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Re: Where'd your tulpa get their name?
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Forseen was a compromise name after he kept bouncing weird names off of me that I refused to let him keep (like, Instanculus? Uh, no, that sounds like a type of cloud). Original placeholder name was Aiden, which changed to Ayden later cuz I forget why. Anyways, now we've got Forseen. Which literally sounds like forcing. Maybe that's where he got it from, I dunno.

Muse's name came with her form. You'll find I panic when I've got a tulpa with no body, and I just grab whatever thing is present at the time as the form (did this with both my accidental tulpas). At that point in time, my mum was trying to order a ball-jointed doll for my cousin from MuseDoll, so her form became one of the doll models in the shop and her name came from the name of the website, Muse. I've let her change t, but she's kept them all cuz she likes them.

Alix is an alternative spelling of Alex that she wanted. As for where Alex came from, it was the name she said to refer to her as when I first talked to her. Found out later she was an old servitor friend I made when I was like nine who was named Alex. She turned into a tulpa when I put Forseen and Muse's sentience and personalities in her.


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Re: Where'd your tulpa get their name?
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I would have to say the Skies of Arcadia. If you have never played it, I would definitely recommend you do; one of the few games I've actually played all the way through. That was probably the largest contributor to "Seraphina".

Re: Where'd your tulpa get their name?
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Re: Where'd your tulpa get their name?
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Bud chose his name.

I had been calling him "buddy" before that just as a substitute for a real name until either I or we had decided on one. He eventually let it stick and shortened it to just "Bud".

Re: Where'd your tulpa get their name?
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Me: yeah I have a lot of tulpas. Most were walkins.

Kelsey: I was given my name by Josie

Maria: I was named by Josie and Kelsey together

Daniel: I named myself

Kido: Josie named me

Teagan: my name came from a character in a story Josie was writing

Sakura: I choose my name after a tv character

Yui: I choose from a list Josie gave me

Akira: I choose my name because it's meaning matches my personality

Makoto: I named myself after a movie character

Alicia: Josie named my April, but I changed it a few times before settling on Alicia. I pronounce it uh-lee-shee-uh.

Re: Where'd your tulpa get their name?
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My tulpas kind of introduced themselves to me (they were imaginary friends turned tulpas),  but there is still a funny story there.   For SJ,  he introduced himself to me as "Slap Jack",  when I was five.  Later he explained that he was concealing his real name,  which he hates.  He goes by "SJ".  For Violet,  her story goes that she changed her name from "Grace" to Violet when she was 5.  Alyssa basically got her name because I love that name.  Marcus and Diane just kind of happened,  and as for Cassie,  I discovered "Caseopia" was short for Cassie,  so of course someone had to get the name.