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Zero's PR
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I'm generally not one for public progress reports, however I saw a post that Sands made and figured this could help me force more consistently, as I'd have to write in here every day. I wouldn't want to stuff you full of the stuff that's happened over the past 6-7 months, so I'll just give a short summary.

I started with Shira around the end of March. I had trouble visualizing the form so I decided to just narrate, and she replied, much sooner than I had expected her to. I was happy about that but it also lead to lots of useless parrotnoia and doubty shit. Reflecting back on it now, I may just have parroted her for the first few weeks, but I don't really mind. After about a month, Shira mentioned that she was quite lonely, so I created Valkyrie and Chia to be there as company for her. Shira had quite a few supernatural claims, so I purposefully gave Valkyrie a few skeptical personality traits to even things out a bit. At first they didn't really like each other but given time they became really good friends. Alipheese came from an intrusive thought that I treated as an accidental tulpa, as did Ea. Flandre too started out as an intrusive thought(by then I already knew how to prevent turning those into tuppers), but after some thought, I realized that I did want her, so I created her, and decided that she would be the last. Unfortunately, not all of them can get along evenly well, but I haven't detected any hate/dislike so far (thankfully) between them.

Though I don't regret any of them, having this amount of tulpas in this short a period wasn't exactly a good idea, however I am managing and they are happy (even though they do nag me quite a bit). Besides vocality, we haven't achieved much, we will often practice possession where I'll "proxy" movements for them, which eventually leads to me zoning out and them practically possessing me, and we play several games, talk about pretty much everything and poke fun at each other. I firmly believe in having a sincere friendship with your tulpas, wherein you'll know when to be serious, but also when not.

As of now my tuppers are learning to possess (as I am learning to let go while they possess) and I'm finally giving more attention towards my visualization problem. I've been gathering a number of different methods, and after lots of procrastinating I hope to finally get this skill down, so the lack of it won't be such a nuisance when trying to spend time with my tulpas. After that it'll be glorious imposition, though I'm not gonna look so far into the future yet.

I'll be posting in this thread every day starting from now, and would be glad to receive any tips or suggestions on my methods. Or if you just wanna call me a dum fuk, that'd be fine too, once in a while.

And for those that would prefer a tl;dr - I made a bunch of tuppers over the course of 6 months and still can't visualize. We're practicing possession and visualization and I'll be posting about it in here.
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So today I tried using binaural/isochronic theta tones to get my visualization going, but I wound up just falling asleep. After I woke up I didn't have much time, but I did read a guide Gemma wrote about using a near-sleep (hypnagogic, i'm guessing) state to get perfect visualization. I've had a few really detailed visualizations just before falling asleep and just after waking up, so I'll be trying this tonight. Shira also managed to give me a few relatively visible open-eye visualizations earlier today, so I'm thinking of incorporating her into my visualization practices as well, if she wants to. So, visualization-wise nothing much happened, though after having practiced it seriously for a few days I'm starting to notice a significant difference - and am also realizing that my expectations of it were completely wrong. I wouldn't be satisfied with minor visualizations, only striving for immediate perfect visualization, which, obviously, is still way too far out of reach. So I'll be lowering the bar for now and be grateful for any visualization that comes.

As for other things, I always make a point of it to do something with my tulpas every day, usually playing a game, reading something with them, or watching something with them. I don't really consider this forcing (though others would call it so) but I suppose it does help make progress in some areas. While visiting my mom, I was playing chess with her, and asked Valkyrie and Flandre if they wanted to play as well. I played a match myself, then Valkyrie played one, then Flandre played two, lost her queen early on in the second and ragequit (which made me laugh, and would've been kinda embarassing if my mom didn't know about my tulpas). An interesting thing I noted was the different playstyles they each used. Valkyrie would be more defensive, never making an offence without having a defence somewhere (and often she would stall, so she could drain some time from my mother's clock) while Flandre went full on offense - which would work, but if it was countered, she'd be doomed. I discussed this with my mother after playing and she even gave Valks some chess tips, which was a little weird, but I'm glad she's accepting of them.

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I have a club to ensure that everyone has the same aim.

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These guys, always coming back. I'm pretty convinced that there's a guy somewhere behind all this getting past the security question which has been changed...

Guess there really is no other option except banning IPs.

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