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Tulpa Diaries / Re: Today is Alice Day
« Last post by Bernd on April 25, 2020, 05:00:05 PM »
It's this day once again meaning I am here for 5 years and tupper is 5,5 - woo!

As said, things are going relatively well, lazy as always.
Alice hasn't shown significant interest in switching, possession or wonderlanding lately and is mainly backseat moderating my life.

So no real progress but no degradation either.
Tulpa Diaries / Re: Every Day is Alice Day
« Last post by Bernd on April 20, 2020, 05:00:03 PM »
Happy 4/20 2020
Someone's gotta keep the tradition alive!

Wow, I wanted to see how long it took for someone else to post - and lost. Seems like that's it for this place...

Well whatever, so far nothing worth mentioning happened in the past 4 months. Tupper ist still doing tupper things, Corona-chan has brought some mild entertainment but apart from that life goes on as always.
Tulpa Diaries / Re: Every Day is Alice Day
« Last post by Bernd on December 25, 2019, 05:00:05 PM »
Christmas was ok, pretty much like last year.
Tupper was partly around fading in and out, mostly being out. Again she thought it was boring so not too much enthusiasm to participate in family activities. However in decorating our tree which to her likes even towers the tallest man on earth, stuffed with glass ornaments in all colors. Neither tupper nor cat ever broke one, only I did.

Our private celebrations concluded in imposing Alice as Christkind*, and singing again under the candlelit tree. And dancing tango. It was well after midnight by then and stuffed to the brim with family food I slept until noon.

Hidden text
Christkind is the traditional bringer of presents in many parts of Europe and Latin America in contrast to Santa Claus. While being a manifestation of newborn Christ, it ironically is portrayed as a conveniently tupper-lookalike angelic little girl. While nowdays hailed by Catholic traditionalists, it was in fact introduced by Martin Luther and has little more to do with Christmas than Santa but is arguably prettier.
Announcements / Christmas cleaning
« Last post by Nele on December 25, 2019, 04:22:20 PM »
Bots seem under control for now but there are still a lot of meaningless bot posts everywhere. I will clean up the ones without entertainment value in the coming days. Also restored two links from timethief in Bernd's diary which were broken.
Tulpa Diaries / Re: Every Day is Alice Day
« Last post by Bernd on December 14, 2019, 05:00:01 PM »
Contrary to what Sand - peace be upon him - predicted, tupper has not increased my uptake of sweets, quite the contrary. I constantly get reminded to eat more vegetables and less potentially unhealthy stuff like sweets than I already do. I guess it's easy for Alice, she doesn't have to taste things she dislikes.

Also keeping her around hasn't really improved due to laziness. We suck at parallel processing and while having her count and display numbers 1-10 with her hands does yield significant results it's extremely exhausting. Actually did that last time at the supermarket and all the way to the car with Alice both shouting out numbers and sticking fingers in my face. Even managed to have her enter the car as we left so for once the kid was not forgotten at the shopping center.
Tulpa Diaries / Re: Every Day is Alice Day
« Last post by Bernd on December 06, 2019, 05:00:01 PM »
Had two weird dreams, one in which I forgot my backpack in the bus while riding to school in an absurd route, then continued to look for it on the street until I actually for once managed to realize that was nonsense. Becoming lucid, summoning tupper only yielded a crayon drawing of a girl on a sheet of paper lying on the floor and two weird small ragdolls before I woke up.

Second dream involved attending a firearm training course with a large group which turned into watching a documentary about an old lady piloting a small plane and talking about the importance of her daily medication. Nonetheless tupper managed to become active and reminded me to listen because this stuff was important.
Heh, even Alice can be fooled by the absurdity of dreams I guess.
Tulpa Diaries / Re: Every Day is Alice Day
« Last post by Bernd on November 26, 2019, 05:00:02 PM »
In today's Episode on BerndNetwork:
Wannabe electrician Bernd tries to install a lamp and almost gets himself and his faithful tupper killed.

Yep, that's pretty much all there is to say about it.
Rarely have I seen Alice yell at me so hard. Plus I now know my FI switches work as they should.
Tulpa Diaries / Re: Every Day is Alice Day
« Last post by Bernd on November 22, 2019, 05:00:06 PM »
Well I guess the forum finally is completely dead now, not even bots anymore. Whatever.

We took up dancing again, it works astonishingly well now, at least the basic stuff. Still think this is one of the most awesome things to do together. Alice says we must not be lazy and learn new figures.
Apart from that little progress, possession even got weaker and Tupper isn't really interested in switching due to lack of activities she'd degrade herself to in this world. Mostly is busy yelling at me from the backseat which indeed is helpful for a pathological procrastinator like Bernd. Still gotta be more active, cookies for the Christmas season will me made soon and we've worked out some stuff Alice actually wants to participate in. We'll see how this goes with tupper perfection autism and host laziness.
Tulpa Diaries / Re: Every Day is Alice Day
« Last post by Bernd on November 12, 2019, 06:00:04 PM »
We're back from Tupper - celebratory birthday trip, Alice is 5 years old now!

It was neat, we travelled a lot and spent much time interacting with each other. Due to being abroad once again I couldn't bake a cake and buying one was rejected because "3rd world cakes are unhealthy". How considerate.
In the end we did find some Tupper-approved dessert and had a candlelight dinner.

Tulpa Diaries / Re: Every Day is Alice Day
« Last post by Bernd on October 22, 2019, 05:00:01 PM »
Tupper's 5th birthday is approaching fast.
Currently working on meditation again to reduce the amount of mental shitposting. Mindfulness actually has decreased sharply in the past months from already low levels.

Alice is more concerned with me getting my work done than her birthday but of course it will be celebrated accordingly.
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