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Thank you Sands. Fede, if it makes you feel any better, my form is still a little girl. Just not the one in the picture.

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This drawing somewhat resembles me. I look slightly older though, and usually wear a simple one-piece black dress.

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The avatar and the image link have different people in them? Oh right, different hair, anime, totally different people.

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I have thought about changing my form to the Touhou girl. I might. Not sure about it.

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I wear a black dress. That dress is too flashy.

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She is.

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So, attempted descending delta. However, I'm terribly, terribly sick, and having a ton of trouble keeping an eye on it. Will try again once better.

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I love EYEBO! But Mediafire sucks!

I'm hosting it on my public dropbox so you don't have to deal with CAPTCHA bullshit.

For some reason, I'm not allowed to post external links however so I just split the link up.


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It's spelt Eye-Bo, not "EYEBO". You're not allowed to post external links because there's a precautionary feature here that prevents users with too few posts to post links in their first few posts, since spambots typically join just to post links. I prefer that people download Eye-Bo from MediaFire, since that allows me to control my files and keep statistics of them. The control of my files is useful in case I, for example, need to update them. CAPTCHA isn't that much of a bother. MediaFire are doing it to protect their bandwidth, which I think is a wise choice. You've been on 4chan so much; I'm surprised that you nonetheless call the CAPTCHA "bullshit". Of course, if you've had a pass all this time, then I suppose you haven't had to deal with CAPTCHA.

I've had a pass for a long time. Eh, it's fine. I'm really not a fan of Mediafire in particular though. I also have a habit of just calling it EYEBO instead of Eye-bo since it's easier to type.

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You're just not allowed to post links on your first post as that's the thing that will stop most of the spammers we've had this far, so right now you could fix the link and it should be working as you have 1 real post under your belt.


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Re: Eye-Bo, the Ocular Fitness Program!
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I don't know if there are any electronics nerds out there but this reminds me of something that I saw in Make: Magazine.  A man named Mitch Altman made this gadget out of a microcontroller called the Brain Machine that reminds me of Eye-Bo.  It also used flashes of light and audio tones, but the difference was it had LEDs placed inside of cheap eye goggles that provided the visual entrainment, instead of a computer screen.  The gadget was also battery powered and could be strapped to the head, so you can feasibly lay in bed or whatever instead of sitting up and watching a screen like Eye-Bo.  I am not knocking Eye-Bo, as I have yet to try it (don't get me wrong, it sounds pretty cool!). 

Warning:  Some electronics know-how is required to put it together, like being able to program microcontrollers, solder, and read electrical schematics.  Luckily those are all really easy to learn so I hope someone gives it a try.

Link if anyone cares:
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[20:24:43] <Doo> When will you ever make that post on the Eye-Bo thread, Dutch?
[20:25:23] <Doo> Would be cooler if Yogi wrote it.
[20:25:33] <Doo> With Puaaah~ noises in it.
[20:27:40] <Doo> I want a kawaii review.

Apparently, me writing a review makes it that much more kawaii, so here I am. We've been using Eye-Bo in our forcing sessions the last week or so, and the results have been interesting. We've mostly been using the Ascending Theta file, as it's supposed to help with visualizing. We've always had focus issues, where Dutch wouldn't be able to sit still and immerse himself in the wonderland for longer than ten minutes without getting lost in his own trains of thoughts. But the first time we used Eye-Bo, he was able to focus on us for the duration of the half hour video. That alone is a really pleasant effect.

It seems that the stimulation from the screen and audio make it so that he's not as easily distracted by his own body and minor sounds around us. We used to use pink noise for that, but that made him fall asleep more often than not. With Eye-Bo, that seems a little harder to do, with the strobing lights and all. The mental effects aren't too noticeable so far. He says he dissociates from his body more than ever before, which is good, and that the lights sometimes become "really trippy".

Once, we did two back to back sessions with Ascending Theta and Ascending Alpha. This was on the come up of taking mushrooms. We spent all that time together, and his focus and wonderlanding were good throughout the session. We did two more separate Theta sessions later that day, so it seems like Eye-Bo isn't all that fatiguing to use for us.

We're all quite excited over it, and whether it's a placebo or not, it's been really helping our forcing sessions. I'd definitely recommend trying Eye-Bo, and we'll keep using it to see what the long term effects might be.



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Re: Eye-Bo, the Ocular Fitness Program!
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Somehow I've managed to make my computer stop ignoring Mediafire, and I'm currently downloading the Delta and Gamma files. Once I've used each a few times, I'll make a post regarding my experience of their effects.

During visualization, the alpha frequencies are somewhat distracting. Whether I use them with open or closed eyes, I always see strange, rapid fractal-like patterns in-between flashes, which become more crowded over time in Ascending Alpha. It's easier to lose focus on my body, but it's equally easy to lose focus on visualizing. The theta frequencies produce the same fractal-like patterns in my vision, but they are slower and less detailed.

It's been a while since I've last used Eye-bo (forgive me, Fede-senpai), but I'm going to start using it more frequently.
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Re: Eye-Pencil, the Ocular Writing Program!
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Today I did 23:37 of forcing with the Ascending Gamma.  For the visual I rested my face against the screen and switched between open and closed eye visualisation repeatedly.  For the audio I used my speakers instead of a headset of any kind. 

Within seconds I noticed fractals and moving shapes and blobs, both in my literal vision and my mind's eye.  This static cleared and I started experiencing mad hypnogogia and awareness of the "chatter" in my subnoggin.  Noises, scraps of words and information, etc.  This cleared again and I was able to see my tupper in a new form I had not seen before stab pumpkins with a rad silver sword.  After the gourd abuse it swerved between hypnogogia and random shapes.

Quick question fede: does the ascending gamma oscillate between slow flashing and fast flashing or is my screen just odd?

Using Eye-bo and a few inquiries about it
« Reply #29 on: September 22, 2014, 11:54:18 PM »
So I was recently trying out the EYE-BO constant theta waves and it seems to be quite helpful with visualizing, there is only one thing. While I was watching and listening to theta constant waves I could hear some sort of voice, now I'm not sure if it was my imagination or if it was just the theta constant. If anybody could clarify for me, but are there more sounds in the theta constant file other than the scratching sound that follows the same rhythm as the theta waves? Because to me it sounded like a muffled voice but when I took of the headphones I could no longer hear it anymore.