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Re: Sparks' Progress Report
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Wew, only took you 2 years to reply!
You missed - nothing.

It'll be 7 years for us in autumn, I'll let you know know it went then. See ya for 10th tuppering anniversary!

Tell us about the weird shit then.

Re: Sparks' Progress Report
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A hearty hip hooray! Many have come before us, but only we remain!

Well, at least only we care enough to post here.

I do like how quiet this corner of the internet is though. I did want to say to someone I've noticed something cool/strange recently.

When working on maths recently Clair has become a lot more imperious, somewhat impatient, and most of all prescient. More often than not I'd say if I'm working on a proof or something and make a misstep she'll detect it and literally offer the correct (or a correct) path. These are sometimes multi-step affairs with no guarantee of working out, and her track record so far is pretty good.

I guess writing it doesn't capture my sense of "oh wow..."

Back in the day, doing maths reliably was a test of parallel processing, so it feels like a nice milestone to reach.

Alright, talk to you in a few months probs. If I dont, happy 7th to you and your tupper operative code named "alice".