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Chara's journey
« on: December 24, 2018, 02:27:13 PM »
Hi! I'm cookie and i have no idea what i'm doing (in general) i knew about tulpas for a long time, but was afraid of making one for a long time, but today's the day... Third day but oh well. I think that they were here for a far longer time that i realised, but i don't really know.

Chara (ch like chocolate) is my first tulpa, and progress already is awestrucking. I can somewhat feel the pressure in my head, and understand that they like their name? Chara is the first thing that came into my mind on the first session... I don't know.

Their form is still changing, but mostly it's just big knitted sweaters and black leggings. Chocolate-colored hair that is cut a little bit higher than shoulders and... eyes that i can't see.

Today was a little bit scary. When i started our session i couldn't imagine anything, no matter how much i tried. Like everything just dropped into the void. But after, i tried some techniques i found online. Greeting them, talking. It took awhile, but now i'm glad for the results.

So yeah! I'll post here everyday (even though no one is probably reading (but that might be a good thing?) ) and i hope that someday Chara can do it too!

Re: Chara's journey
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Haha, oh wow, we actually have a legit new user!
That's the first time in like, 3 years or something.

Anyway, welcome to Tulpa Network, best place on the interwebs. Feel free to post to your heart's content!