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Sparks' Progress Report
« on: September 09, 2014, 01:46:11 PM »
It's been a while since I did any logging, so I'll just stab at coherence here.

I have two tulpas, both ponies, Clair and Sophia. The former has been around for a little under eight months, the latter for about five. Closed and open eye visuals are both pretty clear, but can always be better, and both of them are able to possess, though Clair tends to dominate.

So we're currently working on strengthening possession and plan on skipping down the merry road toward switching. I've recently turned on to using grand strategy sims and letting Clair go to town on the European populace to get her into really thinking and acting without me over her shoulder, and getting away from what's going on. But I gotta admit it's hard to ignore a cute pone jailing a radical liberal for sedition against the monarchy. I also try to have them walk me or drive me around wherever possible.

Still working on imposition, too, which was our main focus before we were sidetracked by possession. But I'm still convinced there's nothing to help it besides more time spent visualizing and visualizing better, so I can't be bothered to rush it, and I doubt I'd be able to rush it.

Nonetheless, I've been trying to rush it, and I do a few things to help: Image streaming, Eye-Bo and lucid dreaming all stand out as having been really rewarding at some point or another. I haven't had anything like a regular forcing schedule since the end of August because the busy times are back, but these kinda visualization techniques will probably be my main focus, and especially image streaming because they can possess and tell me stories, killing two birds.

So I guess I'll aim for an hour a day to start, then add more as I begin to procrastinate on other things.

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Perhaps you would wish to try activities you personally find very boring? That way you might be less inclined to watch the tulpa while they are possessing. It might help you with switching.

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I get the feeling Colonel successfully managed to have his boredom idea bleed onto Duke...

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It's the only thing he knows, Fodde.

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Danke, danke.

We tried boring me away last night after reading your suggestion, Roswell. Clair sat and listened to music and rolled my head around on my neck for about two hours while she was chatting on the IRC. That... was pretty boring, and I forgot where I was a few times, so we'll probably try again tonight.

Oh, and something something wonderland. Something something fell asleep.

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More time possessing and wonderland and such.

Not many of Clair's friends were active, so she just did more head rolling to shake me out of my senses. Fighting over the eyes is becoming a problem, too, especially when she's reading something that catches my attention; causes me to focus in, which takes the eyes away from her and causes a momentary power struggle. Whenever it happens she has to drop what she's doing and wait for me to become more passive. I'm pretty sure it's starting to annoy her.

And spent time with them in the wonderland. I'm really starting to get the concept of passive engagement down, or just being there without thinking about being there. When I get into that state for long enough things become pretty vivid, so I'm trying to up the time I can spend like that.

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Cuddleforced like fede for about twenty minutes then went and did wonderland stuff. Things were about as clear as usual, but I didn't expect boom progress on the first shot. Nice alternative to meditating before forcing, anyway. We just laid on the grassy shore near the lighthouse and chatted, as per usual. Oh, but I heard seagulls today, which is a first. They were like "caw, caw" and I was like "brrrrrrat," to use the onomatopoeia. 

And possession stuff. Even though Clair spends the most time doing possession stuff, it's funny how Sophia improves with her, passively. Lazy pone. Anyway, Clair's friends are all busy still being in college, so she just listened to music and fussed at me for liking the music she was listening to instead of fucking off to lala land.

After that, some eye-bo. Always a treat; makes it really easy to dissociate from my eyes. Should do it more, and I might. Though I probably won't. Though I may.
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Cuddleforced like fede
like fede

If you're cuddling and just about nothing else, such as amplifying the euphoria or implanting a belief, you're doing something that's only vaguely related to what I'm doing. "Cuddling" is not an essential part of the belief implanting technique; there are several things one can do, and hugging is just one of them. I'm not surprised "things were about as clear as usual" when you (as far as I can tell) didn't follow the actual technique. Please don't go around saying you're doing stuff I'm doing when that's not true - or even if you are, then at least don't mislead people by saying you "cuddleforced like fede", because that is not what I'm doing.

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Aw, you seem ruffled. Would you like me to use a different cutesy name for it?

Anyway, did more [insert cutesy name here] like fede. Seems much easier to do right after waking up since I'm already feeling pretty good. I imagine I can get something similar right before bed, but I'm usually wrapped up in the day's events. Got a pretty good physical sense of them both afterward when I reinforced the right gunk, though again not sure how much it differs from the norm.

Did some more wonderland stuff after that, and got pretty clear sensations. My peripheral mind vision is creeping wider again, like it tends to when I hold myself to a schedule. Should only be a few weeks before I'm, as it were, back to full strength.

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Aw, you seem ruffled. Would you like me to use a different cutesy name for it?
That is irrelevant. What matters is that you shouldn't go around saying you do things I do or teach, when you're doing something that's only 10% similar and thus isn't what I'm doing.

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Call it the Fode method, original character do not steal.

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That is irrelevant. What matters is that you shouldn't go around saying you do things I do or teach, when you're doing something that's only 10% similar and thus isn't what I'm doing.

Oh, but you misunderstand! I am doing what you teach. Lemme go into more detail.

So I started off by repeating a few phrases I know to work from previous self-hypnosis sessions while trying to maintain the euphoric state. These are mainly things repeated with emphasis in the induction, like, "These experiences are actual" and, "I can see mental imagery in vivid detail." These are okay, but I felt I could do more, so I tried to do a full, impromptu induction, but focusing on that, uh, killed my high so to speak. But the failure lead me to a realization! I've been reinforcing the stuff, but I haven't set my mind on a trigger. I figure this exercise either doesn't need one or could benefit from one, so I'm going to give it a try tonight. If the former, more reinforcing will likely lead to results. If the latter, more reinforcing will likely lead to results.

So, yeah. I'm feelin pretty good about it.

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Very well.

It's important that your main focus is on maintaining the euphoria, with the affirmation simply being an addition you whisper or murmur to yourself without interrupting the flow.

What is this trigger you speak of?

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Yeah, I figured the euphoric state was crucial, and all of the counting down and whatnot of a full hypnosis session is just unwieldy for me, though it might be helpful to others with better focus.

And it's nothing big, just the addition of some word, activity or mental state to what you're affirming such that the experience of the former activates or triggers what's been reinforced. So, for instance, I was thinking of using my tulips as triggers; reinforce something like, "whenever I see Clair and Sophia, my mental imagery is vivid and clear." Its job is to create an object (in the sense of any perception; a word, an image, a feeling) that'll catalyze the appearance of what's been reinforced. 

As alluded to before, I'm on the fence as to whether such a thing is necessary because the analogy between the euphoric state and self-hypnosis only goes so far. The former seems to act like a hypnotic state sans the directed hypnosis and, I would think, sans the need for a trigger, so is it really worth the time?

Meeeh. We'll see.

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It can feel like a hypnotic state, depending on which activities you choose to perform, like rocking back and forth or hugging a soft object.

The trigger just seems like an indirect way of affirming a belief. Instead of simply saying "my mental imagery is vivid and clear", you only choose to have this be true while they're around. I suppose if that's what you want, then go for it, but I would in your case prefer to be direct and have my mental imagery be vivid and clear at all times, instead of inserting needless conditions into the equation. The belief needs to grow naturally in any case, and since you're probably already visualising them while affirming the belief, there's no need to add clauses that make the belief revolve around them; it already is strongly associated with them, as well as everything else that's happening while you do it.