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Questions and Answers / tulpa for healing
« on: July 02, 2015, 02:33:03 AM »
i apologize first if this topic doesnt belong here and or brakes some rules of the forum. sorry if it does.  i have possible sleep apnea . i say possible couse im not fully sure if it is apnea or some other sleeping disorder. technicly i was able to rest out and sleep out good weeks ago but suddenly im not anymore.   i wake up tired and exhausted and i cant sleep pass the certain times like half 8 or 8 in the morning and i cant fall asleep before 11 or half 12 at night or earlier and even if i could i dont know if it would help or change anything. also i have tried to sleep in daytime but no matter how hard i try it doesnt work out.  so after this long story i would like to ask how i could create tulpa fast and easy to help with this issue or can someone create a tulpa for me and send it for me to help me with those issues. i would be grateful. if this post doesnt fit here or brakes some rules then sorry. if nobody cant or doesnt want to help thats fine to. all help and responses are appriciated.

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