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Off-Topic / Re: Let's Experience Morrowind (With Many Images)
« on: December 28, 2014, 04:10:46 PM »
Part 9: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Joining the Fighters Guild was the most popular option. Heading over to the Moonmoth Legion Fort to see what they had to offer as well as see what Larrius Varro was up to were also some suggestions that we can easily do at the same time. I'm sure the package can still wait a moment, right? We're still in Balmora, after all.

Many buildings in Balmora have two entrances to them and the Guild of Fighters is no exception. We want to take the stairs up to get straight to the person who recruits new members.

And of course we will be given quests. Guilds seem to be having somewhere around 30 quests and at least some of them have to be done if we wish to advance through the ranks. The message I was given for trying to gain a rank was "your attributes and skills are high enough, but you haven't done enough jobs".

We can't turn down a job if we ask for one. We don't have to do it of course, but we now have our first guild mission. Of course it's about rats. Should we do this job?

Let's explore our new little base.

Ah, here is the chest.

It's... Rather lacking, but we are free to take what we want. There were some health-restoring potions and these hammers that we will be making the most use out of. The chest does restock occasionally.

Our equipment has to be repaired and that is what the hammers are for. Our equipment has health and if it goes to 0, it is broken and cannot be used. Luckily we do not lose it, we just have to repair it before we can equip it again. It's a good idea to keep your equipment properly repaired, as damage does affect them.

Now that everything is fixed, I head downstairs into a room. Our room, in fact.

There are two locked chests here, but such weak locks are no match for Yook.

There isn't much in them, but I empty them mostly so I can put my own items in the chests.

There's also a training room of sorts all the way at the end of the hallway. That door to the back has a level 90 lock and it's also trapped. Sounds like what is in there is very valuable.

I went outside for a walk next to sell some things I had takenfound.

Oh, what is that up there?

Ah yes, of course. Get used to this sight.

Cliff Racers are very common enemies. They like to swarm and chase you forever until you kill them. Many mod these creatures away, but it apparently is not a true Morrowind experience unless you get to deal with the Cliff Racers.

Having beaten our first Cliff Racer, we felt like a man.

"Hey baby, are you sandpaper because I want you to rub my wood if you know what I mean."


Now, let's go to Moonmoth Legion Fort. It's not very far from Balmora, so the walk doesn't take long.

I eagerly asked about joining the Legion. We can't, at least not here. We would have to go to a different fort in some place called Gnisis. Later then, maybe...

Asking about rumors, there's some Nerevarine thing the Dunmer have been waiting for, the incarnation of some Lord Nerevar person. There apparently have been many people claiming to be the Nerevarine only for the Temple to go out and hunt them. Maybe the Tribunal Temple is something where Yook can fit after all...

The door to this rather large building was right behind us. That person standing in front of us looks important, perhaps he is Larrius Varro?

He's not.

There is a book detailing the Legion's job behind him, though.

There are some people selling items here, but the door was more interesting to me. Yook senses were tingling.

Ah yes, some armor pieces. Slightly better than our steel armor.

I wonder if we will ever wear a full set of just one armor type.

Leaving the tower as there's really nothing else there, I felt like we could head down.

Oh. I found him.

He doesn't technically give us a job, but tells us that there is some Nord near Hla Oad robbing travelers. Should we take on the bandit?

The room where Larrius Varro is also leads to a prison. Seems like a place we should check.

No one here. All the cells are empty, but they're still locked. Back upstairs, then.

Many shopkeepers. The left door leads us to another room like the one where we found our new armor, but it didn't have good items. But the door to the right had something else.

If this isn't related to the Imperial cult in some way, I do not know what is.

If we want to join, we need to pay 50 gold. It seems like these people would give us similar services as the Temple, healing and blessings. Let's see if there's more he can tell us.

Oh. There was. The rules are still similar to the rest of the guilds, don't hurt other members or steal from them. Should we join the Imperial cult?

I went back to Balmora after that.

I don't know what this Argonian was up to, however.

I was rather close to a level by now, so I felt like I could go to Seyda Neen for a quick training session as there are more enemies around there. We had gained some armor skills, so we were on our way to a level with some endurance boosts and I wanted to take advantage of that. But as I was resting in the wild after some training...

I was suddenly woken up and found a strange dark figure stabbing at me.

Even injured and tired Yook can't be assassinated that easily.

And I am liking the value of this armor we found. It's rather good light armor, but we don't use that. We'll be selling this.

I talked to a guard and they immediately pointed out that I have been attacked by the Dark Brotherhood, like the armor might have pointed out. We should speak to Apelles Matius about it.

If I ask the same guard who gave me the name, it seems like he forgot all about it. Strange. But I continued to train.

Then I got stuck on a pole in a rather unfortunate way. Poor Yook. I can't actually move or get out, so this is the end of the story of Yook, forced to spend the rest of his life impaled on a thick, wooden pole. This is why it's a good idea to have some teleportation spells or scrolls...

I had actually saved very recently so I could just reload.

Level 3 and we're heading back to Balmora.

Should we deal with the rats for Fighters Guild?

Should we help Larrius Varro and take care of some bandit wherever Hla Oad is?

Shall we finally deliver the package now that we are here in Balmora again?

Feel free to suggest new guilds and factions to join at any point.

Off-Topic / Re: Let's Experience Morrowind (With Many Images)
« on: December 22, 2014, 07:25:04 PM »
Part 8: Balmora Trail

We decided not to help the woman find the bandit of her dreams and instead continue to Balmora. We are about halfway there, having passed the town of Pelagiad like we were told.

This area has quite many flowers for us to pick. They're more alchemy ingredients, we can use them for potions or just sell them as is. Potions sell for more, however.

Not much else happens on the trip with this part being the most important. The area to the left clearly looks different than where the path to the right takes us. Left is where we should be going.

There's a rat. It wasn't there for long.

This gray, rocky area is known as a foyada. The lava from the volcano on this island apparently is very runny, so it tends to go for a long way and leave these foyadas behind. Foyada apparently stands for a 'fire river'.

We aren't going to have to follow one for long, as we need to take a left turn to reach the Moonmoth Legion Fort we were told about. Balmora should be close.

This is the fortress entrance. It's not Balmora.

The other side of the foyada looks very different to the Ascadian Isles. This is West Gash. It's rather bare and mostly has rocks, shrubs and twisted trees.

Oh, we're close. That's a Silt Strider up there.

Had we taken the Silt Strider to Balmora, we would have been dropped on that platform up there. It would have been fast, but it was fun to walk.

This is the area where there are shops. We finally get to see some Dunmer architecture. Most of the buildings here are rather small and they aren't very tall. The green glass apparently isn't glass but some kind of resin.

The best part about the containers in the outside areas of Balmora is how no one has been marked to own them. We can take all the items we find and it isn't even stealing. I make sure to loot every container.

Balmora is split into few distinct areas with this one having the shops as I said.

It also has guilds. The other sign is the Guild of Fighters, both factions we could join.

We also have different guards walking around compared to Seyda Neen's Imperials. Let's ask him some questions.

Balmora apparently is the second largest town and apparently something called the Great House Hlaalu is the one in power here. He didn't tell us anything about the House, but apparently we could join it. Apparently.

It's time to check the most important shop in town first, though.

Someone likes the Empire.

He says the same thing about Balmora as the guard we talked to, but he gives us a rumor. Some Larrius Varro person over at the Moonmoth Legion Fort is apparently trying to stop the corruption.

I bought us a new helmet and some boots, as this person sold heavy armors. Our left arm is still lacking heavy armor and I couldn't find any here.

The houses in Balmora tend to have very small rooms, but there's usually a basement or a second floor as well.

There's some weird book about some wizards called the Telvanni here. It apparently is another Great House like the Hlaalu. You can read the book here if you wish to learn more.

There was a guard upstairs, but he can't see in this room if you hide yourself. That means we are pretty free to take anything we want in here. If we sneak and the yellow icon show up in the bottom, it means we aren't being seen. If no one sees us, our crime isn't reported.

This chest was too much for us, though. Time to go back outside.

We can open our journal to read the things we have been told. This was back when we got the package to deliver, we were supposed to find some place called the South Wall Cornerclub.

It was easier than expected.

I wanted to see if there might be some book explaining the Great Houses in more detail here, but instead I found something much better.


The bookstore was one of those houses that had a second floor as well. A floor without guards.

Oh. Nothing.

It had already gotten dark when I came outside. These stairs lead to the area where the more wealthy live. These tall towers are just watchtowers for the guards.

The houses here are bigger, but they're still not very large. Let's see what the largest building is.

Alright. Let's not go there yet, though. We had a tavern to find.

Balmora has many stairs. These lead to the river and the houses for the common folk.

There are also the dark alleyways every town needs.

The market district and the noble district all were arranged in a circle around a large empty space. The houses by the river are instead built in straight rows.

This person mentions Larrius Varro again. His suggestion is that the man has to find someone to help him to stop this corruption. This is a hint.

This woman meanwhile suggests that we join a Guild to get started and used to Vvardenfell. It's not a bad idea as joining Guilds has many perks. When I asked her about the lore, she just said the Tribunal Temple is fighting some rebel faction called the Dissident Priests. Too bad we don't know what those are.

Ah, here we go.

Well, we have a lead to finding Caius Cosades... But let's ask her about other things.

She seems to be knowledgeable about many things. I'm sure that's to be expected, as she is a Nord just like us. She says the Dunmer resent the Imperials that have taken over and that there are people trying to drive them out if given the chance. What is worrying is that this Orvas Dren apparently controls the House Hlaalu and there is some syndicate called the Camonna Tong he runs and... This woman certainly knows things she probably shouldn't.

Many people have mentioned the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild. She is the first one talking of the Thieves Guild. Camonna Tong and the Thieves Guild apparently have some kind of gang war going on, so perhaps her knowledge makes sense. Who is Sugar-Lips?


Nice book.

"Join the Thieves Guild, Camonna Tong is bad."

Finally, the actual tavern. None of these people is the owner and we're told that he's somewhere. We actually were closer to him when we first entered.

To find Bacola Closcius, the owner, you need to take the stairs upstairs to your left when you enter the tavern.

We know where to find Caius Cosades. I hope you know what this means.

Going to another completely different direction to look at something else, of course. This is the temple. It's on the other side of the river close to the rich area, but to the side. It's strange for it to be so far away from everything else.

The temples have these small courtyards before the actual entrance. Sometimes there is a beggar outdoors.

They are actually rather roomy on the inside. The ceiling might be low, but there are multiple floors.

Dunmer worship their ancestors. I am only going to have to assume this is a pile of the remains of their ancestors.

Temples have shrines to certain holy people in their religion.

You can donate money to get temporary blessings. You can only have one active at a time, but it tends to be something like a stat boost.

Let's go downstairs first.

We learned a lot from this woman. We know of the Guild, temple, House Hlaalu and the Legion, but she also mentioned something called the Imperial cult as well. Sounds like something religious. There's also something called the Morag Tong but she doesn't tell us more about them.

I'll go upstairs next.

This man says that outlanders like us do best in Balmora, because House Hlaalu is the friendliest towards foreigners apparently. He also mentions the other two Great Houses that are represented well in Vvardenfell, Redoran and Telvanni. We know Telvanni are wizards and they apparently dislike outsiders. We know nothing of House Redoran.

This is the first time we hear of someone called Vivec as well. There's a city with the same name too, the largest city in Vvardenfell.

Vivec seems to be some figure in their religion. These sermons are some rather... Interesting and weird books. Here is this book, though you could read the entire series and still have no idea what is going on.

Ah. Vivec is a part of this ALMSIVI the Tribunal temple worships. The other two are called Almalexia and Sotha Sil. It might be obvious that this book is rather similar to the Telvanni book and the thief book we found. All of these are factions we could join and the books explain us what the factions expect of us. This one states rather clearly which attributes and skills the Tribunal temple favors. They are not a very big issue when you wish to join a faction. Here is the entire book.

Now let's take a look at some other things in this room.

I believe this is a picture of Veloth leading Chimer, the Dunmer ancestors to Morrowind.

I'm not entirely sure what I am looking at here.

The temple

Mages Guild

Fighters Guild

Thieves Guild

There is still the Imperial Legion and the Imperial cult, but as those are over at Moonmoth Legion Fort rather than Balmora, I will explore that later.

Now for our choices.

Shall we deliver the package to Caius Cosades?

Should we join a faction? The Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild or Tribunal temple, or perhaps we will go and see what the Imperial Legion and Imperial cult are about? You can vote for as many or few as you like, even not wanting to join any right now is an option. We might end up seeing them all unless there is a certain faction most vote to not join ever.

Will we go to Moonmoth Legion Fort anyway to see what the rumors about Larrius Varro stopping the corruption are?

Off-Topic / Re: Let's Experience Morrowind (With Many Images)
« on: December 22, 2014, 05:06:04 PM »
All of these guests are left open as I never actually refuse them. We might be able to do them later if someone remembers and suggests that we do it. A new update is on the way though it is going to be a rather large one.

Off-Topic / Re: Let's Experience Morrowind (With Many Images)
« on: December 21, 2014, 08:54:07 PM »
Part 7: Off to Balmora

We decided to free the slaves. As they are slaves, they don't own anything and freeing them gives us nothing. Their disposition towards us jumps to 100 however. There were two other slaves in this cell with Baadargo: they all were freed.

All of the slaves were wearing these and this is what the key is for. That certainly is an enchantment that would hinder escaping.

Balmora was our next stop. As we asked a scout for directions, our map in the upper right corner already has our destination marked as well as some other landmarks she mentioned. The dark areas are the areas we have explored.

The directions we were given tell us to take the north bridge to leave Seyda Neen and head east past the Silt Strider port. This convenient sign seems to agree.

It's not the best day for walking, but big strong Nord men can handle the rain.

This is where the directions want us to go. The scenery already is looking a bit different. Seems like we are getting out of the swamp forest.

Hello, friend.

Goodbye, friend. This was a Kwama Forager. They are aggressive, but very weak. They aren't an issue.

This is the Ascadian Isles area. There are actual islands of course, but we're too far inland to see them. Instead we get to enjoy the grassy hills with some new flora and giant mushrooms.

Oh, what's this?

This Guar isn't aggressive. They're used as mounts and pack animals in Vvardenfell. Unfortunately we will never get to ride one... Or that is what I would say if we did not have mods. We do actually have a mod for Guar mounts, which we will most likely be seeing in use later. These untrained Guars can't be used as mounts.

Seems like there is another person around as well.

Oh. Well then. This woman was attacked by a bandit and had her jewels stolen, though she was not harmed. She doesn't want us to get the jewels back, however. Instead, she wants us to find the bandit as she seems to have fallen in love with him.

Shall we help Maurrie find the bandit for the sake of love or continue to Balmora?

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« on: December 18, 2014, 12:30:49 PM »
Part 6: Visiting the Smugglers

We decided to return the ring and got some Restore Health Potions for our trouble. They are sure to be useful while we go deal with the smugglers.

We weren't told where the den of the smugglers was, but Arrille said it was somewhere around the Silt Strider port.

If we follow the road and look left once we are on top of the hill, we can see this little cave and a door. It's on the other side of the Silt Strider port, so it is very close.

And it actually is the right place.

Stepping inside, we instantly get noticed by two people. They are hostile, so you should be prepared for a fight right away.

The person behind the female Dunmer has an enchanted spear, which does seem to be able to reach me from behind her. They did do a lot of damage to Yook together, but one hit from Yook is very powerful.

They go down fast.

The woman happens to have a key, which we will take with us. The two of them also have some money and other items we can sell.

As soon as I proceed through the little door to go further into the cave, another person notices me and tries to attack me.


Instead of going down the path into the area where our last opponent came from, I turned around and headed up the stairs. There was another gate, which was locked. We actually have the key for this as it is the Slave Key we picked up earlier... But we do have lockpicks and opening locked doors levels that skill up.


Meet our first slaves. They can be found in many areas, wearing bracers that weaken them enough to make them good slaves. They can be freed if the correct key to them is found, the bracers cannot be lockpicked. We have the key still, so we could free them. But the question is, will we free the slaves?

After that, we can continue onwards. There are more people attacking us, but in the usual Yook way, they aren't much of a threat.

I had to rush ahead to deal with the one that had throwing stars, as she was getting a bit annoying. While her corpse's head is being eaten by the wall, I took a look at her inventory. She had a lockpick and a probe, something we haven't needed yet. Certain locks are trapped and those have to be disarmed with a probe before it's safe to pick the lock.

Heading back to the area with the water, there is another slave key, an identical one to the key we already found.

The crates have some various random loot, so it is worth to check them. Not all of them have something useful, but if it can be sold for enough money, it's probably worth it. Yook is strong enough to carry a lot of stuff with him without being encumbered.

I decided to take a little swim to see where the water would lead me.


I surface in a small, dark cave. The darker shape in the back is rather interesting...

Oh, a chest. A hidden cave only accessible by diving with a corpse nearby? I'm certain there is something good inside it.

Oh. 3 gold and a pitcher.

Returning to the main cave and continuing going through the crates, we come across some Moon Sugar. It is an illegal substance used to make Skooma, a drug. It has some value to it, but your usual merchants will refuse to barter with you if you have any in your inventory.

There's a lot of Moon Sugar in this cave. I feel like I know what these people were smuggling.

Ah, here we go. Skooma is illegal and the normal merchants won't buy it. It is very valuable, however.

We come across another gate.

I believe we have made it clear that a level 10 lock won't stop Yook.

There is more water on the other side.

It's a rather long tunnel filled with water, but it's not deep enough to actually dive.

Finally at the end, it's deep enough to swim and continue further into the cave.

It's another darker section. This time we don't have a chest, but we do have these handy stone stairs heading up.

Hello rat.

Bye rat.

There are no other enemies here, it seems. There is some light at the end of the tunnel.

The mushrooms give out that strange, green glow. There was a torch among them, which I took. It does actually work and it would give you more light. The game isn't dark enough for one to be required, but if you think parts of this update were too dark to see properly, I could make use of them while taking screenshots.

Here is the torch in action. We can't hold our axe at the same time, but changing weapons happens in an instant.

Heading up the strange rock formation, we come across a rather familiar sight.

We're back where we started. The door on the left takes us back to the entrance and the door up the stairs is the slave door. We made one big loop, got all the treasure and killed all the smugglers.

We have done everything we wanted here.

Here's what the merchants say if you try to barter them with Moon Sugar. You can just drop it down and pick it up, they don't mind that. You might see that Arrille is wearing different clothes now, and that is because I sold him something he considered better than his old clothes. The NPCs will equip the best items they have in their inventory. It can be a bit annoying if you sell them something you want back, as they won't sell items they are wearing.

Back at home, we are doing rather well. Almost 1500 gold already.

Shall we finally head to Balmora?

Should we free the slaves?

Off-Topic / Re: Let's Experience Morrowind (With Many Images)
« on: December 15, 2014, 04:00:47 PM »
Part 5: Bloody Justice

We decided to kill the murderer. If we say such, he will attack us.

Considering that he is trying to hit us with his fists and he has no armor while we have an enchanted battleaxe, he does us no damage and goes down in three hits.

Seems like he did take something from the tax collector after all. This is the ring Thavere wanted us to return to her.

After getting rid of the body, let's take a look at this book...

Full story here.

Seeing that we have killed the owner of this shack, it is ours now. The various sacks and barrels had some food items I took before depositing my own items I do not use here. It's good to have a home.

There's light rain outside today.

We did the deed, so we get the money. We're not awfully poor anymore, so I felt like it was time to do some shopping.

Arrille did not sell a full suit of heavy armor, so our helmet is medium armor. We are also missing some armor parts, but some heavy armor is better than none. We will be able to train the skill and our defense is much better.

We have solved the mystery of the missing tax collector. Our only choice regarding to this questline is if we wish to return the ring or keep it. It has no enchantments, but it could be sold for some good gold.

We also need to figure out our next step. Many seemed to want to go deal with the smugglers earlier, so that is still an opportunity and we should be properly armed to do that. Should we explore the smuggler's den or go to Balmora?

Off-Topic / Re: Let's Experience Morrowind (With Many Images)
« on: December 13, 2014, 09:07:28 PM »
Part 4: On the Trail of the Murderer

Last time we found the body of the missing tax collector and had to decide if we will give back the money we found. We decided to hand it over.

We get praised for our honesty. Socucius Ergalla also thinks it is rather strange for a man to just get murdered and then all this money being left on his corpse. He would also like us to find the murderer, promising us 500 gold if we kill this person.

"Hey baby, I'd like to paddle my canoe between those mounds if you know what I mean."

Oh. Well, let's ask her more about the murder.

The tax collector wasn't very liked in this village and apparently he was someone who liked to show off his wealth. There was a single person who spent time with him however, someone who lives in the lighthouse. I believe we shall be visiting them.

This is the first time she hears of Processus being murdered, seeing how we discovered his body. In her eyes, he was a gentle man and they had grown close. He did have an argument with someone called Foryn Gilnith, who accused Processus of taking too much money and then keeping the rest himself. Thavere thinks this is a ridiculous claim.

If we ask her about the ring she mentioned, she would like us to return it if we find it, as it was a gift she gave to Processus and it was very dear to him.

I also decided to climb the lighthouse.

Some books actually raise our skills when we read them, like this did to unarmored. Read the entire story here.

Now, back outside, finding Foryn Gilnith isn't very difficult. He has a shack in the area with the other wooden shacks.

He admits to the murder and doesn't even try to hide it. He says he was justified, as the man was corrupt and overcharged everyone. Foryn obviously did not do it to get money himself, as he left the gold behind. If you read the tax report, Foryn does seem to have a rather large sum he would have to pay.

The Census and Excise Office as well as Thavere say that the tax collector was a good man. The townspeople think that he was corrupt and rotten. Should we punish the murderer with death as we were told to or will we let him go?

Our update was a rather short one, so I felt like we could at least gain a level. It involved getting hit by mudcrabs, jumping, running and hiding in a corner.

When we have increased our Major and Minor skills enough, we shall get a message telling us to rest. That means we will level up the next time we sleep, though you could still train your skills at this point if you want to.

We don't own a bed or have a house for ourselves, so I thought we could use the bedroll that was in the Census and Excise Office closet.

Level 2. This is where we get to choose which attributes we wish to boost and you should see that I have placed 3 tokens on the attributes that get x5. I leveled up the skills in a way that gave us the maximum amount of attribute points, which mostly included some random skills that could be raised easily. We definitely need more intelligence, but right now we don't have all that many easy ways of giving it a good multiplier.

To recap, we must make another choice: shall we kill the murderer despite him claiming that he did the right thing or let him go and miss out on the reward we would be given for bringing him to justice?

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« on: December 11, 2014, 08:24:05 PM »
Part 3: Yook Thunderbeard, Nord Detective

Last time, we found new clothes and failed to win over a girl. Today, we shall look for the missing tax collector.

Now, does this Hrisskar guy seriously want us to steal or extort money from our good man Faggot? What the fuck. He is messing with the wrong beard and deserves a good round of ass-kicking.

"Your face looks like a turd. And I don't like it."

We can taunt people. If we taunt them enough, they might attack us. This way we could fight anyone without getting a bounty, as if they attack first, it's self defense.

I went around asking people about more rumors in case they would know something about the tax collector, but no luck. While I was doing so, my Athletics skill increased.

At least one person likes us...

Not having anywhere else to look, we are going to have to venture to the forests around Seyda Neen. It is night and rather dark, but we're going to have to keep our eyes open.


So, a man fell from the sky...

And died. Let's see what he has.

Yes, we'll take all of this.

A hat for true men.

This book was something that belonged to the fallen man. An Acrobatics skill of 1000 certainly would make you leap very high. I believe there is only one thing we can do.

Use the scroll and jump!

The forest is disappearing behind the draw distance fog.

Oh, it seems like our jump ended already. Going down.



Let's continue our search during this beautiful sunrise.

I found a door on the side of a small hill. Seems like we get to raid a tomb.

It's rather dark down here, but I can see some light and a bigger room up ahead.



Please note my health.

I believe we just saw a ghost. With a floating hammer of some kind. It hurt, so we're not going to raid a tomb today.

Continuing our search, I actually managed to find the missing tax collector. Can you see him in this image? Take your time.

Here he is. In the original, unmodded game, there isn't as much grass and other vegetation around. This area would be bare and the body would be easily found. Here, it looks like whatever killed him did a rather good job at hiding their tracks.

We'll take this and the gold.

We can now talk about the murder with townspeople. The first one I talked to directed me towards Socucius Ergalla, the person we made our class with.

He's close, so let's go pay him a visit.

Oh. Well then. Looks like we have another choice.

Shall we keep the gold we found or give the gold to Ergalla?

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« on: December 09, 2014, 02:49:43 PM »
Part 2: Ladies Man

Last time there were some final choices to be made, such as our class name and birthsign. We had some suggestions for the name, so we mixed them up a bit. Whether or not we're Bad or Good shall be decided as we play along, but for now...

We chose the Lady as our sign. It beat the Atronach by one, so the Lady it is.

Our status screen. Some of our Misc skills have more points than our Minor skills due to our racial bonuses. We start out with a lot of fatigue and we will get a lot of health once we level up. With the Lady, our Endurance score is 85 at start. That's quite a lot.

Onwards to the rest of our choices. We chose to give Fargoth his ring back, giving his disposition quite the boost. Similarly, he is friends with a person called Arrille, a man who runs Seyda Neen's only shop. He will like us now as well, for free.

I bumped into this man on the way. He knows the person in charge of the Silt Strider over here and told us to mention his name. I asked him about rumors and heard that a tax collector is missing. Perhaps we could find the missing man?

As I returned to get our enchanted axe from the stump, I noticed something in the distance. It might be hard to see as it blends in quite well and looks like a rock, but it's moving.

I readied my axe only to find out that it wasn't attacking.

This is a mudcrab. It's quite harmless and a weak enemy, but usually they do attack you.


It didn't even get to attack us properly and went down fast.

We can loot our dead enemies and crabs are delicious. It is always a good idea to dispose of the corpses so the game has less to track.

I returned to the village and found the largest building, which of course was the Tradehouse we had been told about. The door right in front of us actually is a warehouse and not the proper entrance. It's also locked, so we are going to have to head up the stairs to our left.

Here's Arrille. His disposition wouldn't be this high if we hadn't helped Fargoth. High disposition with shopkeepers is worth it, as that means we will get better prices. Any strange items you might be seeing are there because of mods: some of them add items where you can easily change the settings in-game by equipping them.

Let's sell some of the things we found like the platter and silverware cup from the stump. Even though the value of the platter was 650, we are getting less than that here. I actually bargained the price up a little. Higher personality and better Mercantile would give us better prices, but this is better than nothing.

Arrille also sells some books, but we don't have to buy them to read them.

This book would teach you a bit more about Dunmer beliefs. Read the whole book here.

This scroll has a small map of the game area and a lot of text about the land. If you want a little sneak peek of what to expect, here it is. Read the scroll here.

Heading upstairs.

Hrisskar indeed is having some money trouble. He wants us to find Fargoth's hiding place so we can take some money. Will we help Hrisskar to find Fargoth's hiding place and if we do, will we give what we find to him?

There are many people upstairs, but the woman behind the counter is the most interesting one right now.

She offers us some help for when we finally decide to go to Balmora, in case we are doing it on foot.

Our package is still safe and sound.

Taking a little look at the building, the ones next to this little road are all built in the Imperial style.

The shacks to the left and behind the Tradehouse however, are built in a Dunmer style. As far as I know, all these house Dunmer. Perhaps they were here first and perhaps they are poorer than the rest?

We have heard the Silt Strider mentioned many times already, so I ventured to the outskirts of the village to find the port.

They are large bugs with long legs and a hard shell that is carved to allow passengers to sit comfortably on them. They are moved by poking their sensitive nerves through the carved shell. We saw this one when we exited the ship.

We mention Vodunius Nuccius to this person like he told us to. She has something to say about him.

I went back to the village to ask the man himself, but as I got there...

A person in the back started to run towards me.

Yes, clearly following me. Is that a sword of some kind in his hand?

He attacked me, causing the guards next to me of course rush to my aid.

I don't think he thought this out very well. The guards killed him before I could do much. His sword did hurt, though.

It was an enchanted blade, so I believe I will be taking it. Actually...

Let's take it all and equip his clothes. I think they look a bit better than what we started out with.

I finally make it back to Vodunius Nuccius to ask him if he's happy in Morrowind. He says he's not, and offers to give us a cursed ring in exchange for some money so he can leave. Should we buy his cursed ring for 100 drakes?

Afterwards, we shall explore this town to see if any maidens need saving, wink wink.

"Ma'am, I have seen plenty of birds in my life, but I must say I have never seen a pair of hooters as amazing as yours!"

Oh. Failed admiration attempts will also lower an NPC's disposition towards us.

We have many things to vote on again. Shall we try to find the lost tax collector?

Will we help Hrisskar with his plan and find Fargoth's secret stash of money?

Shall we buy Vodunius Nuccius' cursed ring for 100 drakes?

And will we try to take on the smugglers to see what kind of things they might have?

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Part 1: Finishing the Tutorial

Last time this door was unlocked for us and we get to open it and step into another room. This update will be quite heavy in the images, as it is showing the basics you might want to know to be able to follow along better.

The game has been giving us similar prompts for a while, but I have cut most of them out. But let's follow the message's advice.

We equip items by just clicking on them and bringing them over to our character model in the inventory. Dagger get.

But what did the note under it say?

Oh. Alright.

There is a lot of food around here, but this bottle of Flin in particular is rather nice. It is rather valuable, so we will take it. We could also drink it ourselves for some extra Strength and Willpower for a while, but it's hardly needed right now. We will also be picking up all the bread and crab meat around here.

And there is this thing. I believe we shall be taking it. You equip lockpicks the same way as you equip weapons. They will break eventually, as listed in their uses. Right behind us, there is this convenient locked chest...

And by using our lockpick on the locked chest, it opens. There is no minigame unfortunately, and success is based on your attributes and skill.

We get some gold for our trouble.

There is an egg here. It's more food. We don't require food to survive and these do not restore health, but they are alchemy ingredients as well. Due to our poor knowledge of Alchemy, we can only see the first effect it has right now. By mixing it with something else that has Restore Fatigue as any of its other effects, we could create Restore Fatigue Potions.

Also, a book.

It talks about the Birthsigns and you can read the whole book here. It's not a very long one, though we might as well take it.

We could leave the building already, but there was another door down the hallway.

It is just a small closet with containers.

Containers with items. We'll be taking all the alchemy ingredients. This one also restores fatigue.

Back to the other room with the door that leads outside, here's how our new dagger looks.

Still not free. This is a small courtyard and we will still have to go through that other building.

There are some Slough Ferns here. We can interact with them to get some ingredients.

This barrel is more interesting, however.

Inside it, our first enchanted item. Using this ring, we could cast a healing spell on us. It's not very strong, but it only uses its charge rather than our Magicka. It will recharge on its own, though you can charge it immediately by using a soulgem with a soul.

Let's head inside.

The first person we actually have to talk to, let's get right to it.

Morrowind does not have full voice acting, which means there is a lot more dialogue in it than the other Elder Scrolls games. Some of them are shared between many NPCs, but same have their unique things to say. We can ask them more by clicking on the blue topics, either as they come up in the actual chat or choose them from the bar on the right. Let's ask him more about Morrowind.

We just arrived and we already have a job as an errand boy, it seems. Let's see how much information we can get from him.

This is most likely going to be the most text screenshots you will see from me. I hope you like them. We didn't really learn much, so let's finally leave this and start the actual game.

Here. Now we have access to Seyda Neen proper and the rest of the world, as well. Let's talk to this one person here.

Oh. Ah, well. We did find this ring. What shall it be? Will we return Fargoth's ring?

As a little end bonus, let's do something interesting again.

There is a lighthouse over there.

If we climb up these stairs and run to the edge, we will be able to hop inside a stump.

It's not much, but it's something. I believe I can do better, however.

If we continue to go over these rocks instead...

Leap of faith.

We can get something our character will really appreciate.

Right now we have an enchanted battleaxe mere minutes from starting. I'd say that's a rather good start. We'll stop here, because we have many things to vote on right now.

Please name our class.

Choose our Birthsign.

Decide if we will give Fargoth his ring back or keep it to ourselves.

We also have to choose our destination. Shall we head to Balmora to deliver the package or stay in Seyda Neen and explore? If we go to Balmora, shall we take the silt strider or walk there?

And... Will we actually open the package ourselves?

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Part 0: Almost There

Face A4 got two votes, E7 got one. We will go with A4.

No hairstyle got more than one vote, though two people voted for longer hair and one person wanted to be bald. I tossed a coin between Goldilocks and Mullet, arriving at Mullet. We shall have a blonde mullet.

Combat specialization was picked. Stealth and Magic both got two votes, though more people said no magic, so we shall have Stealth as our runner-up.

Strength and Endurance are our Favorite Attributes.

We have our hero. Now to continue from where we left off.

This is our build. Combat specialization, strength and endurance as our attributes. Major Skills were decided as so: two combat specialization skills (Axe and Heavy Armor), one skill that fits our favorite attribute strength (Armorer), one magic skill (Restoration) and one stealth skill (Security). Thanks to Restoration, we will start out with a healing spell, Hearth Heal.

Minor Skills: two stealth specialization skills (Sneak and Speechcraft), and... Well, our second favorite attribute was Endurance, but there are only three endurance governing skills and we already have one of them. The rest weren't exactly useful for us (Medium Armor and Spear), so instead I looked at out other suggestions Agility and Willpower. Willpower is like mental endurance, so I took Mysticism. Continuing, one magic skill (Alchemy) and one combat skill (Athletics). We are rather balanced, though we are definitely strong physically. And as all true men, we can brew our own drinks.

Our class is still lacking a name. Please give us a class name, and if you would like, a description for our class. I would appreciate it if it's short. The game doesn't recognize copy pasting, so I am going to have to type it myself.

Yet another decision for us to make. Our birthsign will affect us in many ways and help us as we start out. The choice, as usual, is yours. Please pick us a birthsign.


The Warrior
The Mage
The Thief
The Serpent
The Lady
The Steed
The Lord
The Apprentice
The Atronach
The Ritual
The Lover
The Shadow
The Tower
Once we get that done, we will get our papers that will allow us to leave this area.

Our class name of course is not permanent in this case.

Now, the door we will have to go through is over there, but I felt like we could end this update with something a bit more fun.

Over to the right, there is this platter. Please note the value.

Comparing it to the second most valuable item on the shelf, it becomes quite apparent that it is worth a lot of money. Worth taking, maybe.

There are so many eyes watching us, but maybe we can just...

Oh. Well, all hope is not lost! If we act before the guard reaches us, we can go to our inventory and drop the item on the floor.

We do not get a bounty in this area. The guard will just tell us not to do it again. But watch what happens when we pick the platter up from the floor.

Can you see it? It's understandable if you don't. Nothing happens. We are allowed to take the platter now and no one will bother us. We now have something worth 650 gold in our inventory. We can sell it later.

There are many books in this game. The room we're in has these history books for optional reading. Enjoy the Brief History of the Empire part 1, part 2, Part 3 and part 4.

We are allowed to read things even if others are watching, but actually taking the books would be stealing.

Only one thing to do now. We'll see what is on the other side of this door next time, where we will finish the tutorial and learn more about our mission.

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It might be our nicest greeting. He was very understanding and polite.

Part 0: Roar of Thunder

We had 3 votes for male, 1 for female and one was fine with both. We shall be male.

We had 3 votes for Nord, 1 for Dunmer and 1 for Redguard. We shall be a Nord. We're physically strong and mentally sound, though our intelligence will mean that we have to work on it if we want to use skills that require it and not fail horribly.

We had 3 votes for MOUNTAINFIST THUNDERBEARD. It was a rather long name and to be fair and give others a chance, I tossed a coin to let either Yogi or Syrup choose our first name. I picked Yogi's Yuki2, and we became...

Yook "Mountainfist" Thunderbeard. It's not in all caps because our powerful Nord lungs would cause everyone to go deaf if we said our name properly.

But wait, remember where we last left off?

Not only do we choose our race and gender, we have options for faces and hair as well. It turns out that male Nords have many faces, but I took a picture of all of them. Luckily they have less hairstyles. Some of the faces are very similar and only have slightly different eyes or face paint, but I hope I managed to get rid of all the duplicates.

Please pick us a face and a hairstyle.

After that's done, there is still something to be done before we're allowed to run around on our own. We will follow this guard...

There is a locked gate to our right. We can't get through, so we are going to have to go inside the only door we can open.

This is where we will pick our class. There are three ways. Either we answer a few questions and allow the game to pick a class for us, or pick one of the classes the game has ourselves... Or create our custom class, which we will be doing.

We have a lot of control over what we do, but right now most of what you see might be meaningless. We'll stop our update here to explain what everything here means.

Creating a Class

A class is made of a Specialization, Favorite Attributes, and skills, which are divided to Major Skills and Minor SkillsSpecialization gives us a choice of either Combat, Magic or Stealth. Each skill that exists belongs to one of these specializations and every skill that is included in whatever specialization we pick will have a 5 point bonus. These skills will also level up faster.

Favorite Attributes will allow us to choose two attributes. These chosen attributes will have a 10 point bonus, added to our race's attributes.

We also get to pick five Major Skills and five Minor Skills. Major skills will start at 30 and Minor skills will start at 15. Leftover skills are counted as Miscellaneous and those will start at 5. Our racial skills will be added to these numbers. Major Skills will also level up faster, though Miscellaneous skills will in turn be slower to level up. In addition, only Major and Minor skills will allow us to level up, a process I will talk about more later.

Specialization and Skills

CombatStealthMagicLeveling upface and hairstyle. We are also going to create our class, so I would like you to vote on these things.

Pick our Specialization: either Combat, Magic or Stealth.

Pick our Favorite Attributes from the following: Strength, Endurance, Agility, Speed, Personality, Intelligence, Willpower and Luck. You can pick two.

As voting for every single skill would take too much time and most likely make a class that is difficult to use, I shall use the following method to pick our Major and Minor skills.

Our Specialization will make me pick 2 skills belonging to the group as our Major Skills and 1 as a Minor Skill.

Whichever Specialization comes second (or decided by a coin toss if there is a tie) will give us 1 Major Skill and 2 Minor Skills.

The Specialization group that comes last will only have 1 skill in both Major and Minor skills.

In addition, our Favorite Attributes will decide the remaining two skills. The attribute with the most votes will be the governing attribute of a skill that I will pick for Major Skills and the second one will be our final skill for Minor Skills. This will total in five skills for both skill groups and hopefully give us a good spread.

Please pick us a weapon and an armor type. I suggest we only pick one, as we only have 10 skill slots and we need to make good use of them. We can always train new skills later when we're less likely to die and have more money.

We will have at least two of each Specialization group no matter what way the vote goes. I would like to hear your suggestions for skills so I can use them to influence me as I choose the skills. It's a good idea to suggest skills from each Specialization group as we will be taking some from all.

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Part 0: Making a Hero

First an introduction to attributes. They will all affect different skills, but we will talk about skills later when it matters.

Strength affects how much damage our weapons do, as well as how much we can carry and our starting health and fatigue.

Intelligence determines our base amount of Magicka.

Willpower affects our ability to cast spells, our ability to resist paralyzing and silencing spells, and gives us more fatigue. That's a good thing. The meter is called fatigue, so you want a bigger one to be less fatigued and... Yes, it's a bit confusing.

Agility helps us hit enemies and dodge attacks or it would if we didn't have a mod for better combat. It also gives us more fatigue and helps us to resist staggering when enemies hit us.

Speed affects how fast we move, which is a good thing.

Endurance is what will be used to calculate our health boosts as we level up, which makes it good for survival. We also get more fatigue with more endurance.

Personality will make people like us more, which helps with any means of persuading.

Luck is a strange attribute that affects just about everything. It doesn't affect the loot we find, but it will affect how lucky we will be anything that has a chance to fail or succeed.


Base Attributes

Strength: 30, Intelligence: 50, Willpower: 40, Agility: 40, Speed: 30, Endurance: 40, Personality: 40, Luck: 40

Strength: 30, Intelligence: 50, Willpower: 40, Agility: 40, Speed: 40, Endurance: 30, Personality: 40, Luck: 40

Skill Bonuses

Destruction: +10, Enchant: +10, Alchemy: +10, Alteration +5, Conjuration: +5, Illusion: +5


Fortify Maximum Magicka 1.5x INT
Resist Common Disease: 75%
Weakness to Shock and Frost: 25%
Weakness to Fire: 50%
Weakness to Magicka: 50%

Altmer, or the High Elves, favor spellcasting. They will get a bigger mana pool and bonuses to many magic skills. All of the special abilities are passive, so they do not have to be activated in any way. They do resist common diseases, but they are weak against every kind of magic, making enemy spellcasters very dangerous. Males have a bit more endurance than females, but females have a bit more speed.


Base Attributes

Strength: 40, Intelligence: 40, Willpower: 30, Agility: 50, Speed: 50, Endurance: 30, Personality: 30, Luck: 40

Strength: 40, Intelligence: 50, Willpower: 40, Agility: 40, Speed: 40, Endurance: 30, Personality: 30, Luck: 40

Skill Bonuses

Athletics: +15, Alchemy: +5, Illusion +5, Medium Armor: +5, Mysticism: +5, Spear +5, Unarmored +5


Resist Poison: 100%
Resist Common Disease: 75
Spell: Water Breathing for 120sec on Self, Cost: 5pts

Argonians are lizard people. They're pretty rounded, though the males have attributes better suited for sneaky and agile characters while the females have more spellcasting power. They don't have any negative effects if one looks at their specials... However, because of them being a beast race, they cannot wear helmets that are closed as they have a snout. Their feet are also different and they cannot wear shoes or any kind, which is quite sad thanks to a certain nice item.


Base Attributes

Strength: 30, Intelligence: 40, Willpower: 30, Agility: 50, Speed: 50, Endurance: 30, Personality: 40, Luck: 40

Strength: 30, Intelligence: 40, Willpower: 30, Agility: 50, Speed: 50, Endurance: 30, Personality: 40, Luck: 40

Skill Bonuses

Marksman: +15, Sneak: +10, Light Armor: +10, Alchemy +5, Acrobatics: +5


Base Attributes

Strength: 40, Intelligence: 50, Willpower: 50, Agility: 30, Speed: 30, Endurance: 30, Personality: 40, Luck: 40

Strength: 30, Intelligence: 50, Willpower: 50, Agility: 30, Speed: 40, Endurance: 30, Personality: 40, Luck: 40

Skill Bonuses

Conjuration: +10, Mysticism: +10, Restoration: +10, Alchemy +5, Alteration: +5, Illusion +5


Base Attributes

Strength: 40, Intelligence: 40, Willpower: 30, Agility: 40, Speed: 50, Endurance: 40, Personality: 30, Luck: 40

Strength: 40, Intelligence: 40, Willpower: 30, Agility: 40, Speed: 50, Endurance: 30, Personality: 40, Luck: 40

Skill Bonuses

Long Blade: +5, Destruction: +10, Light Armor: +5, Athletics +5, Mysticism: +5, Marksman +5, Short Blade +10


Base Attributes

Strength: 40, Intelligence: 40, Willpower: 30, Agility: 30, Speed: 40, Endurance: 40, Personality: 50, Luck: 40

Strength: 40, Intelligence: 40, Willpower: 40, Agility: 30, Speed: 30, Endurance: 40, Personality: 50, Luck: 40

Skill Bonuses

Speechcraft: +5, Mercantile: +10, Long Blade: +10, Blunt Weapon +5, Light Armor: +5, Hand-to-Hand: +5


Base Attributes

Strength: 40, Intelligence: 40, Willpower: 30, Agility: 50, Speed: 40, Endurance: 30, Personality: 40, Luck: 40

Strength: 30, Intelligence: 40, Willpower: 30, Agility: 50, Speed: 40, Endurance: 40, Personality: 40, Luck: 40

Skill Bonuses

Acrobatics: +15, Athletics: +5, Hand-to-Hand: +5, Light Armor: +5, Security: +5, Short Blade: +5, Sneak: +5


Base Attributes

Strength: 50, Intelligence: 30, Willpower: 40, Agility: 30, Speed: 40, Endurance: 50, Personality: 30, Luck: 40

Strength: 50, Intelligence: 30, Willpower: 50, Agility: 30, Speed: 40, Endurance: 40, Personality: 30, Luck: 40

Skill Bonuses

Axe: +10, Blunt Weapon: +10, Medium Armor: +10, Heavy Armor: +5, Long Blade: +5, Spear: +5


Base Attributes

Strength: 45, Intelligence: 30, Willpower: 50, Agility: 35, Speed: 30, Endurance: 50, Personality: 30, Luck: 40

Strength: 45, Intelligence: 40, Willpower: 45, Agility: 35, Speed: 30, Endurance: 50, Personality: 25, Luck: 40

Skill Bonuses

Armorer: +10, Block: +10, Heavy Armor: +10, Medium Armor: +10, Axe: +5


Base Attributes

Strength: 50, Intelligence: 30, Willpower: 30, Agility: 40, Speed: 40, Endurance: 50, Personality: 30, Luck: 40

Strength: 40, Intelligence: 30, Willpower: 30, Agility: 40, Speed: 40, Endurance: 50, Personality: 40, Luck: 40

Skill Bonuses

Long Blade: +15, Athletics: +5, Axe: +5, Blunt Weapon: +5, Heavy Armor: +5, Medium Armor: +5, Short Blade: +5

SpecialsName, Race and Gender.

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Part 0: Welcome to Morrowind

Intro movie video

They have taken you from the Imperial City's prison, first by carriage and now by boat.

To the East, to Morrowind. Fear not, for I am watchful.

You have been chosen.

"Wake up. We're here."

"Why are you shaking? Are you okay? Wake up...!"

Hello. The gameplay starts with us being given a choice right away. We are going to have to decide on our character's name. It is a very important choice and it is up to you. Please give your suggestions

This is the first time we are given the chance to actually move. This area works as a tutorial to teach you how to move, so there is not much to do. Our first mission is to follow this guard. Up the stairs...

To the hatch that leads to the deck. Only one way to go.

To Seyda Neen.

And right after we have gotten off the ship, we are given another major choice. We are going to have to choose our race and gender. It's mostly cosmetic, though our race does affect our starting skill bonuses and base attributes, with our gender also affecting those base attributes. Some quests also change a bit depending on if you are a man or a woman. People who share your race will also like you a bit more, though that is a very small boost. The different races also have different special abilities, which might be useful or dangerous, or something that might be useful if you just remember to use them.

This is where the update will stop for now as we shall take a look at our options. The starting attributes aren't too important, so you can just pick what you like. Hopefully our next update will have less images as well as smaller images, though I felt I wanted to show all the subtitles of this part of the game, as it's the one with the most voice acting. Scroll down for our options.

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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is, as one could assume, the third installment in the Elder Scrolls game series developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks and Ubisoft. The original game was released in early May in 2002, making it a rather old game. Just like in the later installments, it is an open world fantasy action roleplaying game where we will create our own character, choosing from multiple fantasy races and skills. We shall be exploring the volcanic island of Vvardenfell in the province of Morrowind, an area that is quite small compared to many other Elder Scrolls games. However, the entire island has been crafted by hand, meaning there are no randomly generated landscapes and exploring is quite worth it. Loved by many for the unique world and disliked by many for the outdated game mechanics, we are here to make our own judgment. Unfortunately there are no ragdoll physics.

I have not played the game personally, but I am with someone who has. While I will be experiencing many things for the first time and our memory is not perfect, I believe there will be many things I can show to you as you help us go through the game. Obviously, we will be playing the PC version. I would also like to ask you to not post spoilers, especially without spoiler tags. You can definitely suggest and talk about things I might have missed, but when it comes to actual plot points that have yet to happen, please wait until we actually get there.

We will be using both of the expansions, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, which add a lot more content and areas mostly meant to be explored after finishing the main quest. We also will not go in this unmodded. We will be using a mod called Morrowind Enhanced which will fix the rather atrocious combat system of the vanilla game. We will also be using certain mods that make the game look a bit better with plenty of new models, textures and a lot more grass and trees. Better Bodies will be changing all the humanoid NPC models to look a lot better than they did in the original game to avoid nightmares. There are also some other small mods that do not really change the game in any other way except add a bit more life to the world, such as Morrowind Comes AliveTable of Contents

Part 0
Welcome to Morrowind
Making a Hero

Roar of Thunder
Almost there

Part 1: Finishing the Tutorial
Part 2: Ladies Man
Part 3: Yook Thunderbeard, Nord Detective
Part 4: On the Trail of the Murderer
Part 5: Bloody Justice
Part 6: Visiting the Smugglers
Part 7: Off to Balmora
Part 8: Balmora Trail
Part 9: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Part 10: Reporting to Caius Cosades
Part 11: New Boss
Part 12: Poached Eggs
Part 13: To Arkngthand
Part 14: Hunting Telvanni Agents
Part 15: Naked Nord Nonsense
Part 16: Reaping the Rewards
Part 17: Ace Alchemist
Part 18: Grave Robbing
Part 19: The Great Houses
Part 20: Spooky Scary Specters
Part 21: Loose Ends

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