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New here
« on: January 06, 2014, 10:05:04 PM »
I'm new here.. I guess that's a bit obvious o.o Anyways moving on!

So I just and I mean recently, an hour or so started creating a Tulpa. I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly, but so far I feel some pressure on my head and from what I read online, it mean the Tulpa wants to talk, or something in that area. I tried talking and everything, I just did the narration to him. I don't know why but when I try talking with him, I just suddenly feel sad? I'm guessing it's from him or something and I 'think' he hugged me. Now I feel like I'm having a headache. I narrated him his personality and I only given him six so far because I want him to develop his own personalities. I kind of want him to have his own freedom. Am I doing this right? I read guides online and some of them are really confusing. Sorry for my bad English, it's my second language.

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Is giving them examples okay when describing their personalities and such? Also I will keep a diary once I make some progress. As for your guide, I find it much more useful than most guides, I just started reading it.

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Indeed, there's not really any right or wrong way to do this. People have made tulpas using many different methods. You won't know if something will help you before you try it. Not everything someone says will work will work and sometimes a thing everyone says is bad is actually the best method you have ever tried.

Making a tulpa is a very personal journey and there's really not much we really know about tulpas. The answer to "is it my tulpa" is "maybe", you need to feel it for yourself, but there is no need to say it is or isn't when you don't have enough to make up any kind of valid decision. The answer to "is it alright to do this or that" is "how does doing make you feel, do you think it works or is helpful".

If it feels like it's bad, stupid or not helpful - or even harmful in your eyes - don't do it. You tried it, it didn't feel fine, stop it. But if something feels like it's very helpful and even if others say it's a stupid thing, keep doing it if you want to. Making tulpas is all about getting the right mindset and finding your own way. The rest of us can only tell you what helped us or give out tips we have heard helping others. There's no guarantee they will work for you.

So, don't worry. Keep at it if it feels like it's working, listen to any possible responses you think you might be getting. It might be your tulpa or it might not. But keeping an ear out without deciding if it's a real response or not is a very healthy mindset early on. I wrote about it here a bit more, maybe it is worth a read.

Oh, and you might want to think of giving this thread another title. One that actually describes your problem, so in case anyone else has the same problem as you, they will be able to easily find the thread and read the responses. Let's make the Q&A part of the forum easy to use for everyone, eh?