also very serious and the GM will kill you if you fuck up. We can be team old man, are you excite?

Recently I have noticed how I got this weird curse on me. It's called the "you will fail the first roll if it's something where failure means death" curse. It just keeps happening. Like in this Apocalypse World game we got going right now that waffles joined just recently, I had this other guy who is dead now but for another reason okay. Anyways, the setting has this weird darkness that kills everything if you step into it and my guy happened to fail rolls bad enough to be targetted by it. So he was out there in the night on his own and the GM was all "oh hey this is kinda bad but luckily your stats mean you can handle it the best out of any of these other guys-" and then I fail the roll. Meaning I would die. Luckily it had some bullshit stuff to not die because of bullshit rolls, you can take penalties to actually keep living so I became the most disfigured bastard ever. Then died later because.

And in the Dungeons: the Dragoning game, I made a wizard. The system doesn't have any mana system or anything, so you can cast as much magic as you want... Except it's dangerous and can backfire really bad. Like on my first magic roll, I roll the outcome that would kill me. Yep. First session, first battle. Good thing that game has bullshit points you can spend to avoid bullshit deaths too, so I was back in game and super paranoid about magic backfiring. Then when the GM baits me into making it happen because it could help, I almost kill another guy in the party with it. And like, there's some really innocent and not bad ways for the magic to backfire but I always end up rolling the ones with explosions and death and magical warp demons.

Just my life. Also DtD will come back one day for sure, I believe in it.

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We can't be a team if we never meet, which is the other thing that DtD has over AW, at least for us. Do you think we will meet next game? Hah. Maybe next year.

Re: Role Playing Games
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Look the barman is coming over like, right now okay. It'll take a day on the sled during >summer, but he can finally leave the stupid town okay! They'll totally meet and drink fake coffee and read books while not even knowing if they're fact or fiction.

Let's talk about characters sometimes just being weird and you being unable to write them the way you want. Well obviously you could but it just feels "eh" and you know they really would act in another way. Like this barman fellow of mine, at first I wanted someone who was pretty indifferent towards stuff to get back at the GM as my last character died for caring too much. He cared about one thing only but that was enough, so I was going to be all "a-HA" and uh yeah. Then when there's a choice of HEROIC SACRIFICE, the character I had in mind wouldn't have done it but the more I thought about it... The more I knew I had to do it. And then the mama bear mode for the character was born and now he's the big boss. Funny when the GM didn't have the playbook for actually ruling a town in play and even I didn't have that on mind, it just happened in the game and then I became the ruler.

Similarly he was never supposed to be super buff or anything, but the system we're playing is, again, very light on the rules and dice and stats. It's pretty easy to go from 0 to max and being a tough motherfucker was a thing being the boss required. So it was like, bam, going from nothing to maximum and suddenly transforming from a feeble old man to someone others are actually afraid of because he's tough.

I guess they might be more scared now that he actually has power considering how he did get picked on a lot when he was a wuss...

It's so amazing how characters evolve and stuff wow. But still nothing compared to tuppers, tuppers are even more amazing about that and more surprising. Wow.