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Succubus thread
« on: July 10, 2015, 07:15:41 AM »
<ShadeKeos> i do research on many things and found a weird thing like a tulpa
<ShadeKeos> difference in what ive found is others can see it but u dont decide its looks or name
<ShadeKeos> the church would say im going straight to hell.......
<ShadeKeos> well it is a succubus...........
<ShadeKeos> logic is its a demon i summoned due to being alone and not being able to make a tulpa
<ShadeKeos> sitting in the middle of a pentagram and chanting Lilith's name
<ShadeKeos> i put my self more in the center and chanted maybe 3 more times and it worked
<ShadeKeos> well its not fully like a tulpa its harder to explain then a tulpa
<ShadeKeos> hah u fool
<ShadeKeos> a tulpa cant knock over a dish holder XX
<ShadeKeos> and my cat looks at it
<ShadeKeos> i could laugh that your so lonely you make imaginary friends but id say atleast your not alone
<ShadeKeos> my mind couldnt be tricked into thinking a being exists

<ShadeKeos> laugh all you want im used to it by now
<ShadeKeos> also used to watching people fall for trickery

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<ShadeKeos> and they can drain life energy

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What a brave soldier. ;_;