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Tulpa Diaries / Tamamo & Cat
« on: May 24, 2020, 08:16:51 AM »
Hello I'm Tamamo and this will be my progress report.

I have ben thinking to make a tulpa for a long time but hesitated. Maybe too long the communities have become really inactive. But finally I am here so let's start!

My tulpas initial form will be Tamamo Cat from FGO and her name will obviously be Cat.

I have thought of giving her three forms, a pure human form, Tamamo Cat form and pure cat form so she can choose which she likes best.

As of why, guess like most of us I am a shy introvert with few friends and not too social so someone like Tamamo Cat is the exact opposite in a good way. She seems like a strong and fun companion. Which will force me to grow as well.

So what have I done and what will I do:
Since early this year I unsuccessfully tried to register and thought once I make it in here and get some moral support I will start. No fun to do everything on your own and is uhh...
But in the mean time I have ben reading a lot in the forums and made lists of traits so probably I have already started. But from today on I will talk to Cat and treat her as a person.
I guess I will use a combination of all techniques mentioned here, narrating, puppeting, visualizingand belief implanting and see which works best for us.

So now - off to forcing!

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