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Tulpa Diaries / NariusV's Progess Report
« on: November 13, 2013, 06:09:50 AM »
November 13, 2013

Summary so far

Started with several weeks of active forcing and have been doing passive forcing off for several months and on since then. Have had some results with mental conversation. Now working on meeting my tulpa in dreamstates for face to face conversation. Also working on vocal hallucination and making some inroads using mantras and having the tulpa chant with me. The voice is not stable yet but is becoming more so. So overall I'm working on stabilizing visual form for imposition and increasing clarity for communication. I plan to play some co-op board games and involve the tulpa also to practice communication and building up more shared memories with the tulpa.

I'm keeping a report at and tulpa network. I'll be cross-posting when I do make updates, to support the community of tulpamancers and would-be's who happen to find this, and for redundancy in case one of them goes down. I'm also keeping an offline log so I'll be able to re-create the logs in the future if needed/desired. I'm considering starting a blog or something to record the information.

FYI: my prior posts relating to the initial forcing mentioned above are available on here:

EDIT: When I make references to time counts or the length of sessions I will spoiler them for people who do not want to read about it.

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