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I actually did the moment you wrote that, and just now again when I re-read it. I petted a black cat on my lap. It was soft.

12 December 2015

I've spent my time touching other bodies these past 4-5 weeks, and I feel I have a solid enough foundation from which to work now, so I'll be returning to do the body numbness and dissociation thing. Started today. Moreover, my 23-day long holiday starts next Friday, so I'll especially have lots of time then to do sessions.

I'm also gonna start working on some kind of entity to control the body soon. Still in the planning phase, as I'm wondering how it should function. The ideas currently are:
  • A mechanism that allows me to direct the body via a symbolic device in wonderland. In my absence, the mechanism performs as few autonomous actions as possible, and functions only as a maintainer.
  • A servitor that performs maintenance and employs as much autonomy as it needs to, acting the way people would expect me to when I'm absent. It wouldn't have much of a life of its own, and would reply with very basic answers.
  • A tupper with whom I'd share the body. There are multiple applications with this choice, like self-improvement. Dunno what kind of tupper it'd be, as the one I'd prefer is on indefinite hiatus because the delusion attempt was never fully executed nor cancelled.
I'll sleep on it some more.
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A cow.

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Truth in television.

15 December 2015

I initially approached the mechanism idea by reusing this little experiment I did the other week where I'd direct the physical body with a controller. It went somewhat okay-ish, but I found that it demanded the physical body to be a zombie responding slowly to things. It wasn't very compatible with my current routine, so I discarded it. What I've resorted to is instead suppressing the physical body's automatic reactions, and instead feeling them in my imaginary body. This has quickly made it hard to feel any strong emotion with the physical body, and experiencing emotions with it feels kind of alien already, so I'll take that it works.

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26 December 2015

Slowly progressing, as always. Making the imaginary body ticklish has made it very pleasant to be in it. Earlier, I was listening to some music. Singing along to it in the imaginary body was very good practice in terms of feeling the subtleties of the facial muscles moving and the voice's vibration in the throat. I was crying a little bit due to how natural it's starting to become. Makes me feel like it's going somewhere, regardless of whether that's just false hope. Just gotta keep at it.

I intend on doing another marathon, starting next Monday (28th). It means that all my leisure and idle time will be spent focusing on the imaginary body. Use of my computer will be limited to now and then checking the e-mail, and checking whether Minecraft 1.9 is out yet so I can get the server started. This gives me the remaining two weeks of my current holiday to spend on focusing on feeling another body. I expect I'll last perhaps a month or two in total before I get bored and feel like playing TF2 again. Until then, have a couple of songs while I'm absent.

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Making the imaginary body ticklish has made it very pleasant to be in it.
But don't you need a tupper to tickle you then? Seems more fun than just tickling yourself.
I'm impressed you managed to keep this going for so long without interacting with another imaginary being, guess I would have been bored out by just working on my own imaginary body after a few days.

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I said making my body ticklish, not tickling my body. I actually don't like being tickled. And, I don't want to spend my focus on creating a tupper now because then I would be diverting my attention towards them instead of focusing on what I should be doing. Tuppers need attention, you know.

Like I said a few posts ago, the entity (tupper/servitor) that is to take over for me is still in the planning phase. They're only going to be useful once I can completely let go of the physical body, such that when they take over, I don't instinctively interfere and "insist" that I guide them, out of fear that they screw something up.

So, for now, I'm working on escaping. The takeover happens when I've finally broken the chain.

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Well to be honest, you would want to guide them. Well, not like, doing what they should be doing but tbeing there for them and helping them like mentally and shit wow woah whoa. Because you don't want tuppers to shit bricks in public if they start feeling antsy.

Then again that might be your fetish.

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Then the fault would be on me for making an entity (tupper or servitor) that has such flaws. I'm not imagining someone into being just so they can further fuck things up. Their role and very reason for existence is to do the opposite. I'm not supposed to be the one babysitting or guiding along; I'm supposed to not be the one in control, but them. Despite how much it may seem like it, I try to avoid the path of "let's make tupper so they can do random things and play blocks and eat doughnuts". It's a possible scenario, but tnot the goal.

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Here goes nothing.


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The Lazy Agent
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Here goes nothing.
Great job Fede. Keep it up.
Seriously, this seems like an interesting project, so I'll be watching.
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Well, thing with tuppers and pretty much anything you create that you're not trying to control is that they won't become what you want them to be. Hey, you couldn't make your tuppers the perfect mind slave even when you did control them as much as possible. You're creating a thing that has no first hand experience of much. There's bound to be fuck-ups even when they use your memories as well as they can. Or not, because there's always those once in a million chances of everything going perfectly, but you seem to think like you're the one fucking things up by controlling them. When well, everyone's a fuck-up at some point.

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The only thing he did was to get a story I want to know it fully.